Monday, June 15, 2009

Vicky part 3, F/F

I softly patted her bottom again. Asked her if she had anything else she wanted to try on. And again, that shy nod yes.

"Okay, I'll step out then, and if you want my opinion, I'll be waiting."

I opened the door then, perhaps a bit wider then I really needed to, and was rewarded with a sweet little embarrassed squeak, as she saw that one of the salesgirls was in sight.

After a our little talk, and my 'scolding', I really did wonder what she was going to do next, if she was going to push things and test, as so many girls, and young women do, even if they won't admit it even to themselves.

My question was answered a few moments later, when Vicky poked her head back out the door and called quietly for me.

"Angie? Would you do me a favor, and pick out a pair of panties please, gstrings, so I can try the rest on?"

I smiled at her, "Of course Vicky, my pleasure, I'll be right back."

Despite what I told her earlier, I ignored the discount table, and went over to the Angel's section, and picked out a sweet and sexy little 'v string' as they call it, and brought it back.

I knocked and put it in her warm little hand when she opened the door. Her pretty face was still delightfully flushed.

The door shut, and in a bit, opened again,and she asked me to come back in.

This time she had on a pretty little panty and bra set, I loved how the panties fit her, Victoria's 'cheekies' as they called them, and again, delicious was the Only word ro describe how she looked in them.

This time no putting her self down, but just asking if I thought that they did indeed look okay.

"Vicky, honey, yes, they look 'okay'. You look like you could model them, they look so 'okay'."

"Really? You really think so? That is so sweet to say..."

That as she preened at herself in the mirror.

"Yes, I really think so. Anything else you are trying on right now? Since you have panties on and can?"

The blush returned. I do love a blushing girl.

"No, it was either this set, or the teddy, but now I can't decide which I like more...."

"I can understand that, they both look great on you. If it's within your budget, I'd get both. That teddy is going to get mostly bedroom use, while the panty set you can wear all the time...."

She nodded at that.

"...assuming you remember, or decide, to wear panties that is."

Deep blush.

I waited till she had the bra off and had shimmied out of the outer panties, the v string still in place, hiding nothing from behind, while apparently protecting her modesty from the front.

"Vicky would you hang on one sec? Thank you."

And with that, I opened the door, and retrieved the two bras I had left hanging on the outer door handle. They were part of the set, matching her panties, I simply hadn't known her size.

"Why don't you try these on sweety, and see if we can find something that fits to go with those pretty little panties?"

I was close to her again, and she smelled so good, light mist of perfume, not the overwhelming amount that teens put on, hair so clean smelling, sigh.

I patted that soft, warm, firm bottom again, and she wiggled but didn't protest.

She didn't say anything really, just took the one, tried it one, and then the other, neither really fit. So of course, Vicky being Vicky, she pouted. Such a pretty little pout.

I had her put on one of the bras, while she protested that it didn't fit, and I turned her and gave her a Firm spank on her right cheek, this time, hard enough to leave a pink handprint on pale skin. And it got a True squeak that time, not one just from surprise or modesty.

I put a finger to her lips, as I told her to hush, and be good, then opened the door partway,and left it open, as I called over a saleswoman about my age, and asked if she could help us with a fitting.

She of course, was more than happy to, while Vicky, of course, pouted.

And then gave a Most unhappy squeak as I gave her another good Spank on her left cheek, so that she had matching handprints.

The fitter was in the room by this point, and just smiled, not embarrassed at the least, or put off by either the spank, the handprints, or my scolding Vicky while the fitter looked, measured, and adjusted.

"Young lady, I've had quite enough of your behavior, and I'm quite serious. Keep it up, and you'll find out just how serious I am, is that crystal clear?"

Whether or not Vicky thought I was actually going to spank her right then and there if didn't behave, I don't know. I do know that I got a quite polite "Yes Ma'am!" and while her lip stuck out, she wasn't bratting.

Within a few minutes, our fitter left, and came back with two more bras, but said that the first one should do it. And it did. Perfect fit.

Vicky oohed and cooed and preened again, as the fitter and I stood back and smiled and admired. I thanked the fitter, she said any time, told Vicky that she hoped she enjoyed her outfits, and then left.

"Okay princess, you look lovely, but time to stop seeing how pretty you look and get changed, okay?"

The lip came out again, whether at being made to stop, or at being called princess,I'm not sure.

"Or, do you need a helping hand, Vicky?" with just a touch of warning in my tone.

"Oh no Angie, I don't, really I don't!"

And that said with two pretty hands covering two pretty cheeks.

"Good, I'm glad to hear, you are already in enough trouble, as it is. And Vicky? "

I picked up the teddy off the bench, and popped the tag off.

"I want you to wear this home, okay? I'll let you get changed, and don't be naughty and take forever, understood?"

Again, a sincere "I understand, Angie!" as hands covered threatened bottom.

She didn't take forever either, and we walked to the counter, where the fitter who had helped us was waiting to check us out.

I handed her the tag for the teddy, told her that Vicky would be wearing it home, and then divided the rest of the undies up, the cheeky panty and bra set, and the v string all went in one pile, the bra for the v string, I kept.

I could see from her face and that she was wondering why I had divided things as I did.

Our fitter was obviously curious to, but also wasn't going to ask, so I satisfied both their curiosities.

"She'll be taking care of the teddy, and the panty and bra set. And, she's taking care of the v string panty as well, since she was a naughty girl, and hadn't bothered wearing panties today, even when she knew she was going to be going shopping for undies,and that she was Supposed to have some one while trying panties and teddy's on...."

"Annnnggggieeee! Nooooo!"

"Vicky, unless you want me to have you go back to the bath section,and bring me back one of those nice, heavy, smooth backed acrylic bathbrushs for our talk at home, I suggest you watch your tone."

"Oh! I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean it! I...."

I hushed her with a finger on her lips, as I continued to talk to our widely smiling fitter, even as I looked in Vicky's eyes.

" I was saying, since she was naughty, she'll pay for the panties. But they look so cute on her, it would be a shame not to have the bra that went with them as well. I'll take care of that."

So Vicky managed to survive and pay for her purchases, and I paid for mine, and out we went, to go home.


and yes more is coming, and yes, she is getting a Real spanking, and more, in the next part.

Redd B
Your writing is SOOO sexy, hating for it to stop but making me really want to read the next part. And the picture fit in so well. Good job.
Sunday February 22, 2009 - 10:20pm (PST) Remove Comment

My Sw…
Delightful... I am soooo waiting for the next part (my ass cheeks as well). -Vicky
Monday February 23, 2009 - 10:12am (GMT) Remove Comment
Mmmmmmm yes angie, love the detail. I am a lingerie man and love nothing better than a silk clad bottom to deal with.
Monday February 23, 2009 - 04:41am (PST) Remove Comment

Alyx R
Oh yes, am very much looking forward to the next part! *imagining a spanking over that teddy* Great build-up.
Monday February 23, 2009 - 06:21am (HST) Remove Comment

Donna D
Love the story. I am so dense (or maybe it was a continuing blonde moment) that I did not notice until just now that you had started posting pictures with some of your blog entries. Sorry. Very nice additions though...donna
Monday February 23, 2009 - 12:57pm (EST) Remove Comment

i'm his
Oh you cruel woman. No wonder the assistant smiled !Love the choice though, navy blue is gorgeous on tan skin.
Wednesday February 25, 2009 - 07:21pm (GMT) Remove Comment

Offline IM
sounds like a fun time

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