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Daughters part 2, F/ff, domestic

Entry for July 15, 2008 Daughters part 2, F/ff

I've been meaning to finish this for a long time now, you can see the first part posted back on Jan 15.
And, for those that are new to my family stories, Jen is 16, as is her girlfriend Nikki, and when I say her girlfriend, I mean as in her 'lets trade hickey's 'girlfriend; Julie is 14, and my babygirl sly is 10.
Also, all shirts, panties, styles, etc, are from real life experiences...
(where we left off at part one...)
Apparently my face Did reflect what I was thinking, since when the girls saw me, the friends who had been by them parted like the Red Sea, and my two (hey, she lives there so much, I think of Nikki as mine too) trying futily to cover up their shirts with their arms, as Jenny said "M-Mommy! Uh, what are you doing here?!" The fact that Jenny actually called me Mommy in public was an indication that at least subconciously, if not conciously, she Knew just how much trouble her little fanny was in! And from the way her partner in crime had one arm in front of her shirt, and her other hand over her rump, meant she had a Very good idea of what I was thinking.
'Mommy' was not in a good mood when I saw the girls, something that they must have picked up from my expression.

"I just had a couple of things to do, was passing by, and happened to see you and Nikki over here and decided to come and ask you if you were coming home for supper, or just what was going on. And imagine my surprise, when I saw what you had on, Jennifer Ann Johnson! And that goes for you two, Nicola Anne ...."

I was cut off by wails from my daughter and Nikki, delivered in stereo.

"B-but, but Mommyyyy!"

"B-but, but Aunttieeeeee!" (over here, pretty much any woman who cares for others is often called Auntie, and since Nikki slept and ate at our house at least as much as she did her own, I'd been her ' Auntie' a long time now.)

"Don't you 'but Mommy!' and 'but Auntie' Me young ladies! The only 'butts' you should be concerned about are your own, and how long you will still be able to sit on them!"

That produced two Very red faces, from my two miscreants, as well as the sort of 'Oooooo's! you get from a pack of girls when one of their own is in trouble, and they think themselves safe. I glared at them as well, and that nonsense stopped, I knew them all, knew their mom's, and now they were all wondering about what They had on, and if in my present mood I was going to call and tell on them.

"Time to go, you two, with me, Now!"

And when they hesitated like deer caught in the headlights, I helped them along with a "Don't Make me tell you again!"

That broke the spell, and both turned slightly to pick up their backpacks as well as the bags from their latest shopping excursion.

Of course, the turning and bending also showed me their backsides, and while they both have cute little bottoms, they were also showing off Far more of them then was proper!

Nikki had on lowriders, and they were living up to their name. Jennifer, on the other hand, was wearing a pair of jeans I recognized from the laundry, but, had taken off the belt that was needed to keep them up, thereby turning them into impromptu lowriders, and the amount of cheek she was showing off!

Lowriders, even of the impromptu kind, ride even lower when a girl sits or bends, so, as my already in trouble brat was bending over, what she was showing to me, and the world at large, was first bare cheek, not low back, but bottom, Then her little thong panties, more cheek, and then Finally her jeans!

I started to count to ten..., and noticed that Nikki wasn't any more modest, also showing off a generous portion of bottom and panty.

So I counted to ten again.

Ready to go, they stood quietly, meek with those two is probably really stretching it, waiting, apparently thinking they were going to follow me.

"If you have all your things lets go, but we have a couple of stops to make first, miss Jennifer Ann and miss Nicola Anne! Spencers first, get going!"

Possibly the last was a bit sharper then I thought, as they both squeaked, jumped, yes Ma'am'd me and took off ahead of me.

Which did even less to help out my mood!

Because besides the shirts they were wearing, besides the jeans showing off their bottoms and panties, I could now from my position behind them see what was On their panties!

For those of you who aren't familiar with this style, while many girls and women wear thongs and g strings in order to minimize their visible panty lines, and then there were the ones like the girls had on, which were Meant to be seen as the peeked or in their case, rode Well above their jeans.

And, of the latter type, some, like what the girls had on, had little sayings or decorations on their waist band...

Nikki's thong said 'Lick Me!', and her dead girl walking partner in crime, Jenny's said 'Sink the Pink!'

The girls weren't sure why we were all going to Spencers, but had probably correctly assumed that it wasn't for anything they were going to like. In my present mood, I wasn't going to put up with any dawdling,and so walking between them, I took them by their wrists, very much Mommy and little girl style, and drug them along after me.

I stifled their token protests of "Mommmm!" and "Aunnttieee!" with a stern "Hush right now if you now what is good for you!" and then we were at Spencers and went in.

Because I knew that this is where they had gotten their shirts.

I took the girls to the counter, and told the girl behind it that my girls would like to return their shirts, since I found them inappropriate for girls their age.

The salegirl appeared distressed by this request, and rapidly called for her manager, and I told her what was going to happen.

She told me that without a reciept, she couldn't take them as returns, but could exchange them.
And then I saw what would be perfect. I told her that would be fine, and picked out something appropriate for the occasion.

And then sent them with a spank to their bottoms to get changed, and back, and I was counting...

Despite their sniffling, they both made it back by before I got to twenty.

I took their old shirts, gave them to the manager, and arranged my now Most unhappy girls side by side, and nodded.

Each girl's shirt said the same thing-

I'm with Stupid!

but what made them perfect is that each had an arrow pointing in opposit directions, meaning at each other!

Heads down, I told them that we weren't quite done with our shopping, we needed to go to Penny's next. They squirmed and groaned, that was on the far side of the mall, but out we went, and I walked behind them, to encourage them, occasionaly with a swat on the bottom when they slowed too much. They did seem to get a lot of attention, though not what they had been hoping for.

