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The office, parts 2 and 3

Angie's story-

I was sobbing as I slowly walked from the punishment room, where I had spent all day in in-office detention, getting spanked over and over and over again, and then having to sit on increasingly uncomfortable surfaces, and I still had to do my work while sitting there, and how they ever thought I was going to be able to concentrate, was beyond me!

If I wriggled or squirmed to much, the stupid machine would Thwick me with the switch, and I would howl! If I made a typo, before I could even correct it, that damn switch! If I made a grammatical error, that switch again! I was one very sore, swollen bottomed unhappy girl, let me tell you...bare bottomed under my skirt as well, my little panties now in my purse. What with my bottom now feeling ten times bigger than before, no way was I going to try wriggling into them, no matter how imodest it made me seem.

I left my car in the parking lot, and took the bus home, standing up the whole way, despite the polite offers of men to offer me a seat, but I would tearfully shake my head and decline. I think a couple of the women figured out why, and smiled at me in sympathy. I walked up the street, and finally made it home, late, and my husband wasn't going to be happy with me! He was there waiting at the door when I entered, but before he could say anything, I fell into his arms, bawling. He did the husbandly thing, cuddled me, held me, rubbed my back, kissed my head, made soothing murmering noises to me till I had quieted somewhat, and then when he asked me what was going on, it all came pouring out, and he picked me up as I sobbed out my story, and sat me on his lap, fanny hanging off, thankfully. When I finished, he told me that we had already had a couple of talks at home about my being always late, and my heart sank. He stood me up, told me to stay there, and was back a moment later. Reseating himself on the couch, he called to me.

"Angie, skirt up my dear, and over my lap." I was going to protest, but one look at his eyes and I gulped, sniffled, and did as I was told. Except I took the skirt off, since it wouldn't lift up. He arranged me my upper body, and my legs being supported by the couch, and it wasn't that bad.

I closed my eyes, and then gasped, my eyes opening wide! Instead of a spanking, he had gotten one of the cold gel packs from the fridge, and had laid that on my bottom and it hurt and felt good at the same time!And the longer it was on, the more good it felt! "Well little girl, that was quite the spanking you got today, from the looks of that poor little bottom of yours. I do hope you try and behave from now on. But for now, lets see if we can't help make it better."

And he removed the ice packs, and started rubbing my bottom ever so softly with the aloe gel, the one with the added stuff in it for sunburn in it, into my flaming fanny. He was gentle, but even gentle was too much, and I started crying softly again, but he persisted, and now those hot feelings in my backside were beginning to cool, even as I heated up elsewhere, and I knew everything was going to be okay now that he had me.... ********************************************* *************************************
Rue's story-
I was sitting at my desk, in what to me was my still new office. I had only been made a supervisor here a couple of months ago. I heard someone knock, and then my boss, my very dreamy looking boss, poked his head through the door. But while he didn't look really mad, or anything, he didn't look happy to see me either.

"Rue, I need you to finish what you are doing, and then come to my office, we need to have a talk about something." And then he was gone, no time to ask what was up. I started to get butterflys in my tummy, he had that same tone that my father used to have when he wanted to have a 'talk' with me, except those talks usually involved my bottom and his hand, or something in it! Taking a big breath, no use in getting even more flustered, I filed my papers, and went down the hall, to his office. I knocked on the open door, to let him know I was there, and entered.

He motioned to a chair in front of his desk, and I sat down, folding my knee length blue skirt under me as I sat. He didn't stay on his side of the desk though, and pulled his chair out, and brought it out and sat it beside mine.My heart gave a little flutter, I had had a bit of a crush on him ever since I had started working there, but he had never been anything other than proper. But this close, his cologne, his presence, I felt myself grow flustered.

"Rue, I'm sorry, but we have some things we need to review about your performance."

Oh my, That didn't sound good!

Entry for April 20, 2007 The office part 3

"W-what sort of things do we need to talk about?" I know, I didn't exactly sound the most professional at this point, but I didn't feel it either.

"Well, let's discuss the good points first, " he said, and proceeded to go down a long list of what he liked about my work. He leaned in closer as he would point this or that out. This wasn't so bad at all. I knew he was single, and very much the gentleman, had never even said anything suggestive or risque to me, not that I would have minded, but I still had no idea if he had any idea I existed outside of our day to day work life.

"...nd so as you can see, overall, your job performance, at least concerning the work product you turn in to me, or to the division heads, has been excellent. Also your teams productivity is up, and you are well liked. "

I felt all warm and fuzzy inside. The feeling didnt' last.

