Friday, June 12, 2009

Real life play, MF/FF Very sexual

This happened several years ago (oh my god, I reread it, and it's been almost 9 years since this!), before Sue and Jen moved away. Very sexual, so if not your thing, don't read!

And yes, this is another repost of something I first posted elsewhere.

Okay, you asked for it, you got it! First, some background. I've been married now for 15 years, and he knew about my interest in spanking for fun and my need for DD from the start. He also knew that I was bi from the start, I didn't hold anything back.

Well that has never been a problem for him, playing around with girls isn't the same to him as if I were to play around with other guys, and that I don't want.

The couple I will be writing about, we met on the mainland, and then they eventualy moved over here to Hawaii also (refugees from San Francisco, they laugh), and we resumed our friendship. They are very similar to us as far as the relationship goes, just that they are a commited lesbian couple that practices one way DD.

The top in the relationship is Sue (not her real name, I wish to be able to sit in this lifetime, and she has given permission to write about exploits), and she is about my husbands age, and a tall, well built, classic blonde nordic type. Always looks so proper (makes me think of Lauren Bacall, always so classy, you know?) She is definetly in charge, no question about it, and prefers spanking and more traditional DD for correction, and they like to play at it for fun also.

Her partner, Jen, is a couple of years younger than me, an exquisite Polynesian Eurasian mix, with the most undescribably golden complexion and loooonnnnnng black hair to her bottom, and these black eyes, and this beautiful smile. And she is bi also, like me.

Both of the tops get along well, and know that we bottoms, although we may like to play, are not going to be leaving them for the other, so there is a trust factor there. And since we aren't picking up everything in sight, we know that everyone is healthy. This all makes a difference, at least to me.

Jen and I are close, and we share a lot (we often call one another sis, especially when we get in trouble together and are about to be panties down bawling together, like the time I talked her into going bar hopping when my husband was away, and Sue found out, and the next day I get a call and Jen tells me that Mom wanted to talk to us after work...)

And I had told her of this one particular fantasy, and she had asked why I just didn't ask for it, and I told her I couldn't, that would spoil it, as part of it was it just happening...

Several months later, the four of us went out on the town, dinner and drinks and a show, then went home together. Jen and I were sent off to shower up and get ready for some fun, and I was sure game! After the shower, we were each led to separate rooms, and I was blindfolded and dressed by Sue, all I knew it was some corset thingy, and I felt voluptious. I was led back to the other room, and the blindfold was taken off, and there they all were!

There was my husband, all 6'4", and 250lbs, with these huge shoulders and arms and this 36" waist and his shirt was off and he had put on these fucking skintight faded levis and I could see his cock outlined and hard down his leg, and boots, ohhhh yessssss! and that belt was strung through the loops too..

oh yes oh yes oh yes....

And there was Jen, in a cream Merry Widow, that emphasized her petite frame and amazing curves (I am always amazed when small women have curves like that) and that color set off her skin so well...

Sue had her arm around Jen, and she was in HER tight levis, and a denim vest, bare breasted, and I could see the outline of Sue's 'cock' down the leg of her jeans, and my bare little pussy was so very happy and so very, very creamy!

I had been dressed in a charcoal grey Merry Widow, and I felt like I was all ass and breasts...

Sue walked up close to me, "So Angie" and my pussy melted, as my knees went weak,"did you think we didn't notice how you were flirting with Jen? "

And then she reached out and grabbed a nipple that was peaking out and tweakd it sharply.

"Oh" I cried out, but when my knees started to buckle at the sensation, her hand didn't move, and squealing, I righted myself and found my balance, while she retained her grasp.

"Jen" she ordered, "go fetch the hairbrush for me. Now, girl."

And Jen jumped to obey. Moments later, I was bare fanny up over Sue's lap, the evil brush doing it's work while I bucked and cried, Sue scolding me in that way that I love, telling me how bad, how naughty I was, how my pussy got wet even when I was being punished for staring at women while out with my husband. And the truth of her statements, the fact that I did get wet while being punished, made me ashamed, and that, as it always does, made me more submissive and wetter yet. And on it went.My ass throbbing and my pussy steaming, I was kept over her lap, and my husband said I was fussing way to much, and asked Jen for her panties.

