Sunday, June 14, 2009

Called at work, M/F, domestic

An old series I had originally posted on SIN. More coming if comments come in.
I was at work, the day was going well, one of those nice summery days, not too hot, not to humid, some pre breakfast rumpy-pumpy from my new husband (new enough that I still got that little thrill when I thought of him as my Husband!), and well, just all was well in the world...

I was humming along to the radio,finishing some paperwork, when our receptionist poked her head in the door, smiling.

"Angie, it's Jack, line 1...." and she giggled as she disappeared. We had had talks before about Jack and married life, and she thought it was cute how he would often just call.

Popping up the phone I smiled even more waiting to hear his voice, schoolgirlish, I know, but smile I did.

"Jack, sweetie, what's up?"

"Angela,... "

uh oh, no one Ever calls me Angela, unless I'm in trouble.... perhaps a game he was playing?

Because it had only been several months ago, right before we were married, that I had tearfully told him about my fantasies and wanting to be spanked, for pleasure (but that's another story) and good husband that he was, he did his best to make me happy. Sooo, this must be some sort of little role play game....

".... put the phone on private, if you have it on speaker..."

Oh my, sounds as if Jack Did want to play naughty after all! And so considerate making sure I wasn't embarrassed by someone overhearing..

"It's on private, Jack dear..."

"Good, because young lady, I don't think you are going to want the rest of your office to hear what I'm about to tell you!"

sigh, his voice was so stern, so strict sounding, he was soooo good at role playing...I could hardly wait to get home....

"Yes dear?" I said sweetly, "What is it?"

"Angela Lynn Johnson, " his voice Very strict right now, and all Three names, oh my!

"I'm not playing, with you, your little butt is in big trouble! "

"W-what, but Jackkk", perhaps a bit whinier than I had planned on....

"Shush! And listen for once!"

Of all the nerve, I mean, I listen quite well, and another thing, oops, almost missed what he said...

"I had my truck over at the permits office, parked out front, and as I pulled out, an officer stopped me, said my tail light was out in back."

...oh my god, I started getting a funny feeling in my stomach....

"and when he ran the plates like they do, it turns out MY truck has a Series of UNPAID parking tickets, AND when I was asked to show registration and insurance, for some reason my INSURANCE card wasn't valid either, the company said they hadn't been paid when he was nice enough to let me call them to straighten it out! That the main bill was never paid, and that the other notices were ignored as well!"

oh my god oh my god...."

So, after walking home, AFTER they impounded my car, I went into Your study, young lady...."

gawd, why had I ever told him about what buzzwords got to me!

"...and looked IN your desk and found a pile of unopened bills! Besides the insurance, there is also the water, the gas, the electric, the phone, and the cable! All past due! A couple were going to be disconnected, and we had to pay extra to keep that from happening!"

Sniffly and feeling quite sorry for myself, I know I sounded whiny as I got out my next little "But Jack, honey, I'm sorryyyy!"

"Not as sorry as you are going to be, Angela Lynn! I've got to go get my truck out of hock, but I want you to come Straight home after work, young lady, no detours! Once you get here, up to our bedroom, and I want you to put your nose in the corner by the window, I cleared it out for you already. And you are going to Stay there in the corner, thinking about what you did, and the spanking you are going to get when I get home and we can talk face to face. You can go to the bathroom if you need, or sit in the corner, but that is it, bathroom, sitting or standing in the corner, understand, Angela?"

My mouth was open, he had never made me stand in the corner before, I hated them, past memories of childhood spankings flashed back, and it seemed, I had just been sentenced to my first ever disciplinary spanking! I mean, I had talked to him about the whole concept of it, and he had read all the articles at that lovely website, but I sorta figured it was never gonna happen, not that I was ever going to do anything so he would, but apparently I was wrong on both accounts....

"Jacckkk, nooooo, please, I don't want to stand in the corner !" I cringed at my voice, I sounded one step from stamping my foot!"

"This really isn't about what you want or don't want right now, Angela Lynn! And since you want to argue with me, you can pull down your slacks and do your corner time in your panties!"

"Jack! Noooo!" Horrified at the thought, but yet some perverse little feminine side was at the same moment thrilled that he remembered what I had on...

"Still fussing?! Fine, those little pink string bikinis are now gone too! Are you ready to listen, and do as you are told with no backtalk, or do you want to push it some more!?"

My gawd, bare bottomed corner time!? I wasn't sure how much worse things could get, but at this point, thoroughly cowed, I caved in.

"N-no dear..." sir almost slipped out, but either sir or dear sounded a safer bet right now than Jack...."I'm not going to fuss or backtalk, sir..."damn, sir did slip out....", I'm to be in the corner by the window, with my p-panties down when I go home."

"Good! And stay there till I tell you otherwise. I'll see you in a while."

I was in full fledged sniffle mode by now, sure he could hear."And Angela? Remember this: even though you are going to get spanked, and soundly, I love you..."


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