Friday, June 12, 2009

Honey please! M/F, domestic discipline

I managed to get out one more "But honey, please!?" before I reached the corner, My corner, as he insisted on embarrassingly calling it.

Because when I got there, not only was there going to be no rubbing allowed, there was also no talking allowed, unless answering a question.

My last wifely plea was unanswered, however, and my nose was in the corner (NOT going to call it My corner! Hmmph!), and hands crossed in front of me.

I heard him walk to me, Big guy, old wood floors, hard not to hear him approach, then I squeaked as I felt him raise my skirt up and tuck it into my waistband!

Soooo embarrassing!

Like I was a naughty girl or something!

So, there I stood, face even redder, skirt tucked up, my little Victoria's Secret white satin panties with the lace trim, probably looking like they were glowing under my fancy dress pantyhose.
So, I stood there, feeling sorry for myself, since it was Obvious the big thug wasn't going to feel sorry for me.

I hate standing in the corner. Well, at least times like this, for punishment. For play, it can be deliciously embarrassing. Unfortunately, this time wasn't play.


I lose track of time. I don't know how long I'm there. I have nothing to do but think, which is sort of the whole point.

And which I was. And wishing, really really wishing, that I had listened to him earlier, and just behaved myself.

Dang dang dang!

Yes I know, childish sounding. But, when I'm in trouble, I try not to even think about swearing.

And then he was there.

Standing big and still behind me.

"Well, young lady..."

HATE it when he calls me that at times like this. Because, that is what I end up feeling like. A girl in trouble.

"...anything to say for yourself?"

"Honey, I'm So sorry I didn't listen! I Promise I'll behave! It won't happen again, I promise! I'll do better, and...."

Squeal and on my toes!

"Try again. Now." Smack!

Man he has a hard hand!
Shoot. He's going to make me say it.
So, head down, I try again.

"Honey, I was petty and catty and acted like a spoiled little bitch, and had a temper tantrum, and even if she was pushing my buttons, I should have ignored her...."


That was Sooo embarrassing.

A grunt from him. The one that means 'okay'.

"Okay. Good. You have thought about this."

A squeak again, as he takes my wrist and takes me over to the stool he often uses when he spanks me.

Stumbling behind him, we are too soon there, he sits, and seemingly without effort, simply Picks me up and turns me over his lap!

There are times, well, like now, that I really dislike being married to a big, strong guy!
Off balance, I grab his leg, the leg of the stool, my feet off the floor.
He wastes no time, after all, my skirt is already up.

Smack Smack Smack!

"Oh Oh HonIEEEE!"

Oh it hurts!
I swear his hand feels like a paddle!
The pantyhose and panties don't really offer any protection other than to my modesty, what little remains.

It's a long long hand spanking, one that is given in time to the scolding I am getting as he spanks.

"Angela Lynn, I'm tired of this. I'm tired of you fussing at her when ever you two see each other, I'm tired of all the little womanly games you two do, I'm tired of you not listening to me to behave!"

Which while true is So unfair since she started it!

I decide to keep that to myself, and content myself with squeaking, squealing,gasping, and begging.

He pauses with the spanking, and I hang limp, gasping, trying to catch my breath, my bottom hot, and almost to that throbbing point.

And I stiffen when I feel his fingers in the waist of my pantyhose and panties!

"Ohh Honey, nooo not bare please!? Not on the bare, not on the bare!"

Ignoring me as he always does, he skinned them off my bottom, wriggling them off my bottom and hips, rolling me from side to side, sliding them down in front as well, and then pulling the pull tangled mess to my knees.

Well, crap.

"Honey, no wait, please, listen, please?"

A pause, and I could tell by his body language, just from the feel,that this had Better be good.
Closing my eyes at the humiliation of what I was going to say, I got it out.

"Honey? Since you are taking them down anyways..." actually having already taken them down...but I was in denial.

"um... well, would you just take them all the way off? Cause they are expensive, and I don't want to ruin them when I start kicking."

A chuckle, and then he does. Dropping them to the floor.

Great. His hand rubbing on my bare bottom now.

"I think, young lady, that what I need to start doing, since it has worked well for other things, is to start giving you a good little preventive spanking before you go anywhere where you might run into her. Maybe Then, if your bottom is hot and sore, you will be able to remember how I expect you to act."

"Noooo! Honey! Please!"

"But, too late for that now. You already behaved like a spoiled little brat. So now it's a punishment spanking for you."

And then, he reaches beside him, to the island between the living room and kitchen, I turn, and seem him pick up the hated paddle with holes!


And I lied before, panties and pantyhose Do protect more than a girls modesty!
And, modesty is the LAST thing I'm worried about right now!
AND while his hand Hurt, this paddling HURTS!

He spanks me soundly, hard, a good blistering spanking, one with only occasional scolding in it now, which means that he thinks I know what is going on, why I am being spanked, and what is expected of me.

Me, I plead, bed, bawl, cry, shimmy my fanny,try to wiggle off his lap, Anything.

Of course the only thing that works, is when he decides that I've learned my lesson.

Like with many strict punishment spankings, I don't even realize when he is finished, still kicking and bawling over his lap. Finally, my crying slowing, I hang limp over his lap.

And then he stands me up, my hands are on my bottom, I Have to rub, and am dancing in place, face wet, and he leads me back to my corner.

And takes my hands off my bottom, puts them in front of me, and retucks my skirt, so my bare, swollen, throbbing bottom is on display.

I lean into the corner now, letting it support me.
After a while, my crying slows more, I start to calm.
And then he calls me out, and I go to him.

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Although I really hate the thought of you being punished...because, well, You're my Mommie and all, it is good that He doesn't let things slide. We all know how important consistency is in in this lifestyle. If it's not there, where's the respect? Thank you for another great,sly
Friday October 19, 2007 - 09:57am (PDT) Remove Comment
Ouch! Nice story Mom. Oh, how I crave punishment spankings. Prob coz I've never had one. I felt sorry for your poor swollen butt. See I'm pretty sure you look better in pink than I do. That's my reason for behaving anyway.Thanks for a good read Mom. xxx
Friday October 19, 2007 - 07:36pm (BST) Remove Comment

Offline IM
Yummy....Yummy... Yummy...Thanks so much Angie.....Unlike that delightful brat Julie, I have had my share of punishment spankings, and you are right, the tone, atmosphere, and emotions are totally different than with the "fun" kind. When I get lectured, scolded, called "young lady" and of course spanked during the immediately takes me to the same "place" it did growing up.. being very sorry for my behavior, resolving to not repeat the actions that got me into trouble ( for a while anyway..heehee ) but also secure, and knowing I was loved and cared for......
Friday October 19, 2007 - 12:27pm (PDT) Remove Comment

Jenny W
Poor Momma...still, you need occasional spankings so that when you're spanking us girls, you'll remember how sore a bottom gets when its getting blistered. Like you Morgan, my punishment spankings are totally different than fun spankings and I'm nervous and scared throughout though afterwards I remember the anticipation, the sting and the humiliation of being spanked hard like a litttle girl and I get very warm and wet at the thought!Kisses everyone, Jenny
Saturday October 20, 2007 - 11:00am (NZDT) Remove Comment

lol, hi all!I think its funny, that though the guys have been whining about me not doing any MF for a while, it's the ladies that commented, and my ladies no less, who prefer FF...Thanks all...Angieps, and the guys wonder why I don't bother with MF much...

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