Monday, June 15, 2009

A Tigger in trouble, M/F domestic play

for a friend named Tigger and her Husband...

It had been a nice weekend morning, slow waking up, cuddling, kissing, loving how he took her into his arms and made love to her, and, though she blushed when she thought about it, the way he spanked her little fanny as they made love, it was an added spice.

And now, he was making breakfast, while she pulled herself together. But, it was for the best, cooking really wasn't her thing. She had teased him once that that was why she was always keeping him in bed, so he wouldn't notice.

A quick shower, and her new pair of Tigger panties with matching little cami, and that was enough for now, and down the stairs she bounced.

And as she bounced, the thought came into her head, and then just as quicky out her mouth, " 'Cause I'm a Tigger and that's what Tiggers do..." and so she bounced her bouncy little bottom into the kitchen.

"Hi hi hi! I'm here, I'm hungry, Feed me!"

She caught her breath as she looked at him there, jeans and tshirt, and sexy as hell. And What a wicked smile!

"Now, that wasn't very polite, young lady. I suggest you mind your manners, if you want to be able to sit."

Oh, he so hadn't! Now, it would have been one thing if he had been really irritated with her, not that she was worried then, but felt bad. But that smile of his belied the words.

"Oh Really!?! And just what do you think you have to say about what I have to say, huh? Well, huh? I can talk and bounce all I want, so there, and I'm still hungry!"

"Well, little miss Tigger brat, breakfast can wait a moment, I think someone needs a quick lesson, and I wouldn't want you to have a full tummy for when I put you across my knee!"

She turned, squealing as she did, about to make her escape, the chase was part of the fun, when he cheated!

"HEY! No fair! You aren't supposed to slide across the island!!!!"

After all, rules are rules! And since he already had her by her wrist, best to put him on the defensive.

And then an outraged squeal, as he reached down to the waistband of those cute little panties with Tigger on the bottom, and pulled them up tight inbetween her cheeks!

"No Fair, no Fair, cheater, cheater, eeeep! Not so high!"

But, like always, he ignored her, and used the back of her panties to walk her to the sofa.

Sitting down, over she went, and suddenly her cries went from "Not so High!" to "No! Not on the Bare, Not on the Bare!"

She squealed then, both at the first Hard spank right to her sit spot, and at the horrible pun, "honey, even if I left them up, it wouldn't be on the bear, these are your Tigger panties, not your Pooh ones..."

Much fussing, kicking, squealing demands and threats later, the brute stopped.Tigger was congratulating herself on how she had him wrapped around her little finger, when she could feel him stretch out, as if to pick something up, and panicky, she turned in time to see the new little paddle that they had picked up just yesterday on its way down...

"OOOWWIIEEE!!!! Honey, that stings!"

And this time it wasn't faked, that little paddle Did sting!

She had seen it when they were in that mecca of convertable spanking toys, Walmart. And as she went by the toy aisle, there it was, a Disney Tigger plastic paddle ball game! So, two dollars later, it was hers.

"Ow honey, OH honey, please dearest Ow! Oh oh oh! NOT IN ONE SPOT oh please oh oh Please!"

And while he kept spanking, his left hand, snaked its way under her trim little tummy, and started exploring, even as he spanked.

And the last thing she really remembered him saying, was "But honey, it's just doing what a Tigger needs to do..."


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