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Roadside Stand, F/F, domestic

Entry for August 21, 2008 Roadside stand, FF/F
I wrote this about eight years ago,and just found it again....
Even though I wasn't much on doing the grunt work part of the flower veggie thingy as I always called it, I was quite open to the thought of working at your stand selling things after work or on the weekends. I always liked to talk to people anyways, and it would give me a chance to work on my tan.

You were also amused when I suggested that we sell those novelty type tourist paddles, with the different sayings on them, like they had all over the place when I was growing up. You made it quite clear that you thought I was daft, but after I pouted (and got the brush for it!) you reconsidered and made a bunch for me, all different designs and shapes and sayings, everything from the classic 'board of education' to 'heat for the seat' to 'momma's helper' to 'for the little dear with the bare behind'.

I had them out my first weekend there,and you actually trusted me enough to go do your other work and leave me alone by myself. Although I did think you were going to say something when you saw my outfit.

Tight cutoff Daisy Dukes, the bottom fringe barely covering the lower curve of my cheeks when I was standing,let alone when I bent or stretched. And a nice tie under the boobs halter top, I was set.

Oh, and when you saw the price on the paddles, I thought you were going to choke.

"Angie, honey, I don't want to hurt your feelings, but NO ONE is going to pay $50 -$80 for a novelty tourist paddle."

After telling you that I thought it would work out, you left, muttering something about "problem child wives" that I couldn't quite make out. You were obviously worried that I wouldn't make any sales of my paddles, and that I would be all pouty and bitchy. But I knew it would work out, I had a plan.

After a little bit, and a few customers, I had a prospect for one of my paddles. She was an older woman, a high powered professional type by the clothes and the car. After the usual pleasantries, she picked out quite a bit of your stuff, but before I rang it up she browsed some more and came across the paddles. By the way she looked at them, and picked them up, I could tell she was one of us.

"Yes ma'am, is there something I can help you with?" I said in a nice perky voice.

"Interesting paddles, haven't seen these for quite some time, but a bit much, aren't they?" And it wasn't so much a statement, as a question, to see where I would go with this.

"Oh, no ma'am, not at all. See, these aren't those lightweight little pine jobs, we have everything from plywood to oak to hickory to ash in here, and different thicknesses and weights as well. These were made to be used. And I know, cause my spouse is the one that made them all."

"Oh really, so you get paddled do you?" And I could see that she was trying to tell if I was fibbing and just making up a sales story or if I really did get spanked.

Blushing, and looking at the ground, I answered her. "Well, we play for fun, cause we both like it, but I catch it for real too, because I need to know there are limits, and at those times, when I've pushed it, well, she lets me know that she's not happy with my behavior. So yes ma'am, I know all about how these things feel."

"How interesting. To bad my girlfriend isn't here, she could use a good paddling herself, but I would want to see how they felt when I used them before I bought...."

All right! And now, this is why I was going to get that much for a simple paddle.

"Uh, ma'am, if it's not to forward of me, with my spouse's permission, you could try them out on me, if you would like."

Her smile told me all I needed to know, and I ran up to the house to get you. You came down at my yelling, and I explained things to you on the way. You shook your head, but at least you smiled. You told her it was okay with you, and she asked if you were going to do it, or if she would be able to. You told her to go ahead.

So, there I was, at the back of the stand, bent over a table, fanny high and my shorts riding up. She chose a medium weight heat for the seat design, and I wriggled, and then, whack. A light smack and I hissed and jumped anyways, cause it stung, but lightly, not bad at all, rather nicely in fact.

There were a few more tentative cracks and my gasps were more coos and sighs by now, and she said that it didn't appear particularily effective, and she was serious. Ohhhh, a latent spanker, with no experience!

You, of course, picked up on this right away.

"Well, you see, little miss Angie here is quite the brat, and has been getting her fanny spanked most of her life. If it's light, like you have been doing, she likes it, naughty girl. But even with all of her experience she doesn't like a hard paddling, that she feels. So you will understand what I am talking about, why don't I show you. First, Angie, drop your shorts and bend over."

Whoops! "But Honeyyyy!" I whined, "I don't have any panties on!"

"We've talked about that also, haven't we missy, so to bad for you, drop em."

And I did.

"Now the thing is," you told her, "that a paddle sounds fierce, and you may have thought you were swatting her hard, but you weren't, especially over jean shorts like that. It was much more noise than pain. Now, this is how sassy girls get it for real..."

and then CRACK!

"Oweeeeeei! Honeeyyyy, nooooooo!"

Ignoring me, she continued her lecture to the wide eyed and smiling customer.

"There, see the difference, same paddle, but now it has some bite." And then followed a half dozen more just as hard that left me begging and dancing.

"Okay ma'am, now that you see she isn't going to break from getting a little spanking, your turn..."

And I turned my head to see you hand her the paddle, and she smiled, and you smiled, and I hid my face in my hands as you coached her on how to deliver a very sound paddling, until I was a bawling little girl, begging her mommy to stop, just EXACTLY like she told me to.

I didn't envy her girlfriend one bit, her first time was going to be quite the experience! So I made my sale, and the word of mouth rapidly spread, and the paddles sold amazingly well.

And at night after, well, that's another story


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