"But," Don't you just Hate that word!? "...there are a few problems we do need to discuss. Now Rue, while it's great that you are well liked by the girls and women who work for you, it's quite another to bend over backwards for them, by trying to be everyones friend. In the end, it does you, or them, no real good."

And I shrank a bit in my chair, because I knew pretty much what he was getting at, and at the hint of disappointment in his voice.

"Take the recent case of Angela, for example. How would you describe her?"

"Well, a good girl overall, a good worker, perhaps a bit flighty, but she is young after all, and..."

"And nothing, Rue! Please, that is what a friend would say! You are her boss, and her performance Hasn't been up to snuff lately, has it?"

The tone and look, the same as my daddy used to have. And like then, I looked at the floor. "No sir, it hasn't been."

" But it hasn't been horrible, either, has it?" I shook my head no, in agreement with him.

"What you should have done, as HER boss, was to have sent her to get a spanking a LONG time ago! Now, if you had done that, would it have been a bad spanking?"

"Oh, no sir! I-it would have been a rather simple spanking, well, a paddling or hairbrushing, more likely, but still, more of a quick lesson!"

" And you saw the tape of her punishment yesterday, haven't you?" I flushed red,and nodded. One of my more unpleasant duties. Poor Angie. It had been quite the session. Now, what do you think Angela would have prefered, a quick spanking or two, when she earned them at the time, and it WAS within your discretion to take her to task sooner, and you know it, or the long session, WITH all that in house detention she got?"

"T-the quick spankings, sir, I'm so sorry!"

"I'm sure you are, but we aren't finished yet. What about Annie?"

I flushed a bright red, not sure I wanted to go here or not.

"By her records, it seems that Annie has been averaging between 1-2 spankings a week for the last several months. Now, when you look at her work otherwise, Very very good! And then you look at her offenses or demerits, for minor things, but things she Knows will earn her a guarranteed spanking! Now Rue, Why do you think that is?"

I blushed, and tried to look at the floor. He took my chin in his fingers, and ever so gently but firmly, refused to let me look down. Fine. I let my eyes look down then.

"Um, well, perhaps, well, maybe she likes or needs a spanking every now and then?" I ventured quietly.

"Exactly! You Should remember from your supervisors course, that it was discovered shortly after corporal punishment was reintroduced in the home, and work place and other institutions that a significant amount of women want or need an occasional spanking, what they call a good girl spanking, and if they can't get it, they will act out, even if it means getting a bad girl spanking instead. Now, you also remember what our company has set up for such girls, don't you?"

My face was bright red now. Perhaps if I just resigned my position, went back to work with the girls...

"Um, yes sir, they can be set up with a good girl spanking program, where if they get enough merits, they can earn a spanking." There, I had said it!

"But, the problem with that is that there supervisor has to Talk to them about it, doesn't she? And that is the problem, isn't it? You have been too embarrassed to discuss this with her, haven't you? Really Rue, I hear the girls gossip, they forget how everyone can hear everything; what do you think they meant by calling Annie "Little Bratty Annie'? Wasn't that a clue? So, what are you going to do about this?"

Looking him square in the eyes, and drawing my shoulders back (and did his eyes actually wander downward for a moment!? ) I answered without hesitation.

"I'll go to her today, and sit down and have a talk with her, and get her signed up for the good girl spanking program, sir."

Then my mouth hit the floor.

"Actually, no, no you won't. Tomorrow though, although I don't know how much you will want to be sitting then. Today, Rue my dear..."

Oh god, did he mean dear as in sweetheart dear, or just as an expression!?

"...I'm afraid you have a LONG session with the spanking machine in front of you."

I felt my eyes mist up, just as I used to when daddy spanked me, or the two sole times I had been spanked while at the company. But this was apparently going to be much different. I barely heard him, as discussed the work and behavior of several other women, Riley, Tee, Calliope, and Klara. None had commited any major 'crime's so to speak, but each had been messing up enough to have earned themselves so very sore bottoms. And I had been letting it slide, in an effort to be the well liked boss. I was brought back to the present with the following words from my boss, who wasn't about to let one of his subordinates get by with anything, it seemed!

"...erhaps after your own spanking, Rue, you won't be quite so hesitant to maintain discipline among your girls in the future. Any questions? No? In that case, follow me, you have an appointment to keep, my dear...."


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