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Midnight Rider , F/F, very sexual

one of my all time favorites that I've done...It was raining out, and I was bored and then I heard The Allman Brothers 'Midnight Rider' on the radio, and this popped into my mind...
Hope you don't mind that it's a repost. Also, as I said, very sexual, if you don't like that sort of thing, don't read.
I hear a Harley roar up the drive, and stop, and I race to the couch by the window, ass up in the air to see out, not caring who sees me in my babydoll, and I see you in leathers and jeans, walking up the steps, and then you are there, pulling me down on top of you, pulling my hair and taking my kisses, stripping me bare as you kiss and fondle me, and I can smell the leather from your chaps and boots and vest and gloves, and my pussy drips, smearing shinily onto your chaps.

I am flipped over your lap, and pinned, and the gloved hand on my unwarmed up ass makes quite the impression, and I promise you anything , if you will only tell me what you want, I will be yours and I will behave and...

I feel your thick gloved finger tease at the entrance to my pussy,and I gasp, but raise my pussy up when told to do so. You don't enter me though, but content yourself with playing and teasing. I am dumped on the floor, and I hear you tell me I have five minutes to find and get on my little leather thong panties, the short leather mini, my red bare back bandana halter, and my thin leather choker with ring. If I was late, then a strapping was in order. I run as soon as you say go, and find everything quickly and am skipping down the stairs putting my panties on as I go, much to your amusement.

You fasten a lead to my collar, and kiss me and fondle me and then you ask why my plug and my ben wa balls aren't in! I stammer out a "you didn't tell me", but I have got a strapping coming now, and I am bent over the back of the couch, panties down, and that thick leather kisses my bottom sharply over and over as I tell you I am sorry for misbehaving and not listening.

I love the sound your belt makes when you slide it through your jeans, not too slow, so there isn't any sound, not to fast, so it's over too quick, but just fast enough so I get the full bottom quivering pussy tingling effect from each and every "snick" as the end pops past another loop.

I have earned a good old fashioned strapping you tell me, and I get it, the leather cruelly kissing my pouting ass, and I fuss and cry and plead for mercy,but fortunately for me, there is none, and the strap continues to dance, and I am so in love with you, I would do anything for you, if I could only show you somehow.

I blush when I have to put my plug and balls in, always more shaming to do it in front of you, rather than have you do it to me. I groan and almost come as I squeeze the plug up my bottom, and the ben wa balls, well, I am so wet by now, they go in most readily. And then my leather panties are snugged up and in, and wicked mate that you are,you seesaw it back and forth a little between my legs, and I can feel my juices on the leather...

You lead me outside and onto your bike, then we go roaring off, the Milwaukee vibrator doing it's job, and my ben wa balls and plug relay the vibrations deep up inside, and it is going to be such a goodnight, as I lift my halter and rest my bare breasts against your leather covered back.

I see you peeking out the window at the bike when I ride up. Naughtygirl, all exposed for the world to see! Clad only in a babydoll nighty, you look so inviting. I have other plans for us tonight.

Coming in, I can't resist you for a moment, and grab you, stripping you of the lace as I do. Inhaling your kisses, playing a bit with your so wet pussy, I tell you to hurry and get dressed. And you do.Quickly too, I might add. I need you very submissive for tonight, for what I have in store. So, I ask about your toys...why are they not in you!!

Oh, my, such a bad girl deserves a strapping! So, off comes my belt,sliding through the loops in my jeans. Doubling it up, WHACK, across your sweet silky ass. I love to watch you turn red and cry and beg me. But you get a few more firm swats from the strap. I want you to feel the leather of the seat on your rosy cheeks.

Rushing back with your toys in hand, I tell you to put them in, right here, right now. The anal plug goes in first, obviously you anticipated this and lubed it up. As you slide it in, I watch you blush. You are so pretty. Then the little balls, up in your pussy. Up goes the leather thong, and we are off.

Riding on the bike, I can only imagine the vibrations you must beenjoying from the plug and the Ben Wa Balls. I can feel your naked breasts pushed up against my vest, and hear you laughing in the wind as we ride. I wish you would always be like this, laughing in the wind, my beautiful Angie.

