Monday, June 15, 2009

Catherine Alexandra's valentines day, F/F,sexuall

Another repost from long ago....


I looked up from my book in the den, at my sweeties call. Just like an overgrown kid sometimes, heaven forbid she actually walk that pretty little butt down here instead of simply yelling.

But, she had been So good lately. Much better behaved than usual, and I had been happy with her, and had let her know it, so this was minor. And so, smiling at what my imp was up to now, I got up, and went to see.

I was walking to where I suspected she was, confirmed by another "Annnngggiiieeeeeee, come here, please?"

The tone, and the please, more signs of the effort she was making to behave herself. We had had More than a few LONG talks about manners.

Almost there, so I was close enough I could answer without yelling."Yes sweety, I'm coming..."

And I heard the imp giggle at that. At times, her humor was on par of a High School boy. But it was all part of the package I loved.

And the giggle meant she hadn't been naughty, or at least too naughty.Which answered one of the questions as I rounded the corner to the guest room, and saw her standing in the corner, the one I've sent her too more than once, both before, and after a long, hard talk with the brush.

But, I suspected already, that she wasn't there as a gesture of repentance as she prepared to disclose some new misdeed.My breath caught, as I saw her there. So beautiful. Red hair hanging down, loose, over those fair shoulders and neck... face hidden for now.

I smiled, she was often much better 'behaved' when she was playing, like now, then if she was there waiting for a real lesson; then, more than likely, that pretty little face, those pouting little lips, those little girl 'I love you' eyes would have turned towards me as she heard me enter. But, since she was playing, she kept her nose in place.

And there was no doubt that this was play, not confession time. Besides all the previous clues, was how she was dressed, or rather undressed. From the rear, all I could see was the backstrap of a sheer off white bra, and what was probably a matching gstring slung around those lush hips.

Hard to tell, as the elastic around her waist was so tiny as to be almost invisible, except for the little jewled heart which served to connect all three bands of her panties, and the even skinnier thread going between her cheeks, was so slender as to readily give me a view of both halfs of the puckered little rosebud it ran over.

Because my naughty one was also slightly bent, and toes were pointing slightly in....naughty, naughty girl...But, none the less, the color was a concession to me, instead of her normaly beloved purple or red panties...

And my comment earlier, about how I knew she wasn't dressed like this for a bad girl spanking? That I knew, because after the ONE time I had sent her upstairs to wait for me in the corner, and she had quickly changed from what she had one to one of my Favorite outfits, and had blatently tried to seduce her way out of her most deserved punishment, I had cured her of that little trick.

With the help of the hated rubber strap.

So no, my little Catherine was all about the day, and giving....I came up close behind her, Very close, and reached around and hugged her, very close, and god, she Felt so good, smelled so good, looked so good...I simply stood there, happy, relaxed, and held her for a moment, content with just that, and I could feel her relax into me, safe in knowing I was there, protecting and loving her.

I inhaled deeply, the sweet soft scent of her hair, and from her skin, intoxicating.And the brat's nose was still in the corner! A fact which she made sure to point out.

"See Angie, I haven't even turned once! and.."

"No, sugar, you sure didn't, babygirl..." and I brushed the hair from one side of her neck, and my pussy tightened as I saw the shivers on her skin at the combined touch of fingers and hair.

"'ve been a Very good girl, sweety! Thank you..." a kiss, and a moan, soft, low, needy...One hand on her hip, stroking between waist and hip, the other, on that soft warm tummy, rubbing just above those low slung panties."...very, very, much, baby."

And I punctuated each word with a kiss.She was now partialy leaning against the wall, with her upper body, and her fanny was pressing back tight into my tummy and groin, as she slowly melted there.

"So, naughty one.." and smiled at her gasp, "...turn and let me see." And she did, and now I was the one who melted.I had been right, the bra was off white, and very, very sheer. Pale pink nipples, and the pinkish circles around them very much on display.My eyes taking in the smile on her pretty face, the laughing eyes, the sweet neck, going down,from lush breasts, to incurved waist, then back out to flared sexy hips.. and those Very matching panties.Sheer. Rising Just above her little red muff. The one that she kept short and neat, in the shape of a heart, just for me. And these tiny panties were a gift to me, the 'wrapping' on her Valentine heart.

"Oh baby, I love your outfit!" Deep kiss, now.."You look So good in it! Thank you!"

Another deep kiss, and her thigh lifted, wrapped slightly around mine...I reached down, an arm under her knees, the other around her waist, her arms still tight around my neck, her eyes closed now, and I lifted her, and carried her to the bed. Sat down, with her on my lap, before I rolled her off, onto her side, and went and got the brush off the dresser that she had so nicely left for me.

The smallish oval one, cherry wood, but such soft, soft bristles... I knew what my baby wanted.I tapped it into my palm, lightly, as I walked back, letting her see, letting her hear. I heard her response, the whimper, saw it, the trembles, the shivers, the biting of lip, soft almost imperceptable scissoring of thighs.

Sat beside her, facing her, wanting her to see what I was feeling as well."Well, little miss Catherine Alexandra..."Her breathing, fast and shallow, held tightly at the use of full first and middle name."... you have been such a Very good girl lately, and I Have noticed, sweety. And you know what happens to good girls, don't you?"

Another whimper, more sexy as all hell lip biting, a shy head shake no, even though she did indeed know. But for play, fibbing was okay.

"You don't? Well, good girls, " and I set the brush down softly on her tummy, watching it contract..."...good girls get good girl hairbrushings, and good girl spankings, little one..."

And tummy was arching up, as I Slowly slid my fingers into the front of her panties, those Very wet little panties, that hid Nothing from me. Fingertips grazing her muff, then lower, and then Not touching what she wanted touched in the worst way. Gathering those little panties, both hands, slowlyyyy pulling them down, not helping in back, letting them 'tug' out on their own from between her sexy ass cheeks. Loving her squeal as they did, then the gasp, the blush, as I lowered them to her knees, for now at least. I picked up the brush, and turned it, bristle side down.....more coming....


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