Monday, June 15, 2009

Sleep pants F/F play

I loved her plump little bottom, the way her heart shaped ass would wiggle and jiggle when I spanked her, cheeks clenched tight, then flaring wide apart, exposing her exquistite charms.

Not that it took much for her to be exposed; she has one of those figures where the slightest bend was enough to cause her puss and her little pink anus to be on full display.

And I loved that showing off so embarrassed her. Embarrassed, and excited her. Because it was so 'naughty' as she put it, and it didn't matter that I had seen the little wench's bottom and other tender parts close up on many, many occasions. When I was 'punishing' her,she got embarrassed, and excited. Swollen, puffy and wet.

I, on the other hand, didn't get embarrassed. Just excited, swollen,puffy and wet.

I loved watching her around the house, just doing stuff, admiring her figure, and the way she moved. Now, she had on a pair of rather thin,rather snug sleep pants, that seemed to mold themselves to her rump.Hugging the undercurve, and they were snug enough that I could see that delicious line where fanny turned to thigh... the same area that produced equally delicious squeals when I put hand or brush there.And her little sleep pants were drawn up between her cheeks and when my little wench bent over, like now, oh my!

Her legs were slightly spread, as she picked her mess up off the floor, and the light hit her just right, and through the light material, I could clearly see the outline of her pussy, and I could also see that they were damp. Such a naughty girl I have.

I walk up behind her, keeping her bent with a gentle hand in her back as she starts to rise, pressing my groin against her bottom and god she feels hot!

She sighs softly as I pat her rear, then let my fingers trace the designs on her sleep pants, and trace the patterns down between her legs, and along, and through those pouty nether lips, while she whimpered and sighed and pleaded wordlessly, but not soundlessly, for more, for release.

She tried to stand again, and I was glad, it was always more fun to have a 'reason' to spank her soundly, no matter how unfair it was.And it excited her too.

I scolded her for not minding me, and told her if she was going to be so bad, the only thing left for me to do was spank her. Spank her soundly. Long and hard, till she cried and begged for forgivness and promised to be good in the future.

I promised her my hand, thebrush, and the sorority paddle, and I could hear the whimper in her voice as she tried to tell me that it was too much, so I added backtalking to her list of crimes....

I love the way her bottom wobbles under the thin sleep pants as I start her spanking, and I think what her red swollen bottom is goingto look like later, as she lays on her tummy, face between my thighs,when I let her thank me for correcting her....


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