Sunday, June 14, 2009

Angie and Elle conclusion, F/F, sexual

My pretty Elle and I had been enjoying our stay at the hotel so very much. This little convention by Spanking Memories was going to leave the both of us with with quite a few spanking memories of our own.

Elle had gotten more used to being exposed and spanked in front of an audience, though she still blushed delightfully, and her fans would be treated to two sets of red cheeks.

But, for the last couple of days, she had had just a wee bit of an attitude. A little sniff, or a pout or a lip stuck slightly out when asked to do something, or to STOP doing something. I had smacked her bottom a couple of times already, but it hadn't been that bad yet.

But I had a surprise for her, the next time she let it get out of hand, and my Elle didn't let me down, brat that she is.

Now, a lot of men have written about this problem, but believe me, Fem Fem couples have it too. Where one partner, usually the spankeef or some reason, starts feeling like she isn't physically perfect,and then takes it out on herself and her partner. And that was the road Elle decided to go down.

I won't go into ALL the details, out of respect for her privacy, but it's enough to say that HER opinion was in no way MY opinion of how lovely I thought she was.

So, after being treated to this latest little mini tantrum, I pulled her over my lap for a quick spanking by hand, just to get the point across, and make her more compliant.

I threw up the hem of her blue flowered sundress till it was well up her back, and then I lowered the blue flowered satin panties (the brand was Delicates, DTR ) that I had found to go with it. Lowered them to mid thigh, any lower, and she would stretch them out with her kicking. She is such a baby when it comes to her real spankings.

I lightly scolded her as I heated up her bottom, till it was a nice rosy glow ALL over, and I do mean all over, especially her soft and so kissable little spank spots. But time for comforting her later.

Now that the tantrum was over, I told her that was JUST the warm up,and that the rest of her punishment would be done in public, and so saying I rerighted her, and pulled her undies up WELL in between hercheeks, took her hand, and led her out into the crowd.

I walked my now sweet again and meek girlfriend to one of the vendors booths. She recognized which one, and gasped, but other than a little slowing on her part, she offered no resistance.
She knew this place, because we had been here JUST the day before,when I brought her here to have a custom paddle made. I watched her now, as she blushed even harder, as she looked over her shoulder at the spanking horse by the entrance as I led her past it.

She had spent some time OVER that same horse yesterday, pantied fanny facing out into the commons area, as the owner measured her fanny,after I had told him what I had wanted. She had grown QUITE indignant at having her bottom measured (which I could understand, I would have been too, if it had been me draped over like that. But I wasn't, so too bad for her) and so I had to borrow a paddle and light her little jiggly butt up good, and I KEPT paddling her till she begged for the chance to behave. Only then did I relent.

I know it sounds mean, but I also knew how aroused this was going to make my young girlfriend, and how much fun we were going to have in our room later as I comforted her ALL over.

Elle had heard me tell the owner and his wife how I wanted a custom paddle made, one that was long enough to cover both cheeks with one spank. One that was to be used when she was draped over something besides my knee. One that went two inches or so beyond her bottom on each side so that I would be ensured of not having the edge of the paddle hit her bottom if she took to squirming too much. And, I told them, I wanted it to have holes. Three rows of holes. Elle had gasped at that, from her fanny up head down position over the horse, but that was all she did.

The woman showed me some different patterns, and I picked a nice diamond design. The middle row would have it's hole first, followed by the holes from the upper and lower rows together. Then another from the middle row by itself. Overall, the effect was quite fetching. (I'm sorry, I don't know how to 'draw' with a comp, but thedesign would look something like this <> )

I also told them, when they talked to me about my options, about how yes, I DID want the holes beveled and countersunk, no undue spanking blisters here. The wife told me that while this would reduce them, of course, that if applied vigorously or for a prolonged time, they still might appear. She was rubbing her own fanny ruefully (punintended, rue....) in rememberance, and I told her, loud enough for Elle to hear, that if the behavior warranted it, that was the price she would pay. I was rewarded by another gasp, AND a whimper from Elle.

