Thursday, June 11, 2009

Weight watchers machine/F

I bit my lip as I went into the counseling room. This was the first time since I had joined that I had failed to meet my goals. And, while in theory I knew what to expect, after all, I had laughed nervously over the contract when I had started, like most, I never actually thought that it would happen to ME!

It had been one of my girlfriends who had talked me into coming here, after one of those sisterly bonding sessions where I had bemoaned my own winter pounds and lack of exercise, while at the same time complimenting her on how well she was looking nowadays.

She blushed, then told me it was all due to this new club she had joined, that they were very good about keeping you motivated. And try as I might, I couldn't get her to tell me any more details. Although in hindsight, I remember that she was squirming in her chair an awful lot.

So, the next day, I went down there, and a pleasant and fit young woman went over everything with me. The short version is that I would be issued a special card that would monitor EVERYTHING I did or did not eat, and it would also record all my exercise,both aerobic and anaerobic.

The diet itself wasn't that restrictive, plenty of protein, lots of fruits and veggies, almost more than I could eat, 6- 7 meals a day, just not much dairy, sweets, pasta, bread, or grains! and every M,W,F I would have my areobic workout for 20 min, and T, TH, and S would be my weight workouts.

But it was the LAST page that made my jaw drop. The penalties for failing to do what was required. Earlier in the contract, references had been made to corrective measures, and now, it seems, corrective measures were defined as SPANKING! I protested of course, and she said I didn't have to sign, but I thought of that big old book filled with before and after pics, and knew I had to do it. After all, I laughed to myself, if I didn't want to get spanked, all I had to do was stay with the program. (My subconcious must have been laughing her head off at my failure to remember similar childhhod promises to myself on how to avoid a spanking....)

For about a month, things went well, and I was losing the body fat even as i started putting on some muscle,and so far, NO spankings! But then, my boyfriend dumped me, and well, I sought solace with Ben, and Jerry, and also a couple of drinks at night at the club with my friends, and after drinking all night, the last thing I wanted to do was to go to the club, still hung over. So I didn't. So here it was, a week later, that I had finally managed to drag myself here.

As soon as I used my card to buzz into the door, it must have downloaded all my info, for as the door opened I was directed to go to the counseling room before I did anything else. My thoughts on how I got here were interrupted when that same pleasant female voice, (or was that a hint of sterness I detected?) told me to disrobe completely, and to get on the scales.

I blushed, even though I was the only one in the room (it's a female thing) but did as I was told, and saw my weight and bodyfat displayed boldly before me. The phantom voice tsk'd tsk'd, and then I saw in even larger letters a log detailing EVERY session I had blown off, and listing EVERY single thing I had had to eat and drink, with the forbidden items highlighted in RED!

Actually, it seemed like the whole damn screen was RED! The voice, now for SURE sounding strict, tsk'd again, and pressor fields enveloped my wrists and ankles and I found myself, still nude, captured and brought over to a high old fashioned table. Once there I was bent over in the MOST humiliating fashion, legs held straight,back arched, rump up high, legs (and therefore my bottom) slightly spread.

The voice reminded me that when I had so cockily signed my contract, I had checked that if a spanking were ever administered, it could be filmed, for use in club educational and promotional videos, in lieu of half the normal fee. At the time I had snickered to my self at the bargain but now....

The voice told me, now VERY stern and VERY strict, that my spanking was about to start, and that all my exercise and diet demerits were to be worked off at this one time. A number, an embarrassingly LARGE number (and no, I won't embarrass myself further and say how many demerits I had earned!) flashed red in front of me, and then I sensed, rather than felt, movement behind me, and so in childish instinctive remembrance, I clenched my bottom tight and held my breath...

My wait was soon over, and like the way my memory had betrayed me, by thinking all I had to do to avoid a spanking was stay out of trouble,no problem, forgetting all the times as a kid that didn't work, well, she let me down again. I mean, I KNEW it was going to hurt, but I had forgotten how bad it was REALLY going to hurt!

