Friday, June 19, 2009

Tease, F/F domestic play,sexual

I had been tormenting you ever since we got off of work.

I met you at the bar you like, and I had on an ankle length, tight sheath, so you wouldn't be able to reach under my skirt and cop a cheap feel.

I wore the perfume you like so much, the one where when you kiss me you breathe it in and seem to shudder, as you kiss me deeper.

I get my kiss, kisses actually, and then I pull away as your hand wanders possessively over my hip and ass. I love it that you are so demonstrative in public,and I know which game you are playing now, trying to trace my panties, and figure out which ones I have on...

"Help please" I ask, and point to the high stool, and you smile at me, and easily lift me up and plop my bottom down on it, and I primly cross my legs.

I let you order us drinks, and your arm is around my waist and over my hips and ass as I cuddle in to you, enjoying being yours.

I occasionally steal a kiss, but never let you get to far.

I can tell this is getting to you.

Our reservations are called, and you help me down, and swat me lightly on the bottom to head me in the right direction, and I flash you a bright and happy smile. Sitting across from you, I wait until after we have ordered, and slip off a shoe, and I play footsie with you, running my toe up and down your legs, laughing as I watch you almost spit out your drink, and then you gasp as the toes tickle up your inner thigh.

"Angie" you say, oh so sternly, so of course I giggle, "behave yourself or else...? "

"Or else what?" I tease back, tongue on my lips.

"Or else you will find out that you aren't to old or to big to be taken over my knee and spanked when we get home, young lady.."

Oh yes, jackpot! My pussy dampened instantly at your words, and spoken in public no less, and from the amused looks and quiet gasps from the tables around us, a not unheard threat. Which made it all the more special.

Demurely I look down when I answer "Yes ma'am" and I note your nipples stiffen, and I smile, and run my toes up your leg again. Since you are driving, I enjoy myself and have a few drinks, relaxing quite nicely, playing little games all through dinner.

After, I walk out in your arms, my head against you, happy and content. The valet brings the car around, and you help me in with a resounding crack against my bent over fanny, so of course I have to squeal out a "Julieeeee" in protest, loving it all the while.

As we pull out, you tell me to hike my skirt up so my bottom is uncovered, and then to take my panties off and to give them to you, and I blush. It's not so much the exposure, but knowing that you will see just how wet I am.

I start to protest, and get warned, once, in that voice, and I do as I am told. My now bare fanny is tickled (and in between!) and I squirm, and I hand you my wet panties, and you sniff lightly, and then hang them from the rear view mirror, for the whole world to see! When we get home, you let me take my panties in, but then make me hang them on the key holder, like I get for a punishment spanking, so anyone coming in will know I've been naughty again.

You grab my hair, and kiss me hard, not letting me play any more games, and then you pick me up and carry me into the bedroom. I am stripped, and then upended over your lap, and spanked and teased and spanked and tormented and spanked some more, until I was sore and hot and wet and needy and begging for more, begging for relief.

To be spanked naked like this, while you are fully clothed, to be fingered and probed and fondled, despite my squirms and protests, it is all to much.

I need you so badly.

I am dumped on the bed, and told to get fanny up and head down and to shut my eyes, and I do it. I hear you getting undressed, but do not look, being your good girl for now.

Then I am ordered to roll over, and there you are, with that strap on bobbing in front of me.

"Suck me" you say, and I do, and then you pull me to your face and kiss me, fingering my pussy, your pussy, and you lay me back and my legs wrap high and tight around your waist as you take me, and I croon my love for you into your ear.


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