Saturday, June 13, 2009

Halloween panties, M/F, domestic, rl

Wrote this a couple of years ago...

I was going through my undie drawer, well, drawers rather, the other day, and came upon a pair of panties that he had bought me last year for Halloween, and decided to share the little story that went with it.

He had come home, and had a small bag, and told me he had a present for me! The key to this girls heart or what!?

So, eagerly taking it, I opened it, and discovered a pair of Very orange nylon panties, with sheer areas on the fanny, outlined in black, for the jack o lantern face...

I squealed out a thank you, threw myself into his arms, and kissed him, and then slipped away before He got carried away, and ran off to the bedroom to try my newest panties on.

He got to the bedroom just as I had gotten them on, and was now standing with my back to the mirror (I have one of those big mirrors that goes behind one of the dressers...), doing that twist my hips and turn my head all at once, to try and see, and I let out a gasp!

"My butt looks huge!"

The panties were full cut briefs, and while comfy, they aren't the most flattering to a girls shape...

"I think you look cute."

"My ass looks like a pumpkin...."

"Sweetie, that's kinda the point...."

"....but it looks like a Big pumpkin, a Huge pumpkin, a...."

"Honey, it's not that bad...."

For you single guys out there, that was an amateur mistake, and he has been married long enough to know better, the same way he knows not to answer if I ask him if this dress makes my butt look big....

"Not THAT bad!? See, you think my ass looks huge too! My god, it's like "Good Grief, it's the Great Pumpkin Charley Brown big, it's...."

He had had enough, and recognizing the signs of an incipient temper tantrum, followed by pout, he took me by the hand, sat on the bed, pulled me over his lap, and proceeded to spank me, hard!

"Ow Ow owwwiiieee honeeeyy stop stop stopppppp! Please I'll behave I won't pout pleEEEEaasseee!"

"In a minute or so, little girl. Since I started, I'm going to turn that sexy little ass of yours a Bright red, so it makes those panties glow like that pumpkin had a candle in it!"

And he did just that, despite my kicking and squalling....

Later though, as I lay there, stroking his chest, playing with the hairs there, and the hard muscle, I looked up at him. And kissed him.

"Thank you."


"For the cute panties, for thinking of me, for thinking my bottom is little and sexy, and for spanking me before I ruined the night. Just, well, thank you...."

"Your welcome. " He peered over my shoulder at my fanny. "Hmmm, it looks like that candle glow is gone, I think I might have to relight the flame down there...."

"Honey! Nooooo!", but this time giggled out....

And I thought about that, as I got them out, and , better judgement against it, put them on today. I can just see today being the day I get hit crossing the street, and showing up at the ER in my pumpkin panties... oh joy.

But, I wonder if he will remember last year when he sees them tonight.



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