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Catholic schoolgirl spankings, rl

Okay, here's the disclaimer part. These couple of short memories arefrom what my California cousins told me, and then what a friend toldme that I met when I was in the Army....

My cousins.

My favorite aunt moved out to California, right after she graduated High School, and I think that is one of the reasons I liked her, she just had the guts to go and leave the midwest farming community where she had been born, and where I grew up.

I saw her kids, my cousins, about every other year. Four girls, one boy (but he doesn't count, even though he is a nice guy nowadays.),and two of the girls were older than me, by like 4 and 6 years and the other two were younger, by 1 and 2 years.

I always envied their lifestyle, nice home in the California suburbs in Orange county, nice weather, no snow, and a Pool in their backyard!

Well, they came to visit one summer, and I was whining about how good they had it, and how I wished I could live there, and so on. (btw,this was in 1972, so I was like 12, you can do the math on the others for yourself.)

We girls were all talking in the camper that the girls were staying in, and Jen, the second oldest, said I wouldn't like it so much if I had to go to their schools. I asked why, as I knew they went to an all girls Catholic school, and I kinda envied them, as my school was rural poor, and the teachers weren't that great or encouraging.

Well, besides the usual complaints about uniforms, and daily confessions (which was cool to hear, and new to me, being raisedLutheran), and the older girls complaining about no boys of course,they also ALL said that they got spanked in school!

I was amazed, and given my already budding interest in it, couldn't wait to hear more. See, we didn't have spanking in school were I was,they either just sent a note home, or called your home, and boy, you caught it from mom but good when you got off the bus!

I told them that, and they wished they were going to school here, as they got spanked at school, and then got another from my aunt forgetting in trouble at school!

They said that all the nuns were allowed to spank, and it seemed that you could get whacked for just about anything, besides the normal posted rules, if they just 'thought' you were doing something wrong.

They said that in the classrooms (and they had all went to the sames chools, with the younger girls going to one school in grades 1-8,and the older girls in a separate HS) it was normal for a nun to call you to the front of the class, have you stand by the side of her desk, bend over the desk, and then spank you.

Most just used an old fashioned ruler, the thick heavy ones, and it was done over the skirts, but they said it still burned like fire, and that some of the nuns REALLY laid it on with a vengance. Most offenses got between 5-10 whacks.

But they weren't limited to the ruler. They could use pretty much what they wanted. One of the more feared nuns, who taught at the HS,favored a heavy paddle, and my older cousins told me as I listened with WIDE eyes how it wasn't unusual for even the older High Schoolgirls to be crying by the time they got up from her desk, and that she almost always gave the full ten. And then you had to go and sit in those hard wood seats, and they said it wasn't unusual to get ANOTHER spanking later from someone else because they wouldn't stop figeting in class! And they still had the spanking from their mom to wait for yet!

One of the nuns, who was the terror of the just turned teens, favored a short strap. My cousins said that if you had been in trouble a lot,that instead of just getting it over the desk, you might even get placed over their lap, for your spanking, the humiliation being seen as an added punishment. The nun with the strap seemed to do a lot of otk.

For the REAL problem children, from like 6th grade up, repeat offenders, sometimes after a classroom paddling had already been handed out, would be sent to see the Mother Superior, and THAT they said was a dreaded experience. Both of the older ones had been to see her, the oldest one several times.

She, they said, used either a heavy paddle with holes in it, or a wicked strap! You would have to lay over her desk, and scooch forward till your toes were off the floor, and she would usually lift your skirt up (and my oldest cousin told me "heaven help you if you don'thave plain white cotton panties on!") and then let you have it,anywhere from 10-15 licks.


Gotta say, even after the stories, still wanted to go to school there...


A girlfriend at a Catholic Boarding school

When I was in the Army, I met another woman, who was the sweetest,nicest person, super at her job, always willing to lend a helping hand. Since we were in a coed unit, but the female officers were few and far between, we became pretty good buds.

So, as I was having coffee in her office one Sat. morning (we were in garrison, and I had gotten stuck with Officer of the Day, and she was in because she was married to her work...) we got to talking about where and how we grew up.

I told her about the farm and midwest and cold, and she told me about living the life of privlege in California, and what a wild child she had been.

I laughed at her, thinking she was just joking. She blushed, and said no, she was a real problem child, and that her parents, while they loved her (only child) also believed in permissive parents are your friends type of parenting, and no limits were set, and she fell in with a bad crowd. By the time she was 13 (she was my age, so that would have been in 73), she was drnking hard, NEVER going to school,smoking pot daily, and have started experimenting with harder stuff,like lsd.

After the THIRD time she had been brought home by cops, her folks rethought what was going on, and tried to clamp down, but it was too late, and she started running away. Sooo, the next thing she knew,she was shipped off to a Catholic boarding school, for 'spirited'children....

As you can imagine, the primary means of discipline was by corpora lpunishment, spanking in some form or another, and this girl, at first, got it ALL the time she said!

You would get spanked for not following a quite long list of rules.For uniform violations that seemed quite petty to me, like how far up your knee socks went, or if your uniform was umkempt and wrinkled (I mean, she was only 13...). Attitude. Backtalk. Not doing well in class. Not doing well on quizzes or tests. Not getting homework finshed. Not doing homework well. Sloppy homework.

Spankings depended on the offense, where you were, and the spanker. Most of the nuns, she said, actualy had straps that hung from a loop on their waist! Most of the classroom spankings were done over the desk, over the skirt. While 5-10 licks was the normal, it wasn't the set limit.

She said it wasn't unusual, especially for new girls, to have 2-3 girls spanked each class. Every day, someone was getting it, although they tapered off somewhat as they got older, but that was due more to good behavior, and not getting caught. Older girls, she said, REALLY got paddled or strapped when they messed up, because they were supposed to know better.

Some of the nuns,especially for one on one spankings, when the other girls weren't around, prefered the otk approach, and seemed to mother the girls more, holding them after, like mom would me after a spanking when I sat on her lap, my attitude gone, and I would tell her I was sorry.

At first, because of her grades, and attitude, she had to attend a special nightly 2 hour study session with a nun for every girl there.She said that the girls in that room all sat at a table, on stools without backs, and the nuns would sit or stand behind them. If you talked, daydreamed, fidgeted, or weren't doing your work, your personal nun would give you a HARD whack with her strap on your butt while you were sitting there! No telling, she said, how many you might end up with in a night!

There was a head girl in each room, who though she couldn't spank,would tell the nun in charge of the floor what was going on, and that could get you in trouble.

And of course, the ultimate threat was the Mother Superior, who used what I now know was a two tailed tawse, and it would be done either over the panties (no skirts for protection if you were bad enough to get sent there!) or, in extreme cases, panties down!

She said she had trouble adjusting at first, but the nun who was her floor supervisor, and also was her 'personal' nun at the nightly study sessions, took quite an interest in her, and kept telling her that she was smarter than that, that she KNEW she could do it, and while correcting her for misbehavior she also kept affirming to her how special she was.

by the end of that first year, she had long since moved from needing to attend the special study sessions and was on the honor roll.

That summer, she talked with her parents before school was out, and she came back home to live, but still went to that school, including the summer session, so she would continue to stay out of trouble.
She has no hard feelings about any of this, and said it was what she needed to get her life turned around.

There, my school girl stories, by proxy.

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