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A sorority story, spanked for grades, F/F,rl

Just found this story, it was one of my 'lost' sorority stories. Wrote this back about eight years ago...
For more background, you have to read my other sorority stories, already posted here. ************************************************************************************
You might remember that I had said that our house was very academicaly minded, and it wasn't just talk, either. For that first semester, the pledges had to show every paper, every quiz, every test, to their big sister, and heaven help your bottom if you got anything below a B (for you non US types, that would be a 3.0 on a 4.0 scale). At first, we all just wanted to do our best anyway, and with the more or less studious atmosphere at the house, it made it easy to get help and just get your work done.

Now all of us pledges had gotten paddled several times over the next several weeks for minor infractions of the rule book, but this was not real offense type of things, more like, "Quick pledge, what is the first sentence on the top of page 20 in your pledge book?" And when you didn't know it, you would get a quick spanking, and so more than likely would everyone else around you, just for being there. But it was not overly severe, although tear provoking, and embarrassing.

But grades, now that was a different matter. But you know how it is, you spankee's and lover's of spankee's. Sometimes, when a threat has been made, no matter how dire the consequences are made to sound, you just can't believe that the spanker really, truly means it. And that even if they do, that you should be able to at least sweet talk your self out of trouble at least the first time. That was what happened to oh, let's call her Beth (because that's her name...).

She was the one with the plump little bottom who had gotten it first on our initiation night. She was a sweet vivacious girl, who came from a far more relaxed household than I had, and we used to pal around a lot.

Well Beth wanted to be an electrical engineer, and also get a degree in computer science, no easy subjects. She was not the most disciplined (well, self disciplined anyways) student however, and kept her bottom out of trouble by means of frequent last minute study sessions and all night cramming, and her papers were ALWAYS turned in at THE last minute.

I came over to the house to socialize and do some work after dinner at the dorm, and when I went in, there was everyone else, gathered in the living room, and from the sights and sounds that greeted me, the spanking I walked in on had been going on for quite some time. There was Beth, upended over her big sisters lap, and she was going to town on that round little rump with Beth's pledge paddle.

Her panties were in a heap on the floor, and looked like they had been kicked off and not just placed there. Her fanny was glowing red, and looked very swollen and sore, from the top of the crack to a good hands breath below her thigh, and length of her crack had been dealt with as well. There didn't appear to be any white left on her poor bottom, except when she kicked real wide, and the only thing that saved those little bits of unspanked inner cheek was that the paddle was to long to get in there like a brush could have.

The other pledges were all standing by their big sis's, looking worried, and I was called over to mine by a crooking of her fingers, and she did not look happy to see me!

"Where have you been young lady!?" was what was hissed into my ear, the same one she had grabbed ahold of when I was within reach.

" I called and left a message with your roommate that you were to eat here tonight, as we had society business."

I squeaked out a quick and quiet reply that she had never given me any message, and that I didn't know.

She seemed to accept it (and it was the truth, even if I do have a habit of fibbing) but then whispered to me that she would be giving me a spanking anyways tonight in her room for not being in attendance at a formal society function. I knew better than to protest, such is the lot of a pledge,and no one said life was fair.

Then, softening somewhat, she explained what was going on (while the paddling kept up, seeming to have no end in sight) and why Beth was in trouble.

It seems that little Miss Beth hadn't quite got one of her papers in on time, and was docked a letter grade for her deliquency, and since it was a last minute effort anyway, what was a B paper now turned into a C.


And to make matters worse, on that same day, her big sis found out from a friend of hers that Beth had gotten a D on a BIG lab quiz a week ago, and then had neglected to mention it to her big sister. The TA mentioned it, because she knew that Beth was her little sister, and wanted to know why she hadn't heard back as far as setting up something for extra tutoring.

Soooo, Beth was getting spanked, (well, paddled actually) for the paper, for the quiz, and for lying to her sister by trying to hide what had happened. My sis told me that one of us pledges ALWAYS had to push it to see if they were serious, and so when the first one of the term did, all the rest of us were called also as an object lesson.

Beth was beyond words by this point, not that her spanker was asking her anything. Unlike my mom or big sis, who lectured and questioned while they spanked, hers waited and then stopped to address her penitant, and then would continue on. When she did lecture, when she finally stopped, she knew how to push all of Beth's buttons, telling her how ashamed she was of her, lying to her like that, failing to study like she said that she was going to, and what would her parents think if they knew what their little girls grades were like, stuff like that. I know that when she mentioned parents, my bottom clenched in reflex sympathy, I had no doubt as to what they would think if I screwed around with my grades!

Luckily, it wasn't quite midterm yet (we were on the semester, not quarter system) so she had time to get her grades up before the reports went out. Beth finally was able to blubber out all the correct litany of "I'm sorries and it'll never happen agains, and I'll be good forever and will be a perfect student, etc, etc."

The paddling over, she was sent, still bare assed, but now crimson cheeked, to spend some time in the corner to calm down. After about 15 minutes or so, she was let out, and hugged her big sis, telling her how sorry she was, starting to cry all over again. Her sis calmed her down, patted her back and soothed her hair back, blew her nose for her, and then took her upstairs, so they could have a talk about her academics, and what they could do for a plan now that she had Beth's attention.

The rest of us were all taken aside by our respective big sisters, and told that could just as easily be us, and we all yes ma'amed and gulped and the message was not lost on us.

Later that night, after a homework party, and then some tv watching, I was called up to my sis's room, where I was soon placed over her lap while she sat on her bed. My jeans were unfastened and pulled off (she always liked to undress me for my spankings), then she spent an inordinate amount of time smoothing out my panties, and ensuring that the leg bands had not ridden up to high. I was soon panting and gasping, and then my spanking started, first on my pantied posterior, then soon enough on my bare bottom, and while it burned and stung and I started to cry, it also felt so good, as she kept me at a fever pitch with her constant 'checking' to see if I was all right.

I learned my lesson, in more ways than one, and did not recieve a true punishment spanking for grades that first term.

The same could not be said for all pledges, however, as 2 more of my little sisters also got the paddle for grades, as did one of the BIG sisters, when she got a D on her midterm reports!

The big sisters had to show the officers their midterm and end of term grades, and if there was any problems, they faced the same penalties the pledges did, and not only did she get her fanny soundly paddled at the time (which, though a punishment spanking, I enjoyed more than most, as she put on as big of a show as us younger girls did, and she was 22 and a senior!, but also, because she was one of the big sisters who really enjoyed going out of the way to find excuses to give a pledge a hard spanking. So I enjoyed watching her fat little bottom wobble and redden and I watched her kick and show off everything and didn't feel bad about it all), but she was placed on academic probation for the rest of the term, and just like us pledges, she had to show all of her work to the pledge mistress, my big sister, and she got paddled twice more for doing poorly on tests before she recovered at the end of the term.

Hope you guys enjoy,


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Hi Angie, Great story, I assume it it true...thank you for posting it.
Sunday August 17, 2008 - 05:24pm (EDT) Remove Comment

Donna D
Momme Angie~ I just LOVE sorority stories. Love them!! And, I love your sorority stories. In this one, I imagined myself as Beth.Thank you so very much...your babygirl
Monday August 18, 2008 - 01:44pm (EDT) Remove Comment

Redd B
Another great story! I always love when a bully gets a taste of her own medicine.
Tuesday August 19, 2008 - 12:13pm (PDT) Remove Comment

Alyx R
I belonged to a sorority too, though not one like that! *crossing myself* Thank the goddess, as I would NOT have survived, considering how messed up my grades were!

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