Thursday, June 11, 2009

Valentine's day spanking MF rl

My husband, big thug that he is, is also very sweet, and romantic, and doesn't mind showing it, even in front of his friends, which makes it especially nice for me.
He also loves to see me in pretty undies, and isn't shy or embarrassed about going into a store, and looking around, for something special. He has, for years, bought me pretty little panties with a holiday theme, as I love wearing them for him, as much as he loves seeing me in them.
So, on valentines day, he has a present for me when we get up (actually, more than one 'present', blush!), a couple of pairs of valentine panties, but, the ones he tells me to put on are the white ones, nylon string bikinis, with little pink hearts. Nice and snug, I finally get dressed, and make breakfast for everyone, and then the girls are out the door.
I have a bit before work, and he has planned on a little morning fun,with the girls out of the way, we can be noisy.
So, back to the bedroom, me somehow being disrobed as we go,till I am down to panties, and nothing else when we get there.
I give him a big kiss, and tease him about my panties, saying valentines are supposed to be red.
He gives me a wicked smile, and says he knows, that is why he had me put on this pair. And then I am put on the bed, bottom up, head and shoulders down, one of my fave good girl spanking positions (hey, I get good girl spankings!), as he plays with my fanny, and I Love the feel of his hand on my bottom.
He tells me, like he has many times before, but I still love hearing it, that he loves my bottom, and how like this,it has such a nice, plump heart shape. And, how he is going to fix the color problem now, and spank me till my bottom is a bright pink, and those little pink hearts on my panties are red!
Of course I squeal and protest, it's my job, but he does as he said, starting with his hand, over my panties, that large, hard, calloused hand, and it stings, hurts, feels so good! at the same time. Terribly confusing to be a spankee at times.
Then my panties come down, and more hand spanking more rubbing, more 'checking' as he calls it, making me squirm. Sigh...
He goes to get one of my favorite paddles, with strict orders Not to move, not to rub, not to touch myself in a naughty way.
He is back soon, with the kitchen shovel (some call them a pizza shovel/paddle, thin, light, delicious noise, and just enough sting....)makes sure I see it, and then starts paddling my bottom, stingy spanks, ALL over, making sure to cover my sit spot as well! Meany!
Every now and then, he would stop, pull my panties back up, and then decide I wasn't red enough yet, and back down they would come, and his hand and paddle would spank some more.
Even though most of me Loved what was going on, that small part of me was going Ohhhhh Ooooo Owww Honeyyyy I'll be good, really please it stings! but like a good loving husband, he ignored that foolish part of me.
When he had turned my bottom the shade he wanted, he lifted me off the bed, kissed me deep and hard, and took me to my full mirror, turned me so I could see with Big eyes what my panties looked like now, and yes, the back of my panties Did look pink, and my pink little hearts Did look red!
Then he put me back, bottom up, head and shoulders down, and finished giving me my present.

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