Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dear Sandy B

Dear Sandy,

hi and thank you for the comment!

about the only thing I liked at the old yahoo blog, was how easy it was to hit reply and send the writer a personal note, so hopefully you will see this.

SandyB said...
Hi, nice story, one i hadn't seen before although i've visited your old site quite a few times.

Well thank you so much, and glad you found your way here.

I really like your new blog, but now that it's easier to navigate, i'm not sure if i should put comments at the relevant post, or just at the latest one.

You can do whatever you prefer. I have this blog set up so that I'm notified when ever someone posts a comment, so feel free to comment on old posts as well, I'll still see them. Still trying to get this one set up, so that it will eventually have a scroll down menu on the sidebar, so easier to find stories and such.

Love the new girls going down the right hand side, which one are you? Always associated you with the little lady on the left on your old blog, always liked to see what she was wearing.

lol, none of the ones on the side, my avatar here is on the far right bottom along with my mini bio. That avatar was drawn for me, by Kami Tora. He even made my bust smaller when I asked.

Please let me know if my comment is in the wrong place.

Thank you but this was fine. If you ever want to chat, I sometimes get on, my im is otkgirl_2000


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