Sunday, June 14, 2009

Angie and Elle part 3, F/F, sexual

I LOVED the way Elle looked in her little biker babe outfit, SO terribly sexy. And little actress that she is (and I mean that in a GOOD way!) she got right into her new role, and wasn't uncomfortable in her new clothes at all, but acted like she wore them all the time.And that made it even more special for me.

And it was different for me also, in that normally when I wore my denims and leathers, I was the one packing behind my husband. Bu tnow, Elle was packing for me. And I noticed it made MY body language different, and how I felt inside. I wanted to be by Elle, to have my arm around her protectively, to watch out for her, to show her off,everything all at the same time.

So we wandered around, peeking at spankings being given out, and about to be given out. We went past the Renaissance fair area, and I told my brat we would be playing there later. I was rewarded by happy squeals and kisses.

Robert Lee had shown us some panties he had picked up at DTR's panty inspection booth, and I just HAD to get some for Elle!

(In case some of you didn't read the FM story, here is a recap about the panties...)

I loved the way his special spanking panties were made, with the sheer back, and the surrounding area in varying shades of pink to RED,and in bikini to full brief and bloomer style, the obvious implication being that the larger the area covered by panty, the BIGGER the spank spot was going to be.

I had Elle turn, and bend slightly, and I scooched her skirt up over her hips, and held several different pair up to her round little butt.I couldn't resist. I had to buy several pair. Bikinis, briefs, and bloomers (which had the sheer part all the way to the upper third ofthe thigh!) and I bought 3 of each, one the palest pink, one the pink of sunrises, and one each, candy apple red. Elle gulped and said Iwould NEVER EVER need to use THOSE on her, and I told her that was nice, and I thanked DTR, telling him they seemed to be working already. I couldn't wait to try out the pink bikini's later.

Elle said she was sorry to interrupt, but that she was starting to get hungry, and I didn't want her to crash so we bid our farewells to the others there, and then we left, AFTER she asked if she could roll her skirt back down. Oops, guess I had forgotten that.

Now, dressed as we were, I knew EXACTLY where I was going to take her. From our earlier tour of the area, I had noticed several doors in the walls leading to different drinking and eating areas, to include a nice resturant, one that looked like a family type of place, perfect for naughty little girls who needed to be spanked by daddy or mommy, a couple of English pubs with canes on the wall, and this one.

Whoever had set up this one had done it up right. It could have been the type of grill/bar you find in any working town, and it would have been at home as a biker bar, a truck stop, or a cowboy honkytonk.

The music on the jukebox was ZZ Top, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Tito and the Tarantulas, George Thorougood, all the good stuff.

There was even a mechanical bull in the back, and that made me smile at some memories. (If you have never seen drunk bikers dare one another to ride a mechanical bull, and then attempt to do so, you haven't lived....) If you aren't sure what this is, rent the movie Urban Cowboy.

I got myself a burger with onions and fries, and a Dos XX to wash it down. I've always liked Mexican beer. Elle was so cute as I helped her up on the barstool, managing to keep her skirt down and her oh so cute Harley panties unseen by the public, which is NO easy task! Guys have NO idea how hard it is to be modest in some of these outfits.

She wanted a burger and fries too, and she also tried to order a beer, which I canceled. I told the waitress that Elle could have a soft drink instead. Boy, did THAT get me a pout.

A couple of the other bikers, and their women saw our little byplay,and smiled. I leaned over, trying to spare her feelings, and told her how we BOTH knew that certain social behaviors cued up OTHER behaviors, like her having a drink or so in a bar, and then 'needing'to have a smoke. She pouted, but I just gave her a look, and she didn't push it.

We had a nice time talking to the others, some of whom I knew on the outside world. Elle fit right in, social butterfly that she is, and talked with the bikers and their spankee's. After we ate, I stayed there at the table talking, and Elle went to the back, by the pool tables and darts with some of the other girls.

It was maybe half an hour or so, and I looked over to see how she was doing, and my mouth dropped open. I couldn't believe it. There she was with the other girls, and she had a cigarrette in her hand as she happily chatted away! No. Fucking. Way.

I excused myself to the others, saying I had something I had to take care of, and the men AND women there chuckled, knowing what was up.

Elle had her back to me, and didn't see me coming, but must have seen something in the other girls' eyes that warned her, as she casually tossed the butt away without appearing too, a WAY to studied move on her part.

