Saturday, June 27, 2009

If you could make something a spanking offense, what would it be?

And, not talking about in your relationship, but, bam, you have the power to introduce legislation that would allow spanking (at least for women, guys we'll just take lots of money from....) to be used as a punishment.

I'm thinking of this, after almost getting hit, Again, while I was crossing with the light, and in the crosswalk, because some little ditz is yaking on her cell phone as she drives.

So, that is my number one canidate, those who talk/text while they drive.


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  1. Good question. Rather than be specific about offenses I would advocate introducing it in a more general way to the legal system. If a woman commits a minor offense like a traffic violation, allow the officer on site offer to spank versus writing her up like he would a man. If she refuses then allow the judge to assign a spanking to her when she comes to court for the ticket. For more serious criminal offenses allow for a judge to assign regular spankings as part of her parole versus jailing her.

    I'd also like to see some legislation change that would allow spanking to be used in the workplace. As I understand it, this is already technically possible if employees sign a contract agreeing to it, but it would be considered discrimination if the contract stated that spanking was only a suitable punishment for females. I'm all for equal job opportunities and equal pay, but we have to be able to accept that not everything can be equal between the sexes. Toning down sexual harassment and gender discrimination regulations in specific ways would accomplish this goal nicely.