Her eyes got big, and she said they were in the other room, so she got a quick spanking for not having them there,(even though they hadn't told her to) and she retrieved them.

He took them and wiped the moisture from between her legs, then put them in my mouth so I could taste her. I was then left over Sue's lap, while Jen went over his, and I held her hand while it was her turn to cry.

Then Jen was laid on her back on the bed, and I was put between her thighs, head down and now empty mouth on her pussy, and then I heard him take the belt off, and Sue lifted my ass high up and stuffed pillows under me to keep it high, and I licked and kissed and was soundly strapped, and every time I cried or moaned or yelled into her pussy, Jen shivered and moaned herself.

Before we could come, we were drug off the bed, and the both of us undressed Sue, leaving her with only her harness and strap on.

Then I was told that since I had gotten Jen into trouble it was only fair that she got to spank me also!

Now, having played with a few women, something that I have found is that even when a bottom for their partner, many are willing to quite happily top another woman! And Jen was no exception, as I knew from past experience.

She licked her lips, kissed and bit my lip, then said she wanted it otk with the brush, which they allowed, and she spared me nothing (I know this sounds like a lot to some, and that it's not for everyone, but it's what I need at times, the strictness and the pain and the shame and the tears, and it all gets me there. I can't explain it better than that, it's like trying to explain spanking to a vanilla...), covering my whole ass and inbetween in the not so sheltered valley, until I was abjectly apologizing for getting her into trouble (although her panties were pretty soaked too, the horny little wench!).

She told me to show her, and I said I would do anything, and she layed down after dumping my bottom onto the floor, and rolled on her tummy, and she said kiss me and spread her cheeks wide. Jen's a lot like me, and is into anal too, so I knew where she wanted kissed, and I did, I rimmed her sweet bottom but good, until I was pulled protesting away.

Sue held me there, my face inches from Jen's bottom, while he pulled her ass wide open, and using only her oils and my saliva, slid a nice fat plug up her ass while she squealed out her protests, and I watched her pussy ripple and flutter when it went in. Then she was turned over, and a pillow was put under her little butt. Then Sue took a double ended dildo, and slowwwwwwwwly worked into Jen's tight little puss, while my husband held her arms so she couldn't touch herself or others.

In and out she fucked her, but not letting her come, just working her up. Then a pillow was placed under her head, and my eyes were on hers as my husband got behind me and lifted me off of the bed, his jeans rough against my ass, and Sue told me to spread wide, like a split, and I did, and then he slowly lowered me onto Jen's dildo, while Sue guided it into place, a hand on Jen's tummy to keep it down so she wouldn't start thrusting, and then finally, Jen and I were touching pusssy to pussy and crying from need and trying to get some relief.

As soon as Sue moved away, Jen and I started grinding, helping ourselves, helping each other. Sue went above Jen, and queened her, sitting on her face, pinching and pulling at her nipples to speed her up, and I could see see the muscles at Jens throat working hard as she kissed and licked and showed what a good wife she was.

Sue grabbed my hair, not mean, but firmly, and pulled me towards her strap on cock, and I sucked it good for her, while Jen ate her, and I would trap it and hold it tight, so I could rub the base against her clit like she liked, and she would hiss and grinnnnnnd hard onto Jen's face, working her nose into her bottom crack, and getting that tongue way up there. I never did ask whose cream it was on the dildo, but I licked it off anyways...

So Jen and I were fucking, Jen was sucking Sue, I was sucking Sue, and then Sue reached back behind me and spread my ass cheeks wide, so that it almost painfully stretched my anus.He reached down, and grabbed some cream on his fingers from Jen and I, and then the head of his cock was at my ass, and he played and rubbed and I (blush) started 'winking ' at him, opening up, and when I did, he entered me,and I tightened down and tried to squeal, but then Sue thrust and Jen thrust, and I had to relax, and then he was in me deeper, and I tightened and squealed and then THEY were all fucking me, I was no longer in control over my body, I was simply a mass of sensations, and they took me and took me and took me...

Sue had gotten rid of the dildo somewhere along the line, and I found myself licking clit, and tongue dueling with Jen on occasion, and Sue and my husband would CRACK! my ass hard,and that would start everybody all over again. Later, they said I basically passed out and collapsed, thighs quivering, and Jen and I cuddled, and our mates cuddled and spooned us, and I didn't wake up till morning...


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