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Double standards, MF, rl, domestic discipline

Long background, sorry, that's the way it is sometimes in rl..... And besides, when I read a story, I like to know what she supposedly did wrong before she is unjustly spanked. ******************************************** *************************************** This took place in winter of '87, before the camping story by a few months....

Our Division, the 25th ID (Light) (our unofficial motto was, go light, freeze at night....) had just returned from deployment over to South Korea, where we had just taken part in the annual Team Spirit exercises. Ten days of actual 24/7 war games when they started, but it took FOREVER to get everyone deployed over and back again. Some blamed the Airforce and Navy, saying it showed a lack of transportation capabilities.

More knowlegable people, such as myself, knew that they had us over their, 20-30 days longer than we needed to be to boost the local Korean economy with all the shopping we were doing. Cause before and after the actual exercise, when you were in base camp, passes and incountry leave were pretty liberal.

I was a Captain, and had gotten sent over early, to help coordinate logistics coming over, and apparently I did so well, I was rewarded by doing the whole damn thing in reverse. My husband, the Infantry Battalion Sergeant Major now, ( I know, I know, we were not your typical Army couple, usually the wife is enlisted, and married to an officer, rank climbing as we call it. My husband insists that is exactly what I did, improve my social standing. Boogerhead.) had also come over with his unit, but they were no where near us while we were in base camp, either before or after. And after the exercise was done, he went back home pretty quick with his Commander and the rest of their staff.

So, when I wasn't working, I was either working out, or shopping. I had even found some nice Tae Kwon Do , Hwarang Do and Hapkido gyms nearby, and I had thought in advance to bring a letter of introduction from my old Tae Kwan Do instructor, so I was getting to do some real fun training.

For the most part, I tried to stay out of the bars while I was there. Oh, I would go every now and then to be sociable, but I've never been a drinker, not really, and the thought of bar crawling and sucking up SoJu, the local whiskey, didn't appeal to me.

Neither did the unwanted attentions of the men around. Even though my wedding band was PROMINENTLY displayed, the guys were always trying to score big time. That's one of the things I didn't like about over there, how so many of the guys had this TDY (temporary duty) mentality, which basically meant what happened overseas stayed overseas. And so they would hit on anything female, and partake of the many bargirls and hookers around. I always felt sorry for their wives and girlfriends.

But enough digression.

I had finally made it back home to Hawaii, and my husband and the kids,15-12 at this time, were there to greet me, and had the leis and the whole works when they met me at my units quad. Then he took us all out for a nice dinner, and THEN he farmed the kids out to their friends for the night so we could have some undisturbed quality time.

It had been about 35 days since we had seen one another, so we did a lot of 'catching' up. To include yours truly getting her fanny warmed up, MORE than once, and a couple of times quite strictly, too!

But come the morning, I made it up before he did (lack of fluids on his part, and he IS eight years older....) and was done stairs puttering around, getting ready to make breakfast.

I had on a satiny blue shorty nighty, no panties (well they had started with panties last night, but I could only find the nighty on the floor this morning...) and I was setting out things for a breakfast made the way I WANTED it to be made, and not how it was handed to me in the mess hall, when I hear him come into the kitchen behind me.

So, oversexed (and randy, as Moll puts it) wench that I am, I bent even farther over the table, and my nighty was up over my rump, and I did a slow little wiggle for his benifit, and hopefully mine. He came up behind me, and tapped my legs farther apart with little patty spanks on my inner thighs. I whimpered and let my head sink to the table, and did what I was supposed to.

Then he pressed down on my back,, curving it down, so I would stick my bottom up. Oh yes, maybe he wasn't so old and tired out after all and then.... WHAP!!!!! I JUMPED up and squealed, holding my VERY stingy butt!

"Honeyyyyyy, " I whined, "not so harddddd, I'm still tender from last nightttttt."

His response? "Too bad. We have something we need to talk about. Now."

Huh? Or as I used to say when he wasn't around, what the fuck, over?

Apparently I was in trouble, for real, not just fooling around kind of trouble. I mean I could tell by his body language and tone. But I hadn't had TIME to do anything since I'd been back less than a day!

"What do we need to talk about," I asked suspiciously, trying to keep my now endangered rear pointed away from him.

"How many things have you done?" he asked. Smart ass.

