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First night home, a family story

Entry for September 30, 2007 First night home....

I helped Jen finish getting ready for dinner. Which mostly consisted of me making sure sly stayed out of the kitchen.

Julie helped also, with the cooking part, sly I had help me set the table and things like that.
Of course, during dinner, I don't think sly could have Gotten any closer to me, unless she was sitting in my lap. And, I'm quite sure the only thing stopping her was she was worried about being teased for being a baby by her sisters.

After dinner, I told Jen she didn't have to do clean up, that her sisters would.

That I wanted Jen to go upstairs, and wait for me in my room, I'd be up shortly, a few things I wanted to talk to her about....

My other two, especially the youngest, who had looked like they were going to protest at their sudden kitchen duty, suddenly very happily (and big eyed) went about their chores.

Giving them each a kiss, I went upstairs to my room.

Jen was standing nervously, normaly she would probably be sitting, taking advantage of any last minutes to do so,but her bottom was to sore to make that worthwhile.

The begging started as soon as I was in the door.

"Mommyyy I'm Sooooo sorrry!"

And I had no doubt she was. She never called me Mommy anymore, unless she was either feeling very very cuddly, or Very Very worried and little girlish.

I just look at her.

"I'm sorry I was bossy. I'm sorry I didn't listen! I'm sorry I didn't behave! I'm sorry I got Nicole in trouble too. An I'm sorry I wasn't good for Miss Morgan!"

I open up my arms, and she is in them, crying.

"Shhh, okay honey, Mommy knows you are."

And she was.

"Well, young lady, it seems as if you had quite the time. And, that you learned a few lessons, too. Lift your skirt please, and turn around, Jen."

Big eyes, quivering lower lip, but, she did it without a word.

I lowered her panties, fuller than she normally wore, soft cotton. And I knew why she had those on, so the leg elastic wouldn't ride up and down on her sore bottom, like a tinier tighter pair would.

She squeaked, can't blame her for that, I would have as well in her place.

And patted her fanny.

A squeal now.

"My my my. Learned Quite the lessons, I see. Just so you know, love, yes, I am going to spank you, one thing left you haven't mentioned yet, to clean your slate. You should know though, that I talked to Miss Morgan, and she said that she didn't think you needed 'reminders' for anything she already took care of..."

I could see Jen doing the silent Thank you! to Morgan...

"I don't think your bottom is ready for another spanking right now, young lady."

"Thank you Mommy!"

Well, she was thankful now, for the immediate postpostment...
that would turn to worry, as her bottom got better...

"Something else, young lady. I talked to Nicole's parents. Now, while your grounding is over now, she was grounded for a month."

"Hush. I don't want to hear a word. It was as much her fault as your's, you led, she followed. Like you two chowderheads always do. But, I talked to her folks, and they agreed to a deal, but,it all depends on what you say.'

big nervous eyes.

"Nicole can be off grounding and can be on a probational grounding, if you will, until her time is up. The catch is, it would be for you also. And you know how probabtion works in this house, young lady. Rules will be enforced more strictly, and any bigger problems means that the grounding is back in effect. Understand?"

A nod, and bitten lip yes...

"Well? what are you going to do?"


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Strict discipline is good discipline!
Sunday September 30, 2007 - 11:54pm (EDT) Remove Comment

Offline IM
Hi again....Jen, take the deal.. it's fair and the right thing to do...... And as a lil extra incentive.. if you can stay out of trouble for the whole probational grounding.. Afterwrads, I'll take ya shopping ( just you and me) for some shoes and accessories for your new dress... ( and obviously only if your mom gives permission).Love and hugs,Morgan
Monday October 1, 2007 - 12:26pm (PDT) Remove Comment

