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Catherine's machine upgrade, machine/F

another old story I did at SIN
Catherine Jones was in a full blown pout as she stomped down the hall to her condo, the week had been less than perfect. And now here it was, Friday, and no date lined up. Actually, no date for a while.

There had been a bit of a tiff with her last boyfriend, when he wouldn't help her out in bed with what she wanted, and it had been very hard to bring up That subject in the first place with him. So, feeling hurt, and not willing to expose that part of her personal life to another, at least for a while, she had remained dateless, more or less by choice.

Another choice she had made, at the time of the breakup, well, more like one drunken night after the breakup, was that she had went online, and finally purchased the spanking machine she had seen advertised and had fantasized about for so long.And truth be told, it had helped, and had down as advertised.

It was a very nice bench, she could adjust the bench, to include having her head tipped down and her fanny way up, she could switch the implements the arm, or arms held, she could adjust the strength of the spanks, decide whether she wanted a certain number of spanks, or wanted a timed spanking, and while all of this was Significantly better than a self spanking, still, it wasn't the same, she was still in control.

Also, there was the whole matter of being frustrated and randy and wanting someone else to help her with that as well.

The 20 something working girl sighed, flipped her long red hair out of her face, as she put her thumb to the lock on the door, waiting till it clicked and let her in. She shoved it closed with her trim little bottom; Catherine was in good shape, she worked out, and her figure was trim, without being boyish, and even though her bottom was pert, it still had that little bit of baby fat that gave it such a delicious shape in her pants and skirts, and such a wonderful jiggle when she walked, or even stomped her foot in one of her patented pouts.

While she was still walking down the hall, Catherine had already begun to put together a little fantasy that, along with a bottle of wine, and her spanking machine and her favorite battery opperated boyfriend, she hoped would relieve the utterly sucky week she had just had.So, it was quite a shock when, after her door was already closed and locked, that she realized that she wasn't there alone.

Instead, there was overwhelming evidence to the contrary, all of which seemed to hit her at once.First, there was the Smell coming from the kitchen, fresh baked bread, and some tangy Italian smelling sauce, you could tell it had been slow simmered, the way she loved but was too busy/lazy to do; then, there was the Sound of cooking coming from the kitchen, a woman's voice humming something pleasant, and the general sound of a well run kitchen below that.And while her mouth hung open in shock, the owner of that voice appeared from the kitchen, and it was all Catherine could do to keep that pretty mouth from hitting the floor, both at what she saw, and what she heard next.

."Catherine Alexandra Jones! What have I told you about Slamming the doors in this house, young lady! And What did I tell you would happen if it happened again!?"

Catherine stared at the 'woman' before her; in her forties, maybe fifties, sandy blonde hair perfectly done, a proper blouse, pink, with a nice necklace above a matronly chest, curves that tapered slightly then flared back out to generous hips and bottom, a stunning grey skirt that was fitted without being tight or tasteless and ended conservatively at her knees, hose covered legs, and dressy pumps. She was several inches taller than Catherine, even without the shoes, and a good many pounds heavier. All in all, she looked like a pleasantly plump June Cleaver... And, there was also the fact that the woman in question was vaguely see through at times....And at that thought, the already stunned Catherine had an inner mental outburst... Oh My God!

"M-Mrs. Harris?" was the tentative question, but even as it was voiced, she Knew that it was.

Mrs. Harris, the fantasy surrogate mother, aunt,or housekeeper, depending on her mood. She had found the picture on line, and created her own little background, and fantasies, many spanking related, and had often thought about those fantasies while bent bare bottomed over her spanking bench, but this..

"Of course it's Mrs. Harris, you silly girl! Who else did you think I was? But, young lady, unless you want to get into even More trouble, I asked you a question! What did I say about slamming doors, missy!?"

Poor Catherine, feeling totally overwhelmed, and mentally dislocated from what had been her reality only moments before, found herself answering, almost by reflex. She found that her body, and her mind and heart knew the answers even if she wasn't aware of it.

"U-um, I'm not to slam doors in the house, a-and if it happened again, I'd get spanked! But I didn't mean to slam it, ma'am!"

The 'woman' simply glared at her for a bit, hands still on those plump yet firm hips.

"Alright, lass, I can tell it's been a long day, but that will be your Only warning!" and then turned to go back into the kitchen...Mind still spinning, but regaining control of herself and the situation, she called out, "Wait, stop, I want to talk to you!" It came out perhaps a bit more shrilly than she had intended to but still, it Was only a computer image she was talking too, after all. It was simply human convention to treat that which appeared human, as human.

Mrs. Harris reappeared around the corner, a bemused smile on her face."Yes dear, what is it you wish to discuss? And whatever it is, you best mind your tone, young lady, if you want to be able to sit comfortably on that pretty little bottom of yours! I've already given you one warning tonight, don't try my patience, dear."