"Honeyyyy, I haven't done anything. What are you so pissed about?" and THAT brought a frown, as he thought it was VERY unladylike for women and especially female officers to swear or use vulgar language. Ha. He should have heard me when I was working the docks in Korea, trying to get everything loaded and offloaded....

"You can't think of anything you might have did over in Korea, that I wouldn't be happy about?" and it was in that calm voice, you know, the one that means they are REALLY ticked at you!

I KNOW my face went white, oh my god, there was only ONE thing that he might be THIS ticked about, but who the hell had told him.....?

"Yeah, we had just been back for a few days, when one of our companies gets back. And then the next thing you know, SFC Smith (his good old buddy) comes and tells me what he had heard his officers talking about.... "

Oh shit oh shit oh shit! That's right, some of the CPTs and Lt's from his unit HAD been there that night, SHIT!

"....nd then I heard the EXACT same story from at least a dozen other people, SOME of whom had heard it from their WIVES!"

Ya gotta love that spousal support network, fastest gossip chain around......

" would you care to explain yourself, Young Lady?" And it is in that exact same voice he has when miss 15 has screwed up. And I knew I sounded like her when I answered. (and that is one thing I said I wanted before I married him, when we were talking about how this was all going to work out, that even if he thought I needed to be spanked, I ALWAYS got the chance to explain myself, first. Then, the final decision was his....)

"Well, you see, it's like this. It really wasn't my fault...."

I'd been behaving myself, like I told you at the beginning of the story, just working and working out and shopping (and most of that was window shopping or clothes for the kids....) but I WAS starting to get sick of looking at the inside of the tent.

So I let one of my tentmates talk me into going into Osan and to one of the night clubs later. We hit a Kalbi rib restuarant, and then went to club L.A. I had my usual rum and coke, and we mostly just listened to the music, and chatted with some of the other officers that we knew there. I was a good girl, and declined all offers to dance. I didn't see any other people from my Battalion, there were some from my tent mates unit, and over in the back of the bar with some of the bar girls (okay, a lot of bar girls) were a bunch of infantry types, from a couple of different units. But they were doing their thing, we were doing ours, when one of the captains keeps coming over to our table, and asking the different women to dance.

All the others eventually said yes, just to get him to go away, but I kept telling him no, till I was the only one left that had. So he would go away for a bit, then come back and ask again, then go back and have another drink or so, and fondle a bar girl, and back he'd be. Now,I knew OF this guy back at home, and what a dickhead he was there. Liked to have affairs with married women, boasted that that way there were no trouble with long term commintments....

He also had a BIG rep as being anti female in the military, except, for like you know, nurses and secretaries and such. He was a West Point grad, the last all male class, and he had one of their special class rings with the LCWB on it (stands for Last Class With Balls).

Finally, I asked him which part of NO didn't he understand. He just stared at me blankly. I said it was a rather simple concept, even for an infantryman (sorry all you good infantrymen out there), NO, I wasn't going to dance with him now, NO, I wasn't going to dance with him later, so go the Fuck Away! THAT had gotten his attention!

"What the hell did you say, bitch!?" So I told it to him again. Exactly.

And then I told him if he didn't like it, he could pack sand up his ass and shit bricks for all I cared. My table mates weren't much help, they were all laughing till they cried, which only served to piss this guy off even more.

His comeback was just as witty and urbane as mine had been. "You fucking cunt! This goddamned Army's been going down hill ever since we let you think you were actually here for something other than to have a fuck handy when we wanted it, you bitch!"

I then apparently said something along the lines of "Well you should know all about fucking, Bob. Rumor has it that if you didn't have your own set of kneepads, and your nose wasn't so brown, no way you would ever make rank..." and something else about the reason he liked Korea so much is that the only way he could get a date was to pay for it, that no American girl would put up with his sorry ass.

Which is when he grabbed me and tried to slap me. Now, we were nose to nose at this point, and he was only about 7 inches taller than me (unlike my husband, who is over a foot taller) and only outweighed me by about 50 lbs (hubby has me by over a 100....) and when he reached out, he got a fist full of my jacket, and my boob, and jerked me up on my toes as his other hand went back. Purely amateur night here.

See, as my original martial arts instructor had taught us from day one, if someone is stupid enough to grab you and then not try to throw you or lock you up with that arm, don't worry about it, they just tied up one of their hands, and you didn't have to do anything.

2nd, Never Ever wind up before hitting or kicking somebody.