That is very sweet of you to offer, Morgan, and thank you for asking me. Of course she can go, hope you two have a good time.Of course, now I'm going to hear from sly how jealous she is that you aren't here playing or reading her a story, lol.Angie
Monday October 1, 2007 - 09:42am (HST) Remove Comment
::stamps foot:: UH! That's NOT fair!!
Monday October 1, 2007 - 05:25pm (PDT) Remove Comment

sly? What isn't fair, little girl?Answer me, young lady, and you had Better watch your tone, young lady, unless you want Mommy to get your paddle from your panty drawer!kissesMommy(and sly, you butted in, I DO want an answer now!)
Monday October 1, 2007 - 02:56pm (HST) Remove Comment
I was just going to say that it wasn't fair that Jen got to go to the mall all alone with Morgan...but I'd like to take it back now, Mommie...I'm sorry I butted in. I'll be quiet now. ::holds my own lips shut, looks down and blushes...eventually, quietly slips out of the room::sorry,sly
Monday October 1, 2007 - 08:12pm (PDT) Remove Comment

sly, come back in here now, missy mine.Honey, do you Really want to go with Jen and Morgan, while they look at dresses, AND shoes, AND jewelry,AND purses, and lipstick and other stuff? Because it will probably be a LONG shopping trip. And you would have to behave, and be right there, AND be good the whole time.So, I bet Miss Morgan didn't think that sounded like as much fun for you, as it would be for Jen.Besides, pumpkin, who says you can I can't have our own day together?pats you on the fanny.Momma
Monday October 1, 2007 - 05:37pm (HST) Remove Comment

Jenny W
Oh Mommy...I really am sorry for how I've been behaving for the past few months..I think I'm going through that difficult phase adults call "growing up" !! I know I've been a brat to you and Daddy and I was mean and bossy to Sly and Julie and I was disrespectful to Miss Morgan when she looked after us...and look at the trouble I got Nikki into! I'm ashamed of my behaviour and doubly ashamed now 'cos you and Morgan and Sly and Julie are being so nice about things.Confession really hit home to me just what an absolute little Madam I was being when Morgan rebuked and punished me for my childish behaviour. You see, when I first met Morgan I guess I sorta got a crush on her...she is grown up, beautiful, elegant, funny and intelligent...all the things I want to be...and I wanted her to think I was grown up etc. so I was a brat. However, far from impressing Morgan as a mature 16 year old, I merely demonstrated what a silly child I really am and when she spanked me like a little girl I could have died! It was a zillion times worse when Morgan took me over to see Nikki's Daddy and having her witness me having my bare bottom strapped till I was sobbing and snivelling was just AWFUL.The next day I realised that I am still a child and should not try to be something I am not yet ready for..adulthood! I resolved to be a better girl and it started when you came home.I knew you would be talking to me and punishing me for what I did while you were away and I accept that I deserve a sound spanking from you. I deliberately wore full cut cotton underpants , not just because my bottom is still too sore to wear tight panties, but to demonstrate to you that I accept that I am not grown up yet and that I will wear little girl panties until I deserve to be allowed to wear big girl panties. I also won't wear pantyhose until that time comes...I will wear white socks instead. You are so sweet and thoughtful for buying me that lovely dress and I want to earn the right to wear it as a big girl....but not until my behaviour and attitude change for the better...I hope it won't take too long 'cos I think I'll look pretty hot in that dress!!!Dear sweet to think of taking me shopping...I'd love to but I think I have to prove to you that I deserve that treat the meantime, perhaps you'd take me shopping for little girl panties and socks as befits my current behaviour....not too many pairs though 'cos I hope to prove how grown up I am real soon!!Mommy....I know I have a really good bare bottom blistering coming to me and I deserve every single spank. I know I won't be able to sit for a week and it will be HUGELY embarrasing for me, but I think you should give me a public spanking in front of Sly, Julie and Morgan when she comes over for her thankyou dinner. That way I can make amends to all of you at once for being so naughty and also demonstrate how truly sorry I am and that I promise to try real hard to be a good girl in future. Morgan, I'm still feeling really bad about how I let you down so I will take a good spanking from you as well if that will make things right again...I do so much want to grow up to be like you!Finally, little Sammy and Julie...I love you both to bits and can't believe how horrible I've been to you. I apologise to you both now and will apologise again...with real tears...after Mommy has spanked the bottom off me in front of you. Learn your lesson from watching my tanning...enjoy being kids and don't be in a hurry to grow up..I think it sucks!!!And "yes" Mommy and Morgan, I deserve and will accept the probational grounding and please don't be lenient with me, I won't learn my lesson if you let me get away with anything. More discipline will be good for me (though possibly not my bottom!)so PLEASE be strict with me.Hugs, kisses, pats and cuddles to you all.With much love, Jenny XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Tuesday October 2, 2007 - 06:44pm (NZDT) Remove Comment
Mommie, you are right. I wouldn't like hanging out at the mall with Jen and Morgan at all. I'm sorry for blurting out before thinking. ::sits beside you quietly, leaning against you, and tries to stay still::Thank you for apologizing Jen. I accept. I apologize too. I'm sorry you got embarassed and punished. I'll try to be nicer to you and try not to pick on you so much...When is Nikki coming over again? She's really nice. I like her a lot. Momma, can Nikki babysit sometimes? love,sly
Tuesday October 2, 2007 - 10:19pm (PDT) Remove Comment