"Oh, uh, Angie, Hi! I was just coming over to find you! I'm tired of playing pool and darts, maybe we can get back to the party and...."

"Well, think of it this way, I just saved you a trip. Having a goodtime with your new friends? Anything you want to tell me?"

"Uh, no, I don't think so, by girls see you later-"

"Come here baby, and give me a kiss..." and not letting her draw away, I held her close, and slipped my tongue in her mouth. And I got another surprise. NOT only had my disobedient brat been smoking, she had been DRINKING as well.

"Which is your glass, young lady, and before you open that pretty mouth of yours, I will do you a favor before you LIE to me, and tell you right out I SAW you smoking, I SAW you throw it away, and I just TASTED the alcohol in your mouth. Now, WHICH glass is yours?"

My now teary eyed girl pointed out her glass, the one that they serve soft drinks in, so it was easy to keep track of minors and such. I sipped it, and yes,no soft drink there.

I KNOW the waitress wouldn't have brought you this, IN this glass after I told her not to. So, which one of your new friends helped you with the switch?"

And a slender young woman shyly and nervously raised her hand.

"I did, ma'am. But we didn't mean anything by it!"

"What's your name, young lady?" Even biker babes squirm when some one like me, a mom type, calls them young lady. "And who are you with?"

"Tammy, ma'am, and I'm with Mike over there..." and she pointed to a husky young man, looking our way.

"Tammy, I want you to go over to Mike and tell him what you did, what he does with you is up to him, not me. But I expect you to tell him EVERYTHING young lady, and I will be checking later. Now scoot."

And she scooted. I saw her crying as she told her guy something, and then HE said something, and then her jeans were down, and so were her panties, and over his lap she went.

"Elle. HOW many times have we talked about this?"

"I dunno..." came the muttered teenage style response.

"Many, haven't we, missy?" A head nod in agreement.

"And I even warned you about this before we ate, didn't I my girl?"Again, the head nod.

"Well, you KNOW how I feel about smoking, how much I hate it, and since you defied me on this in public, I think it is only fitting that your spanking take place in public. Come with me."

And I took Elle's hand and led her to the very back of the bar. The crowd at the front had started to come back as well, the spankers matching up with their spankees, everyone wanted to look.

I brought Elle over to the mechanical bull, and told her to get on.She just looked at me, and with a little catch in her voice, said shec ouldn't ride that.

"Oh, yes you can, the way I want you to. Now hop on my dear, NOW!"

And at the last stern word, she jumped and squeaked and climbed on.

With her legs spread to either side of the bull, her leather skirt had ridden up, showing off her panties. I reached up, and unzipped the back, to loosen it, and rolled it up even higher to where it was all the way off her ass. Her about to be blistered ass. She wanted to smoke so bad, I'd give her a chance to smoke.

"Lean forward, all the way, till your chest is flat. Good, now scooch forward, farther, farther, good. Now put your hands down in front ofyou."

Her legs were still widely spread, which only served to really raise her bottom and to spread her cheeks nicely under the VERY stretched panties. Her head was just off the front of the bull, and I took mybandana off and looped it around her wrists, and the front tie down on the bull. She wasn't going anywhere till I let her down.

I slapped the front of one thigh till she raised her leg, squealingas she straightened it and I rolled her panties down a bit, and then repeated it on the other side and kept going back and forth till he rpanties were all the way off, then I put them into the back pocket of my jeans, leaving them hang out, trophy style. I then slapped the back of her thighs, till she was properly straddling the bull again,bare groin and pussy sliding against skin warmed leather.

I went to the controls, and lowered the whole bull as low as it would go, and then I raised the bottom side up, so her head was low, and Elle's tail was high.

I walked in front of my Elle, my naughty one, and I stood so she could see me, and then I pulled the worn leather belt out of my jeans.

She squealed and cried and begged, but I had to do this. I know how scary it is to see the belt come off, I knew what she was going through, as you hear it go 'snick' 'snick' 'snick' as it snaps through the loops. But it would help this lesson to stick.

I had had this belt forever, and it was worn and thick, but not very wide, still very much for a women's jeans, which actually wasn't in her favor, as the narrower belts leave worse welts. And it was her bad luck that I had on the belt with the decorative holes along it's length.

I doubled it up, making it thicker, and louder, but also easier to control. And then I walked behind her.


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