And 3rd, go with the flow, don't try to fight power with power. So when Captain Bob the dickhead jerked me too him, I went, right under his chin, and I snapped my head up, and caught him with a perfect upwards headbutt. Also, at the same time, I had let my left hand drop to my waist (my right was going up to deflect that slap) very naturally, and when my body hit his, I grabbed his nads and squeezed and twisted. (another self defense tip for you women. We all know how sensitive they are down there. So if you make QUICK motions, like to knee, or hit, or kick, they will shift and block it automatically, it's almost to the point of a built in reflex. BUT, if you move in slow down there.....)

While THAT was getting his attention, and he jerked his body down, I gave him two more quick head butts, a quick right and left snapping motion kind, right across the chin, AND I was letting him hold me up while I took my brand new leather boot, with the hard leather sole, and I took the edge of that boot, and scraaappped it down his shin and stomped on his foot. And then he hit the floor.

Whole thing took maybe four seconds, tops. That's the way real fights are. I was JUST starting to put the boot to him while he was on the floor, when a couple of big guys grabbed me and told me the MPs were on the way, and then I recognized them as being captains in my husbands unit...

So, when I had finished my story, my husband just stood there and looked at me. Then he chewed me out, like this was MY fault! So I got mad and stomped my foot!

"MY fault!? What the hell did I do wrong?" I asked him politely. "And what is the difference between me getting into a bar fight, and you kicking the ass of a couple of your buddies before we were married, cause of some things that they said about me!?" (and after they were still friends, guys. They said they didn't know he was really serious about me till he pounded them.)

"Yes your fault. You could have walked away, couldn't have you? Or you could have asked one of the guys from my outfit to help you with him, couldn't have you? But no, you had to go get into a common bar fight with some dickhead infantry officer! YOU, on the other hand, are an INTELLIGENCE OFFICER, and I EXPECT YOU TO SHOW SOME FROM TIME TO TIME!!!!!"

I tried interrupting, but he was going full steam now.

"Rumor control has it that the only reason you weren't brought up on charges,is that they were actually EMBARRASSED that you had kicked his ass, and so didn't want to make a big deal out of it. As it is, he's being transferred out, which is no big loss, but YOU! Just HOW do you think it would have looked on your record!"

"But it wasn't my faulttttttt" I wailed.

"Do you think that really would have mattered? The way the politicians run things at the DA (Department of the Army ) these days? All they would have seen was you in a drunken bar fight, who cares if it was in self defense, and that would have been it! And by the way, did you have more than your two drink limit, missy?"

"ummm, yes dear..."

"HOW many?"

"Ummm, I dunno for sure, 4, maybe? And I don't mean four over my limit I mean four total!" I rushed out.

"Anything else you want to tell me?" he asked. I shook my head no.

"Okay then. I want you to go over to your corner..." ( I HATE it when he calls it MY corner!) and keep your nighty off your bottom and I want you to THINK about why you are getting punished."

I pouted and stomped my way over , but I did it like I was supposed to. And when I was there, I did think about it. A lot. He was right. I HAD been in the wrong, but I had SO hoped he wouldn't find out, cause I KNEW I was getting spanked if he did. He was watching the whole time, and must have seen the acceptance in my body language, cause as soon as I had admitted it to myself, he called me over to him, in his chair already pulled out, and I went, and he had the BRUSH!

I slowed, and started getting teary and told him that he didn't need that, that I was already sorry, and he said the same thing my parents had, that I was sorry I had gotten caught, and then it was otk, and my nighty was up without him having to lift it. It was a wicked spanking, one of those that a real spanker knows how to do, where it feels like your whole butt is on fire, but it's still not QUITE hard enough to leave long lasting bruises, but it goes on and on and on while you cry and beg and plead. And he spent WAY to much time on my sit spots and in between my cheeks, but by the time he was through I was REALLY REALLY sorry I had gotten into trouble!

Then it was back in the corner, till the worst of the crying was over, then he told me to come back to him, and he sat me on his lap, with my rump hanging off his lap, and when he held me close I cried hard again. He kissed me and told me he loved me and that I was his good girl, and that he worried about me. And then I got my after comforting which proved how much he cared for me.

Later, when I asked him why he had waited till the morning, he said he had already figured out what had happened, and knew it had to be dealt with, but that it wasn't so bad that it couldn't wait till after our homecoming. Then the bully said that since I couldn't sit anyways, I could make us breakfast!


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