sly hon,I understand, why you shouldn't pout so fast, baby,kiss.I'll have to ask Nicole,hon. Up to her if she wants to.Jen,(and yes, back to Jen now, not Jennifer)That was a very nice apology hon.Very thought out. And, I agree with a lot that you said.Jenny, very natural for a girl your age to have crushes on other girls and women,and I'm sure it was horribly embarrassing to have her watch you get strapped.And 16 is a very confusing time,that is normal as well.Hmm, interesting gesture with the panties, sweety. I didn't know that. But, I think those, and the socks, are a nice touch. I Was going to buy you some more panties anyway, but I'll get you some little girl panties when we take sly shopping for some.Glad you like the dress, it will be waiting for you.Now, a few things.I'm glad you are accepting your grounding. And don't worry, little girl, it will be a Strict probation, I'll cover that later.And, while your offer is nice, Momma is the one who decides what is, and isn't done, understand Jenny?I am Not going to spoil our thank you dinner with Morgan by spanking you. It would just upset Julie and sly, and of course you as well. So, despite whether I were to spank you before we eat, and no one would be hungry, or after and you three wouldn't be hungry, not very fun.So, I will Tell you when it's going to be. And, I will decide who is there to witness not you.Since you rightly admitted a big lack of maturity, I do think that clothing restrictions will work well. Starting now, you will be under them during the time of your probation, do you understand?That means, uniforms again for school, on ALL days. Also, if you were naughty the night before, I'll send you to school in a jumper and blouse uniform, yes, that one, and not the older skirt and blouse, got it?Taking you and sly panty shopping tomorrow. And, you will stay by my side like sly has to, the Entire time we are out.You lost your cell phone rights, except for emergencies of course. You have lost your driving rights also, for this time, unless I tell you otherwise because I need you to drive your sisters or do an errand.And, you know how sly gets more spankings, quick little bottom warmer reminders, then you and Julie? Well, you will be gettting those as well now, missy.ANY mouth or sass or attitude or lazyness or other problems is going to find you looking at the floor and squealing.I was talking to another mom a bit ago, and she said something that she did to humble her sassy teen, and she said it worked quite well, was that when she earned a good spanking, she hung her panties that her daughter had been wearing on the keyrack by the backdoor, for the next 24 hrs. I think that we will start that with you as well. Also, if I need to spank you with something besides my hand, I'm going to leave it out on the counter, after.If any guest asks what it is out for , and you are there, you will politely tell them.About all I can think of for now, I'm sure I'll think of more later.Now, lets give Nicole's parents a call. Momma
Wednesday October 3, 2007 - 03:16am (HST) Remove Comment

