Friday, June 19, 2009

My cousins and skirt lengths, F/f, rl

from a letter I sent to a friend....

I had cousins who attended a Catholic school when we were growing up,and they told similar stories of the girls (including themselves) playing games with their skirt lengths. And, like your friend, corporal punishment was used in school, and occasionaly a girl was found to be way in violation, and was quickly taken in hand.

I remember them saying something though, not only about rulers being used to measure, but about a hand rule.

For some reason, possibly because it was considered cute on younger girls (or now that I think about it, perhaps because the parents didn't want to buy new skirts all the time...), the grade schoolgirls (grades 1-6, so ages 6-12) used the 'hand' rule for their skirt lengths, meaning that if they stood up straight, the skirt couldn't be shorter then their finger tips. If it was, and it wasn't due to rolling of the skirt, a note was sent home, saying that she needed a new size. If however, her skirt had been tampered with,well, she was turned over her teachers lap right there in class, and spanked! Eeek!

And, while it wasn't always over panties, it usually was, it was only girls in class, modesty in front of classmates wasn't a big issue.

Once in Junior High and High School however, they used a ruler; I think they said that the rule was no more than 2 inches from the floor, when kneeling, I could be wrong. Because of their ages though, Much rebellion at this, also, this was in the 60'sand 70's, and out in Los Angeles and think back to the skirts and dresses that the girls wore on such shows as the Brady Bunch, or the Partrige Family, or ModSquad, almost knee length skirts were Not the fashion, especially inLos Angeles! They said that almost every day, that more than one girl was soundly spanked (actually, the older girls were usually paddled or strapped!) due to a uniform violation.

Sometimes in class, but repeat offenders were sent to the Mother Superiors office for a very painful talk!

And, anyone who was spanked in school, had a note sent home, telling her parents what had happened, and why! So, most of the girls, such as my cousins, got spanked again that night, by less than sympathetic parents who ignored girlish pleas that they had already been spanked,hard, and their bottoms were still sore!

My one cousin said the most embarrassing one that she heard of was when one of her classmates got caught rolling her skirt up for the third time in not quite 3 weeks, and not just a little bit, but a lot, and was sent to the Mother Superiors office, who then called her mom, to let her know about the problem, again.

Except that this was the first mom had heard about it! The girl had been forging her mom's signature! So, her mom said she would be right there! The girl was nose in the corner till her mom got there,then got a lecture from her mom and the Mother Superior, got an over the desk strapping on her panties from the Mother Superior, and then her mom took her over her lap right there, and rumor had it that the panties didn't stay up and that a hairbrush was used! And, as mom left, she said her daddy would be talking to her that night as well!


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