Once in Penny's, I took the brats back to the girls underwear section. I told them to be quiet and to stand still, and I picked something out for each of them, took the panties to the salesgirl, told her that I was paying for these now, but that the girls would be wearing them home.

Jenni and Nikki's mouths were on the floor when they heard that, and were starting to fuss when I first took Nikki by the wrist, turned, and spanked her bottom several times, hard, and then repeated the same thing with Jenny.

The rebellion squashed, I took the girls to the changing rooms, and told them to get changed, and get their bottoms back out and not to mess around, if they knew what was good for them.

So much for the rebellion being squashed!

Instantly I was besieged with 'you Can't be serious!' and 'No Way!' and 'it's too embarrassing' and 'I won't!' and 'You can't make me!'

Oh really. Apparently they had realized that they had pushed it too far, especially with the last comment, as I didn't even have to say anything, they shut up all by themselves. To late of course, as it always is in such cases.

Now, what I heard was 'Mom (0r Auntie), we're Soooo sorry! We didn't mean it! We'll be quiet, really! We'll be good!'

I didn't say anything, but simply grabbed an ear in each hand, and walked them into a changing room, put Jen's nose in the corner, yanked Nikki's already almost down jeans All the way down, and then her panties as well, sat on the bench and pulled her across my lap, getting the brush out of my purse; with three daughters and their friends, I always had a brush handy, and it was useful for far more then taming hair!

Nikki's promises of only moments ago to be quiet were soon forgotten, as the loud spanks of wood on bare bottom echoed in the little open topped and bottomed changing room, accompanied by her own pleas for mercy, and promises of eternal goodness.

It wasn't a long spanking, but it was good, hard attention getting one, and then her nose was in the corner with a warning not to rub her fanny or wipe her eyes, and my brat was taking her place over my lap.

Jennifer wasn't any quieter or more grown up about her spankingthan Nikki had been.
I stood her up, had them both turn and face me, asked if I was going to have any more problems or backtalk, and I was quickly and rapidly told that I wouldn't.

To make sure there weren't, I waited while they changed into the new panties I had bought them, and took possesion of the thongs.

There were plenty of tears from the spanking, from pulling panties up over fresh spanked bottoms, followed by their jeans, although in all honesty those jeans really didn't cover that much. But, because they didn't, they did show off nicely the new panties I had got them, and that seemed to cause more tears as well.

Because I had gotten their panties from the girls section, not from the young women's section.
Jennifer had on a darling pair of green and white Sesame Street cotton briefs, with the extra wide and shiny green waist elastic, and Nikki had on the cutest pair of yellow cotton briefs with the Care Bears on them...

For some reason, the girls seemed less thrilled now about walking around the mall in their new shirts, and in their low rider jeans with panties that actually covered their bottoms even if their pants didn't...

I again positioned them so that the arrows were facing the right way, and then led them back out across the mall to my car, it was time to go home, and get to the bottom of this little clothing problem.


Redd B
I was wondering what happened to those young ladies. What happened when you got them home?
Tuesday July 15, 2008 - 09:59pm (PDT) Remove Comment

Offline IM
great story you should join the yahoo group spankfiction and submit some of your stories they are great!!
Wednesday July 16, 2008 - 08:32am (EDT) Remove Comment
Mommie! I am NOT fiction!!::runs off cryingggg::
Wednesday July 16, 2008 - 07:34am (PDT) Remove Comment
Brett B
I bet when Jen and Nikki went to the mall dressed like that, they never thought they'd be getting in such trouble. Two very embarrassed young ladies for sure. Great writing, Angie. Hope there's a part 3.
Wednesday July 16, 2008 - 01:37pm (MDT) Remove Comment

Offline IM
Hi Mom Angie,I'm so happy you decided to complete this post, I immediately felt at "home" with you and your girls again. As alwaya, it's such a pleasure since you write so well.Hope I'm still considered to be a good babysitter if you need one again some timeHugs,to you and all the girls Morgan
Thursday July 17, 2008 - 06:38pm (PDT) Remove Comment

Jenny W
Dear Mommy, sister Sly and Miss Morgan...don't know how I missed this post until today...I obviously haven't been paying enough attention to Mommy's blog!Oooh...being publicly humiliated in the that really is an exciting thought even though I'm sure I would die of embarrassment being paraded around with my little girl panties on display. I'm sure the brisk hairbrush spanking you applied to our bare bottoms would be nothing compared to the spanking we are going to get when you get us home...ouchee!! In view of the fact that we had displayed our bare bottoms and skimpy litle panties to everyone who cared to look, perhaps our spanking should also be public and it would be a salutary lesson to Sly and Julie for them to witness our bared bottoms being spanked, paddled and strapped till we couldn't sit down for a week. I think you should also take up Morgan's offer to babysit us again so she should also be present to see our naughty little bottoms turned bright red. I've still got a crush on Miss Morgan and well remember how soundly she tanned my deserving backside the last time she sat me...guess its time to go back over her knee though this time Nikki should get her rump roasted as well. Oooo...just had an image of Mommy and Morgan taking Nikki and I across their knees and spanking us in unison. Wonder which one of us would start howling and crying first? I suppose it depends on which of you spanks the hardest...hmmmm...I wonder who that would be?Love you all, Jenny (and Nkki)XXXXXX
Wednesday July 30, 2008 - 09:04am (NZST) Remove Comment
Great story!! Felt kind of bad for the girls getting spanked in the middle of the store like that, but can't say that I wouldn't have loved to be one of the saleswomen or even just an innocent passerby... :)
Saturday August 16, 2008 - 09:14pm (PDT) Remove Comment

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