Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Husband cheats (at games) M/F, rl domestic

So, I was a happy little camperette after this mornings fun and games, life was good, work was good, everything was good.

It was just after lunch, when our receptionist let me know Jack was on the phone for me. I answered, and immediately blushed when he asked how I was doing, if I was sitting okay, if I was thinking about this morning at all.

So, even though thrilled that he called, I was still semi embarrassed, and so did that wife thing were I'm talking to him in that loud semi hushed whisper, so he could tell I was serious.

Trying to shhh him and change the subject, before everyone wondered later why I was so flustered and kept blushing.

He, big bully, just chuckled, and reminded me that I 'owed' him yet, and he would be collecting after work.

Oh my,yes! Had been thinking such happy thoughts myself, about 'paying up', but,before I had a chance to tell him that, he told me that when I got home, if my panties were damp, I was going to get a strapping!

Okay, whatever little blush was going on before, was Nothing to the flaming red that I could feel from my breasts to the tips of my ears!

What a cheater!

He Knows what his words do to me! Even if I wouldn't have been damp and ready for him (an unlikely possibility, but hey, a possibility) when I got home before he said something, he Knows that simply the threat of a 'punishment' like that will be enough to make me think of it, all afternoon, and so of Course I'll be damp. Heck, damp would be an understatement!

So I hissed out a furious/blushing/whispered wifely "Jack!!!!!" and the big thug just laughed and hung up!



Well, as I said, that was the focus of all actual non work related brain activity for the rest of the afternoon.

I briefly toyed with the idea of going to the beach instead of right home, but, didn't want to turn a 'punishment' into a Punishment.

Got home, he was there already, watching something on tv, and simply said hi, and then "Angela Lynn, I want you to go upstairs, and get ready. I'll be up shortly."

MORE cheating!

He KNOWS what using my full first name, AND as if that wasn't enough, my middle name, does to me!!!!

I stammered out an articulate "Y-yes dear." , came over and gave him a kiss and went upstairs. Where he had everything ready.

The large physical therapy D shaped bolster at the foot of the bed. More convienent then pillows, and it doesn't squish down.

I walked behind it, debated about skirt up or down, as sometimes he likes to do the undressing, but figured I might get extras if I didn't pull it up.

Unless of course he wanted it down.

Debated which one would get me extras.

Finally made a mental coin toss, and went with skirt up.

Laid over the bolster, squirmed till I got like I know he likes, fat little fanny pointing up, toes not quite touching the floor.

Reached back and pulled my skirt up and off my rump, and cradled my head in my arms, Very aware of every sound in the house, and the picture I was going to make when he saw me like this, bent over, bottoms up, ice blue dress and ice blue satin bikini panties framing the light tanned skin of my bare exposed back.

And I was embarrasingly wet.

Part of me was tempted to touch myself, to see if I was wet enough that he could tell by looking at my panties, but I decided that the last thing I wanted was for him to catch me touching myself, to humiliating.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, he had left out the London Tanners's spanking strop on the bed, about a foot above my head, directly in my line of sight. Meany.

Cheating meany.

Now, this is in fact, one of my Fave play toys. It's the 17 inch long, 2 inch wide model, short enough for otk use if he wants, still long enough for nice use while I'm bent over, and the slight extra width helps prevent too much welting. The already doubled over strop makes such a Loud, delicous, scary exciting sound, and just the right amount of surface burn and sting, and deep muscle ache and ooooo!

So, the meany left me there, fat bottom up for like ten minutes, just squirming in anticipation! More cheating, he knows what waiting does to me!

And finally I can hear his footsteps coming upstairs and into our room. Comes behind me, cups my fanny as I catch my breath, leans beside me, kisses me hard and deep while stroking my bottom, tells me how sexy I look like this, but, I was a bad girl, not letting him undress me, that would cost me extras (Yes! I had guessed right! What? You thought I was trying to get out of extras!?)

And then he straightened up, and played with the elastic on my panties which he Knows drives me nuts, I so love it, and he slooowwwwwwlllllyyyyyyy pulls my Very Very wet panties down, turning them inside out as he does, which is So embarrassing.

And he feels he has to comment on how creamy I am, as if I didn't know!

Telling me I'm in for a strapping now. Asks me if I have anything to say.

And I tell him that it's no fair, and that he is a Massive cheater, and that it's no fair I'm getting extras when he didn't specify what getting ready meant!

And, I asked if he could take my panties all the way off, telling him when he asked why, that I didn't want to stretch out my good panties with my kicking, thank you very much!

A handspanking, then, firm, lovely, all over, one cheek, then the other, then across both at once, centered on the area of my concealed anus....such wonderful sensations.

A Very thorough warm up, with Lots and Lots of touching,and checking and comments about how aroused this 'punishment' seemed to be making me.

But, he wasn't close to letting me come.

And then the Strop.

Oh yes, left hand on my back, above my tan line, white bottom squirming cause I simply can't take the waiting, and then Crack! I squeal, I Always squeal, and a band of fire is across the very fattest center of my bottom,and the pressure of his hand on my back reminds me to stick my bottom back up and out.

But first, he tells me to spread my knees farther apart!

I blush More, do so, and Crack!

The spanking Really starts now, mostly covering both cheeks, occasionly switching sides, so my left gets her fair share of the strops end, sometimes, because he's mean, and because he knows I dream of these things (foolish, foolish me!) he spanks only one cheek, so the doubled over, rounded end slightly wraps inbetween! Much squealed protests over that!

And then, when I'm at that teary pleading I'm so sorry I'll be good stage, it's over, but I don't know it yet, and then he is simply In me, taking me, hands on Red bottom and plump hips, riding me hard, fast, deep...

After, after a nice long ride, he tells me to put some bottoms on, it's time to go for a swim....

And so I did.

In my nice, modest board shorts.


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