Sunday, June 14, 2009

Called at work, part 5, M/F, domestic

I bit my lip as I waited for his answer to my request, then thought how silly it was for me, while being punished, to ask for a favor.

Then I worried that he would think I was being sassy or something, and decide to give me that third spanking as well... oh! Why hadn't I simply kept my mouth shut, I mean..


my heart and insides fluttered, his tone wasn't angry...

"I'm glad you told me, honey. Like we talked about way back when, when you were trying to tell me about domestic discipline, you will Always have the opportunity to have your say before I discipline you, to give your side of the story. And you can always ask a favor, or make a request. However, if you waited to ask me to do, or not do something after you are in trouble, it isn't the same as say 'negotiating' over something when you aren't, and after you tell me what you want to tell me, the final say, and decision, is going to be mine. But..."

and he put his finger gently to my lips to hush me before I could interrupt, as he could see I was going to do,

" long as you aren't simply delaying, or aren't arguing with me, or trying to get out of what you earned, I'm not going to give you any extras or added punishment for having your say. Do you understand, sweetheart?"

I nodded that I did, no longer remembering what I was going to interrupt him about...

"And as for your question now, Angela Lynn,"

Damn, back to Angela Lynn again. I much prefer Angie or sweetie or dearest or sweetheart...

"... no, I wasn't making you wait as part of your punishment. I will always try to discipline as soon as I can, as close to the problem as I can. I think it links it better to what you did, for one thing, and I think the waiting would give you tummy problems and headaches and just lead to an overly emotional wife. I'm not saying there won't be times ..."

There he was, assuming again that this was going to happen again! Which made me think, did he really think I was that awful?!

"when it won''t have to be delayed, but I will do everything I can to avoid that."

"Oh. T-thank you, Jack."

Thank you?! He just about guarenteed I would be getting lots more of these, and I thanked him?! Gawd, I can't figure myself out, no wonder poor guys have trouble with us...He had a wry smile now.

"No sweetie, I was just trying to give that poor little bottom of yours a little break. But, since you think waiting is crueler, it's time for your second spanking, young lady!"

Jack stood up, and took my hand again, which was both comforting and troubling at the same time, and walked me to a corner by the tv, in the living room.

"Angela Lynn, this punishment is for all the unpaid bills, the ignoring of the late and disconnect notices, the way you got all bitchy weeks ago when I innocently asked you if everything was all right or if you needed help, the way you lied to me, by commision and ommision about our finances, and the way you got yourself in over your head, panicked, and then thought you couldn't come and tell me!"

I was both shocked, and happy, that he seemed to have grasped and articulated Why I had gotten into trouble even better than I had understood, or that I was at least willing to admit to myself. Amazing how often other people are able to see what we are unwilling or unable to face.

"Now, back in the corner, and do you remember what I told you was going to happen if you turn or come out before I tell you this time?"

And I knew by his tone that this wasn't a rhetorical question. And I most certainly did know!

"Yes sir," Damn, there was that sir again! But then again, I had often used sir and ma'am with daddy and momma when I was in trouble, especially spanking trouble. Maybe that had something to do with it."...i-if I don't listen and come out or turn, t-then I'm going to get a-another spanking. Sir."

"Good. Now, this time, I want you to really, and I mean really, think about why you are there."

Big sniffle.... "yes dear...I will."

And I did.Unlike my first cornertime, which, amazingly enough, when I stopped to think about it, was only a little better than an hour ago, this time I didn't spend the time feeling sorry for myself (well, I did a little, but not that much...) but rather thought about everything I was supposed to think about.

It was amazing, sorry, using that word a lot, but it was, how much my attitude was already changing. Not that I was willing to admit that spanking as discipline was something that I wanted to keep in our marriage once this was all over.

And I heard Jack moving around behind me, and then I thought of something else, something that really worried me. Enough that I bit my lip, not sure if asking Jack a question while in the corner, without permision, was considered a spanking offense, or not.But, finally, desperation made me ask, politely of course.

"Jack, honey, may I ask a question?" And that was said while I my nose was still facing the wall.

"Yes?" Noncommittal, stern, I knew I was treading on dangerous ground here, that yes I could, but, it had better be something he thought non frivolous, or my bottom was going to pay again!

"I-it's just that I'm pretty sure that you are going to use something besides your hand, for my, s-spanking, an, and I wanted to ask another favor, sir."

The sirs just seemed to be flowing out...


Close my eyes, take a breath, and just go for it,girl!

"Well dear, I was wondering, if please, don't use the paddle I got, uh,you know, the one for..."

"The one you got for your good girl spankings. Yes, I know the one. And yes Angie, that sounds like a reasonable request. That paddle will never be used for a discipline spanking, sweetheart, I understand."

"Thank you, Jack."

And that was said quietly, but very gratefully. Because I knew he did undertstand. The paddle in question wasn't anything special, it was one of those silly tourist type paddles so often found at tourist traps around the midwest, south and southwest. With the sayings like Heat for the Seat, or For the Little Deer with the Bear Behind. Well, we had a paddle like that growing up, that my sisters and cousins and I had felt way too many times.And not long after I had confessed to Jack about my hidden desires, I was driving along, and on a whim, stopped at one of those roadside tourist traps, and in the back, had seen a paddle that was like that one I had grown up with."Board of Education. For Best Results, Apply Firmly and Frequently to Her Seat of Learning!"

I blushed, walked back and forth, but eventually took it in hand, and paid the smiling motherly clerk, blushing the entire time!Giving it to Jack was almost as hard, but the spankings he gave me with it were sensational, hard, but not too hard, just like I had always fantasized a boyfriend in HS giving to me.... but this was So much better, and the way he stopped the spanking to touch me, and the way he comforted me in ways I had no idea or concept of back then... well, I didn't want that changed.

So I was most thankful to my loving husband. And I made a note to tell him that, in the thank you portion of my post spanking punishment.

This time, when Jack called me out of the corner, not sure how long, forever, but it always seems like that, my attitude was how it should have been the first time, I had thought of why I was there, and why I was going to get spanked, what I had done wrong, why it was wrong, and what I was going to do different to keep this from happening again.

And there was a little smile on Jack's face as he told me he was proud of me, that that was exactly what he expected out of corner time. And then he gave me a sweet loving little kiss on the forehead, but with all the emotions flowing through me, it meant so much.

And then he took me by the hand, and instead of taking me back upstairs, he led me to the couch, and before he sat down, I realized what implement I was going to be feeling this time, as I watched my husband unbuckle his heavy, smooth, black leather work belt and peel it from his jeans, tossing the sheath for his bucktool to the side....


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