Saturday, July 25, 2009

Music from The L Word-site of the day...

The L Word is an interesting series, following the lives of a group of upscale Lesbians in LA. Among other things, one of the things I've loved during the series is their use of pop and indy music as a soundtrack to what is going on. Many times, I've heard something on a show, and then gone dang, what was that? And the don't tell you what the songs were at the end of the show.

Well, discovered at the official L word site, they have a music section, which breaks down What the songs are, by season and episode and location In the episode!

so here are some songs I like as featured in the series.

blunt-wild strawberries


Bareback-EZ girl

Lonely lonely-Feist

I never knew your name- Joystick

It girl- Betty

Some kind of wonderful- Betty with Pam Grier

Do you take it?- The wet spots (Sly's song...)

Get on-Dirtmitts


Kiss the world - Catlow

Lay around-the jealous girlfriends

Alright-Kinnie Star

Sugar high-Jaymes Bullet

have fun,

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