Thursday, July 16, 2009

Site of the day, Pin up girl clothing

My Husband loves it when I wear retro style dresses and skirts, and this is a very nice little site that offers a Wide variety of stuff.

When you are browsing, make sure you click on all the little subareas, as sometimes there are all sorts of other places it will take you. There is some overlap at times between areas within their site, but it's still fun to browse. As an example, when you click on 'pinup couture' you will then have choices of evening dresses, daytime dresses, swimwear, and separates.

I like that they have a lot of separates, that works well for those of us who are small on top but not on the bottom.

This is what I'm wearing today...

today's undies..

And of Course if you are going retro, have to have a nice girdle, and stockings....

by for now,

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