Jenny W
Dear Momma....I can tell that I am in for a much stricter probation than I imagined. It will be so embarrassing to be back in school uniform..especially the old one..and all my friends will tease me heaps. Anyway, Nikki told a few friends about my strapping and they told a few friends too so ALL the school know I've got a sore bottom! Still, most of them are nice about it...I think they know what a sore bottom feels like too.And of course you are right about the dinner...I hadn't thought that usual, I was only thinking of myself. We will have a nice dinner and I will take my punishment whenever and wherever you decide. I'm sorry I was so impudent as to think the decision was mine.Hanging my panties up for everyone to see...oh Momma...I would DIE with shame....please, please isn't there some other punishment you could use....please???Panty shopping tomorrow...oh well, I've got it coming I suppose but I will NOT enjoy the humiliation of going panty shopping like a 10 year old. You won't really buy me the same panties as Sly will you...gulp!!Er Momma...why are we phoning Nikki's parents...did I miss something...they aren't going to be involved in my punishment are they???I think I'm learning my lesson already and you haven't even laid a finger on me yet. I guess this what discipline is all about. I don't think I am going to enjoy this probation and punishment one little bit but I am beginning to realise how much I deserve it..and actually need it if I am going to mend my ways. Thankyou Momma...I know this must be awful for you too but I know you are doing it because you care about how I'll turn please don't spare bottom will recover...eventually!!Love and kisses, Jen XXXXXXXXXX
Thursday October 4, 2007 - 06:18pm (NZDT) Remove Comment

Dear Momma....I can tell that I am in for a much stricter probation than I imagined. Hmmm, I think, and this from a girl who moments before asked me not to be lenient with her...a classic case of her doing the 'big gesture' without thinking things through.It will be so embarrassing to be back in school uniform..especially the old one..and all my friends will tease me heaps."Yes, I'm sure it will be embarrassing. Which is rather part of the point now, isn't it? Having to wear a uniform again, all the time, like the younger girls do. And, as for the jumper, if you don't want your friends to see you in it, I suggest you behave while on probation then. Understand me, Jennifer?"Anyway, Nikki told a few friends about my strapping and they told a few friends too so ALL the school know I've got a sore bottom! Still, most of them are nice about it...I think they know what a sore bottom feels like too."Dear, Nicole was probably still pretty mad at you, AND had just gotten her own little bottom spanked and strapped for that stunt, and was facing a longer grounding as well, so she was probably just mad. I know you two are still friends. And trust me, I know your friends' moms, you two girls are Not the only ones who still get spanked."I'm sorry I was so impudent as to think the decision was mine."Apology accepted, hon."Hanging my panties up for everyone to see...oh Momma...I would DIE with shame....please, please isn't there some other punishment you could use....please???hmmm, my friend was right, a very effective little trick, if it is causing this much distress before I've even done it..."Arguing with me Already about what I have decided, Jennifer Ann? And if I say it's going to happen, it will, do you understand me, miss? But, not sure how practical it would be anyways. If I leave them up a day after each of your spankings, surely I'm going to run out of hooks, maybe even panties for you! and just what other type of punishment did you have in mind, hmmm? Actually grounding you during your nongrounding probation?"Panty shopping tomorrow...oh well, I've got it coming I suppose but I will NOT enjoy the humiliation of going panty shopping like a 10 year old. You won't really buy me the same panties as Sly will you...gulp!!Swat!" Attitude already, young lady? This meek daughter act seems to disappear and reappear pretty fast, little missy. How embarrassing, or 'humiliating' it turns out to be, will be in large part up to you. Act out, and you won't just be by my side, which some daughters do with their moms anyway, even at your age, but you will be holding my hand or onto my purse or skirt like sly does when she is naughty, understand? Now That would be 'humiliating' I'm sure. And of course I'm not going to buy you the same panties as sly! Geez, they would never fit, sweety! Now, similar style as sly's panties....yes, I am."Er Momma...why are we phoning Nikki's parents...did I miss something...they aren't going to be involved in my punishment are they???"sigh. Yes, like always, you missed something. Since you agreed to this, don't you think it might be nice to let Nicole's folks know, so she will be on probation too, and not continue to be grounded the rest of the month? Wasn't that kind of the point of this whole excercise? And unless they read my mind, I don't think they are going to know unless I call them. Oh, and after I'm done talking to them, you can talk to Nicole if you want. And hon, of course you aren't going to enjoy this, that's the point. Hopefully, you will learn something though."Love,Momma

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