Friday, June 12, 2009

When did parents stop being parents?

The other day, was talking with some girlfriends, and I had mentioned how the girls were going to be sleeping over at a friends house, and how I had called up the other's girl mom, just to check in, make sure there really was a sleepover, and that one or more adults would be there.

To me, that is just common sense, but I was surprised when several of the women thought that was way to intrusive, and that I should be more trusting, that they are 17, and have to be given space

.And I'm thinking, are you kidding? I remember what my sisters and I were like, I have seen what our other girls got up to, you Bet I'm going to check up on them!So, when did you, or will you stop checking up on your kids? (or,when did your parents stop checking on you?)

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As a parent of two teenagers, if I know the parents, and have checked with them before, I don't always call to confirm the sleepover. If I don't know the parents, you KNOW I'm going to call and confirm.
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One of the reasons I check even if I know them, is to make sure that they are going to be around, and have some idea that they are about to have guests for the night; also, to make sure that a sleepover is actually planned, and that she didn't tell Her parents that she is staying over at our place, and then they all go somewhere else!
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That's very reasonable, Angie. In Germany we have a saying that "trusting is good but control is better". With your call you prove that you are a loving and caring mom.Of course it's easier not to ask and always believe your kids but how often parents are totally shocked after when they hear what happened to their children. For me the latter parenting style is what i call ignoring and neglecting.
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I won't stop before they marry.Not PC I know, but I must do what is best and not what is expected by today's trend.
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My parents always called and confirmed a sleepover or party with the other parents. A few time they showed up to make sure I was where I said I was going to be when I was a teenager. By the time I left for college they had stopped.
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I agree with you angie I always check and double check. It is our job as parents to check. Btw what happened to the DDR???
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