"Okay, that's enough!" Her temper was going now, Catherine had never been known as the calm and collected type, she simply attributed her 'moods' as she put them, to her red hair.

"Computer, hold! Now, what the hell is going on here!? Who put in a holo program, who the hell auth-OWWWWW!!!!"

Holding her bottom, Catherine spun wildly around to see what, or who, had just spanked her, hard! And to her surprise, saw that it was one of the small little household bots that was floating away, paddle still in it's flexible 'arm'.

"Language, young lady, unless you want a full blown lesson!"Still rubbing her bottom, Catherines frustration boiled over.

"Computer, hold, stop, quit, overide! What the Fuck is going on he- OWW HEY OW LET GOOOOOO! "

One of the bots had a firm hold of her ear, and was hovering towards the kitchen, with the owner of the ear protesting but going along as well, and a second bot hovering behind her, helping her along with more of those wicked paddle spanks to her bottom. Mrs. Harris's face, Catherine noted with a hint of fear, was now looking quite stern. Still loving and maternal,too, but mostly stern.

"Well, Catherine Alexandra Jones! I can see you are in one of your little 'moods', young lady! Well, I had hoped it wouldn't come to this so early in the weekend, but it appears that you won't listen and be the good girl I know you are until that little bottom of yours is sore and sad! And, missy, as for Who put in the new programs, well, you did, right this very morning."

That shocked Catherine enough to halt, momentarily, the ouches and ows and other verbal protests that had been accompanying her march of shame into the kitchen. That, and the fact that the spanking had stopped, at least for now.

"W-what, who did? I did!? This morning!? No I didn't!"

Now the visage of the housekeeper was Most stern, and Catherine felt her tummy doing flip flops, and, she realized with the horror and shock that self realization sometimes brings, even though she was angry, and upset, there was still that small, impish inner her that was dancing up and down in happy glee that she, Catherine Alexandra Jones, wasn't in control, couldn't stop what was going on or happening, and simply had to accept her fate, no matter What that fate was going to be.

"So, besides cursing at me with that foul mouth of yours,you're calling me a liar now, are you?"

Mrs. Harris was Not a happy woman....She snapped her fingers, and two more of the smallish bots snaked out arms, and brought one of the tall, backless bar stools from its place under the island, and brought it into the center of the kitchen. And then they proceeded, along with the ear holding bot, to bend her over that stool, despite her best squeals. The squeals increased in volume, and in pitch, when 'fingers' where felt unfastening the clasp, and undoing the zipper adn pulling it down to her thin, tight, form fitting, subtly pinstripped black dress slacks; the ones that hugged and separated her bottom so well.

As the hands continued to bare her bottom, Mrs. Harris continued to stand in front of her.

"This very morning girl, when you had overslept..." A bit of Catherine's mind that wasn' t preoccupied with the shameful ordeal she was currently undergoing at the 'hands' of her house, noted that somehow her now housekeeper was aware of the fact that she had overslept..." you still managaged to find time to go online to those Spanking sites you so like to frequent..."

The facial blush which had been occuring due to her depanting , suddenly and instantly turned into the full body blush , the kind that fair skinned red heads are capable of, at this public utterance of her shameful yet exciting secret.

"... and when you checked your SIN email account, there was a message asking if you wanted a free upgrade, and you clicked on yes!"

"W-what!? Nooo, stop it!" (the stop it was in response to the continued removal of her pants; and this operation was not done in a sexy manner, but, and there was a definite 'feel' to the process, in a most firm and maternal manner. Her pants were almost to her knees by now, and appeared to be going lower....)

"T-that wasn't what I thought I was agreeing too! I thought it was upgrading my email acount!"

"Well, too bad for you little one. Perhaps Next time you will actually Read your mail before you answer it! I mean, with all the scams and predators out there, you should know better than that, young lady!"

"B-but I've told you to quit, to shut off, to stop, you Have to listen to me! It's the rule, you have to!"

"Rules shmules, little girl. The only rule I have to follow is to make sure no harm comes to you. And, after you upgraded your house system this morning, I took the liberty of reading all your past emails, all of your cyber surfing, all your chats, all your journal entries, reviewed all your music, what tv and movies you watch, everything. So, miss, I know Very well what you need, and don't need, and what you most certainly Don't need, is for you to get your way all the time. There are only a few things you need to remember, my sassy young lady. One, is that you are not in charge here any more. I am. And second, that while you may feel embarrassed, or ashamed, or very very sore, you need to remember that I will not harm you. Now, open that naughty mouth of yours, time to wash that filthy talk out!"

to be continued....

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