All too soon, we arrive at our destination. You modestly pull your top back down and tug on your skirt a bit. You haven't been here before, but it's obvious it's a biker bar, what with Harleys everywhere.

Walking in, it's the same as any biker bar. Dark, smelling of beer,writing on the walls. Just one small difference. This one is for women only.

I order us each a drink as I watch you take this all in. Big, bulldykes with old femmes, baby butch women giving you the eye.
With my chest pressed tight to you, and the vibrations rocketing up my fanny and pussy right to my brain, I think of how I must look in my skirt and pony tail, probably like some cross between a 50's badgirl on the back of her lovers bike, and a free love hippie of the 60's, cruising down the highway.

We come to a bar, dark on the outside, no name, the type of place you wouldn't go to by accident. But you seem familiar with it, and take my hand and lead me in. Inside, I know my mouth hangs open, this is too cool! A biker bar for chicks, like you read about but no one ever finds. In your denim and leathers, you fit right in, but I seem to be in the minority here, and the women stare at me like the guys do when we go out, and I scooch closer to you. I ask for a whiskey, and you say I'm getting a coke, and I blush as the bartender smiles at me when I say "yes ma'am."
I take a thin leather lead and attach it to your collar, making it known that you belong to me.
We find a table in a dark corner. I just let you look, taking in everyone. Your eyes are so wide as you stare and smell the scent of leather and stale beer. There is a small raised platform at one end of the floor, and you ask me what that is for, obviously dreaming up some torture. I tell you that I will show you.

Leaving you for a moment, I go up to the bar tender, a tattooed skinhead woman, with beautiful eyes. I motion to you and talk a bit more and she nods, and smiles a wicked smile in your direction. While I am away from you, you start to feel the eyes of all those women crawling over you, taking in your erect nipples and short skirt. You put your head down and make sure that your leash is visible. My good girl.

Something in the crowd changes when you put the leash on me. I would have figured it was obvious I was yours when we came in, but that act of ownership seems to have meant something more to the crowd, and while I still am getting stared at, there is less tension in the air.

I am cuddling up to you, just looking around, and I see a small stage, and of course my over active imagination takes off and I wonder if this is some type of SM club you have brought me to! I whisper my fears to you, and you laugh at me, good natured, but as always amused by me.

My imagination really goes into overdrive when you leave me to go talk to the bartender, and I see the two of you smiling and pointing. Something is up, and my nipples get that scary excited crinkle, and I notice that a lot of interest is in my direction now that I am solo,so I wisely avoid eye contact, so as not to encourage them, and so as not to anger you, I do not want you to think I am flirting. I hold myleash in my hands, visible to all, but keep the looped end out of sight so as not to appear like I am looking to have someone take it.

Now, back at your side, you ask what I was talking about, noticing that the woman behind the bar is looking you up and down. I tell you that I said I would show you, not tell you, and give you a gentle swat on the butt.

I walk you over to the platform, and make you stand there. I go to the jukebox and drop a few coins and push a few buttons. As the music starts, I tell you to dance for me, strip for me, and only me.

You look terrified, up there all alone. I say it again, with more force this time, to strip for me. You have done it at home, now do it here. So, you begin to sway a little, face red. As the catcalls start, I can see you take a deep breath and decide to just do it. Suddenly, you are dancing for me, with all the abandon that you make love with.

You shimmy out of your skirt, showing your ass to the crowd of women.They love that. Then the halter slowly gets untied, as you look in my eyes and let it drop. I am so very wet from watching you, in your naked glory, so confident. The women approach you, waving dollarbills, and you let them put them in your leather thong.

The music stops, and you realize that you are on a stage, in front ofstrangers. You start to hurriedly grab up your clothes, when you see me shake me head no. Then you stand there, nearly naked, and wait.

I ask what's going on, cause you have something set up, and you tease me and swat my ass, and that provokes great laughter from the watchers. I am then lead to the platform, and placed on it, and you unhook my leash and go to the jukebox, and now I get it.

You tell me to dance for you, strip for you, and only you.

I hear the music but I don't, and I just can't, I've only ever danced for you, and now here...