But Elle hadn't heard me tell them my other details for the paddle,or see me hand them my own handdrafted blueprints. They had both raised eyebrows at it, and said something in carpenter language I didn't understand, and then said it was doable, but it would cost a bit more. That I told them, wouldn't matter, Elle was worth it. Theythen asked me if they could produce it for others, as they said it was going to be a big seller in the community, and I told them to feel free.

So, here we were again.By now, we had quite a crowd following us. Apparently our little sessions were becoming quite popular, and everyone recognized the signs of Elle's impending punishment. So, my naughty girl had quite the appreciative audience when I again bent her over the horse, head well down, fanny WELL up, and her dress up over her back again, and this time, after I fastened her wrists to the front legs (I didn't want her reaching back and hurting herself)and her legs wide apart to the back legs. Oh, AFTER I had pulled her panties all the way off. I didn't want them to get stretched outafter all. I hung them from a little hook conviently put there at the head of the horse for just that purpose. Such a nice little touch,and the wife just smiled and said thanks when I mentioned it.

Then they brought out Elle's paddle and handed it to me. It was impressively long, I won't say how long, as if you weren't there to see, too bad, and if you were, you already know how big her bottom is. But also, it was long because of the extra two inches at either end.

It was about four inches wide, and the pattern of holes was great,just like in the drawings. And it was apparent from the rich darkwood, that it had been made from some type of exotic hard wood.Obviously quite heavy. Elle had started whimpering. I took it and knelt down by her head, and showed her the engraving so delicately down on the handle.

Elle's Magic paddle

I showed her the holes, nice dime sized holes, and she whimpered as I ran my fingers over those holes, telling her she was in for quite the lesson.

I heard someone in the crowd ask what the handle said, and I told them, and someone snickered, and said it was because it was going to make her magically behave after. Wrong.
I took the hem of Elle's dress again, and lifted it till it covered her head despite her squeals and protests. As much as she hates seeing what is about to happen, she hates it even MORE when she can't see. The trouble with having an over active imagination, you know.

Once she was blindfolded by her own skirt, I turned to the crowd, put my finger to my lips, and then held the paddle up, and showed them what made it special. I ran my fingers over the holes, and into them , and then, I flipped the blade over, and ran my fingers over the holes from the backside, except this time, they didn't go in.

That was because exept for the FIRST three holes, and the LAST threeholes, in the two inches on either side that WASN'T going to smack tender girly flesh, the rest only looked like they went all the way though. Well, they did in a way.

First. The paddle wasn't as heavy as it looked. It was a strong but light wood. Then the holes had been drilled. Then, a super thin layerof some clear plastic like Lexan or something had been applied only to one side, with out covering the 3 holes on either end. Then a thin hardwood veneer had been applied to the wood and to the outer edges,completing the illusion.

It LOOKED heavy and serious and like the holes went all the way through, and as I made a couple of test swings in the air, the air whistled through the holes that actually wouldn't be spanking, but they did make a nice noise, and I could hear muffled whimpering and squealing under the skirt, and her bottom clenched so tight her central crack almost disappeared. She was so cute.

The paddles design, like a magician's prop, THAT was why it was called the magic paddle.
I stepped up behind my pretty girl's quivering rear, so sweet and plump and ripe and.... I shook myself, and from my pleasant musings,and whistled in the first hard crack. Oh, it wasn't as bad as it looked like it should have been, and the air whistling through theholes made it sound fierce, but it was still a big paddle, and it stung, but to hear the strangled yell from under the skirt, you would have thought I had killed the little bouncy brat. The crowd got a big giggle out of her over reaction, and then I gave her a good sound spanking, while also giving her a long loving lecture.

When she was again my repentant and soft little Elle, tearfully pleading her case to me amid her hiccoups and sobs, I relented, and let her up, and took her back to the room where I locked the paddle up without her ever seeing it fully, warning it was there whenever her behavior warranted. Then it was her bare ass up over the bolster on the bed, while it was my time to comfort and console her at great length.

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