It felt like a paddle, somehow coming down from over my head or in that direction and EXPLODING across the center of both cheeks (and the tender bum between the center of each cheek!) at once, and it seemed like the swat went right through me!

I squealed of course, which turned out to be pretty pathetic sounding, as the second spank HIT right on the first spot, I mean EXACTLY on the first swat, and I kinda lost my breath. The spanks started coming down, every 5 to 10 sec, the damn machine seeming to know EXACTLY when my suffering had reached it's peak and the pain was starting to go away (or at least be accepted/handled) and then BAM! there the next one was!

I could see the red holo numbers in front of me, SLOWLLLLYY going down, surely with this much suffering and repentance they should have gone down a lot faster, but I noticed that for some reason, sometimes it took two or three spanks for the numbers to decrease. Of course I was bawling and crying by this time, and also trying to convince the machine or whoever would listen (IF anyone was listening! Maybe I was going to stay here forever!) that something was wrong, the machine was broke, it was hitting to hard, I was sorry, I didn't want to stay with the club anymore, they had no right, etc.!

Apparently the LAST bit wasn't the right thing to say, as that sweetly venonous voice came back and reminded me of basic contract law, and that they could do this, and if I wanted to quit AFTER today was through, WITH a substantial finacial penalty, I could, but for today, I was their's.

I watched in horror and disbelief as numbers were ADDED ON to my tally! I let my head down and just sobbed then, as it kept spanking me in the same spot and it felt so swollen, and then finally, it started moving down my bottom, each spank overlapping by about half the one before. I was spanked all the way to mid thigh, and then it worked its way back up, with three to five spanks in one spot on the upward trip before moving. I can't begin to tell you how sore and how sorry I was, and how ashamed, for I was no longer demanding or threatening or anything like that, I was abjectly begging for mercy and saying that I had learned my lesson. Of course, I was ignored. and I still had about half my spanks remaining.

The pressor fields now repositioned me. They lifted my legs, so that it was if I was stepping on an invisible stool, while they held my back down so my bottom thrust up lewdly, then slightly bent my knees, turned my toes pointing in, and there I was.

NOW the spanks came from under me, and with a different paddle, a smaller one that covered but one cheek at a time. And the spanks came from below, and traveled upwards, in a sort of cuffing motion that maintained WAY to much contact for WAY to long! AND if that wasn't bad enough, they also went from the direction of my bottom crack, outwards towards my hip! and it wasn't that the earlier ones hadn't hurt, they HAD! But these hurt in a whole different way, and then there was the humiliation of feeling my chubby little fanny WOBBLING in the most shameful way AFTER the damn spank!

First one side, then the other, then worse, BOTH cheeks at once in that same up to out, in to out cuffing motion, and THEN! It was if the thing had a million arms or something, cause I didn't have to worry about wobble anymore! No, instead, I was getting the exact same spanks, both sides at once, but so fast my wobbly jiggly butt didn't have time to go back to where she had started! Instead, like some kind of mad windmill, the paddles kept my bottom in a continually spanked AND LIFTED condition, which did nothing to improve my morale, or comfort, as in that spread open pose, my inner cheeks recieved MORE than their fair share of spanks!

The only GOOD thing about it being so fast, was that the numbers (when I could focus through tear filled eyes) rapidly went down, and then there I was, fighting for my breath, still held motionless, my entire bottom throbbing and swollen and welted. After about ten minutes of enforced still time, I was let up, and told to get dressed in the tight one piece white outfit they had there for me. It hugged everywhere,including going up between my rump, and it held the heat in, and I noticed (when the voice told me to look) in the mirror that my ruby red butt could be easily seen through this.

I was then told to go out to the gym to exercise, and went to my assigned treadmill. No rest for the wicked. And the machine meant it, as I was held in place, and anytime I fell off my machine monitered pace, a heavy strap would land on my trembling bottom, while I shrieked and cried before the other patrons. But I vowed not to run away, after all, if I didn't want a spanking, all I had to do was behave, right?


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