Saturday, July 18, 2009

Vocabulary lesson M/F domestic discipline rl

"Oh! Ow ow oh Honneyyyy pleaseee! I'm sorry so sorry Please Ahhh! O-oh no more please no more!"

The spanking had been bad enough, and then my copying the words he had given me, while seated on my paddled bottom had been horrid, squirming to try to find an unspanked spot to sit on had proved fruitless. And now trying to recite my lesson, while he encouraged me with the strap, as my bare fanny was high in the air, was almost unbearable.

"Quit stalling young lady, and lets hear it."

"Oh oh yes Sir, yes Sir! "

"P-pouting. Pouting means sticking my lip out, to express displeasure, Sir, or that I have a sullen or sulky expression on my face, Sir!"


"Ahhhh! oh honey please dear oh I'm sorry!"

"That was very good. Now, what did you learn 'sullen' meant, Angela Lynn?"

"Oh! Oh gosh! No, please, wait! I know it I know it, honest I do! Sullen. Sullen means I'm resentfully silent, Sir! And I'll do better, really I will, I will, plea...Ohhhh! ow ow ow oww owwwww!"

I thought it especially mean that he laid that one on, right on my thigh bottom crease, which he had already paid more then enough attention to.

"Hush. You'll have plenty of time to talk. Next, what did you learn 'sulk' means?"

"Oh yes dear sulk! Sulk. When I sulk, I am sulky I am remaining silent, and holding myself in an ill- Ahhhh! Ow oh oh sorrry sorryyy please I'll get it! I'll get it! W-when I sulk I am remaining silent, and holding myself in an aloof, sullen, ill tempered, or offended mood! And that's not allowed either Sir! I'm sorry, it won't happen again! I promise oh I promi.... Eeeeiiiii!!!!!"

Again on my sit spot!

"Good. And it better not little wife. Because I'm done putting up with your moods. So help me, from now on, any moody behavior from you, and you aren't going to sit, is that understood?"

"Oh yes dear it is, please honey I'll be so good I will and ..."

"What did you learn 'aloof' means, Angela Lynn?"

"Oh yes Honey Aloof! Aloof means I'm acting standoffish, distant, chilly, and unapproachable!!!"

"Hush and listen. Are you allowed to be sullen, Angela Lynn?"

"No Sir! No dear I'm not! I'....Owwwwieeee!!!"

That one was across the plumpest part of my poor plump rump.

"No, you aren't, and Why aren't you young lady?"

"B-because if I'm sullen, it means I'm both resentful and silent, Dear! An, and if I'm upset or resentful with you, I'm not to be silent but to tell you why, Dear!"

"Very good Angie..." pat pat pat.... "and, are you allowed to be sulky little one?"

"No Honey I'm not I'm not! Because if I'm sulking Sir that means I'm being silent again, and being aloof, and ill tempered, and sullen and acting offended! And I'm sorry honey oh please I am!"

"Well you certainly aren't silent now, are you? Are you going to remember this the next time you are upset?"

"Yes! Yes! I will I will! I... OWWWWWWW!!!!!"

"And are you allowed to be aloof, little one?"

"N-no, no Dear, I'm, I'm not, cause, cause if I'm aloof I'm trying to to be unapproachable and keep you at a distance, Dear. I'm soooo sorryyyyyyyy! Really I am I should have talked to you, I should have..."

"You should hush and listen, baby, is what you should do. Now, are you allowed to pout, Angie?"

"Oh no, no pouting, I won't pout because it means I'm being sulky or sullen!"

"Close sweety...."

"Oh honey, I'm not sassing but I'm sure that was right and..."

"Hush. Here is your pouting rule. I don't care if see a pout on your pretty little face, understood? Provided you aren't sulky, or sullen. Because what do those two things have in common, Angela Lynn?"

Another to my sit spots!

"Ahhhhh!!!!! Oh oh owwww!!!!! T-they mean I'm b-being silent, and bad tempered Dear!"

"Very good, sweety. What else does pouty mean?"

"Oh. Um, that I'm sticking my lip out to express displeasure?"

"Yes it does, sweety. THAT you won't get in trouble for, as long as you tell me Why you are pouting, clear?"

"Oh yes dear, very clear, crystal clear, perfectly clea... Ohhh!!!!" and that as soft lips kissed each blazing and tender bottom cheek.

"And, Angie baby, why else do naughty little wives sometimes pout? Hmmm"

Tears then, as I didn't know, and the thought of more spanks was unbearable.

I turn my head to look at him, confused, and not wanting to get this wrong. I can see the soft smile on his face, stern and cross no longer.

"W-we sometimes p-pout to get our Husband's attention?"

A soft nod...

"O-or to flirt or to play or fish for a compliment?"

"Well, I don't know about other naughty little wives, but I know mine does that. And that kind of pouting I would very much like if you did whenever you want, Angela Lynn. But, what kind of pouting aren't you allowed anymore?"

"The bad kind! The silent moody sullen sulky kind Dear!"

soft kiss, on my trembling tear moistened lips this time...

"I think you have it now. Do we need to go over your new words another time, to be sure, Angela?"

"Oh no please no I remember! I...." I saw his smile is what I saw.

So I pouted. But not in the bad way.


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  1. Oooh Angie, that was amazing!!! Love love loved it!! =D

    *Pouts* ;-)