Then I hear your words, "Dance for me.." and I understand, and I hear the music, and I KNOW this song, for I have danced to it for you at home. We had watched something once on HBO, and I had laughed at a couple of strippers, saying I could do better, and you had teased me and I had pouted, of course.

I told you that when I was in the army, I used to go to strip clubs with the guys, and something I had noticed, was that the dancers who got the crowd going, were not always the prettiest, or doing the sluttiest moves, but the ones that felt the music. You had me show you. So I had put on this song and danced for you.

I had heard it in the movie From Dusk to Dawn, and it was After Dark by Tito and the Tarantulas, and it was slow, and bluesy and raw sex.

And you played it for me now,and I lost myself in the music, ignoring the calls from the women to get off the stage, thinking I was some shy virgin, and I let my hair down from my ponytail, and swept it across the stage in one slow sweeping bend as I rolled my ass and looked at you.

Then I put one foot right in front of the other, and pivoted in time to the music, one leg cocked in front and knee bent,and I slowly rolled my hips as I straightened my legs and bent over,ass towards you and pulled my skirt off.

There were no cat calls now, there was no crowd. There was only you and me and the music. I danced and swayed and shimmied and swept my hair up with my hands, releasing it as my arms reached high over myhead. Later, I would realize what had been said, the collective gasp as my welted ass come on view, the red stripes visible on my paleflesh, under the stage light, and someone gasped out a husky "damn"and now the lust was in the air, and I could smell the musk of the crowd, their wanting, their needing, and women approached the stage,and I looked at you and you gave your consent,and only then did I get close enough so that they could gift me, but I never stopped my hips,even as they played with my panties, and there were stray fingers on my puss and between my cheeks, and I heard gasps as they felt the base of the plug, and then I would spin away...

Then the moment is passed, the song is ended, and I go to get dressed and hurry to your side once more, before one of these women grabs me and just takes me, but you stop me, so I stand there, knee bent,hands in front of me, looking down at the floor, but sneaking peeks at you.

The bar tender walks on the stage beside you. She announces that they are having an auction and the winner gets you. You look in my direction, but I'm lost in the crowd. You don't see me.

The biddingstarts.

$100, $125, $300 ... $450

You think would I really leave you? Would I let these women have you?

Then from the back of the crowd, you hear, "$5,000" spoken in my voice. The bartender announces that I am the winner, much to the dismay of the women around the stage.

The barkeep, puts a small table on the stage and tells you to stay there. The crowd parts as I walk up to her and hand her a thick wad of bills. Then I'm on the stage with you, kissing you deep and hard.I bite your lip and lick away the blood. Kissing and biting and licking my way down your body, you aren't aware of all these people watching you, watching us.

I slide the little thong down off of your ripe ass, and can see the wetness in the crotch. This I toss to the crowd, one big woman catching it and immediately putting it to her face to smell the scentyou have left.

Spinning you around, I pull the butt plug out with an audible pop.The crowd goes wild, as I too toss that to them. You are blushingfuriously now, naked in front of these cheering horny women.

Kissing you again, I turn you and gently bend you over the table. I lick and kiss the back of your neck and down your spine. You moan and gently writhe. Then you hear a zipper, mine, being undone. The head of the strap-on I have been wearing bounces on your ass. Then, ever so slowly, I slide into your stretched rear opening. I can feel you stiffen up, and I whisper, easy, easy, I love you pet. As you relax the entire dildo slides into you.

You had enough lube on the plug to make this very slick, as we rock back and forth together. My hand slides around to your pussy, gently pulling and rubbing your hard little clit. You are so wet, my sweetbaby. I think you like to be an exhibitionist, don't you, and smack you on the ass. You cry out with that, and cum so hard and long that I think you will pull me into you, never to be seen again. I bite down on your shoulder as the force of your orgasm makes me cum as well.

Then I slowly pull out of your tired body. Zipping myself back up, Idress you tenderly, and pick you up to carry you out the door. As we ride home, you don't say a word, you just hold me so tight. The wind takes my words from me...I Love you baby...

And then the bartender announces that I am to be auctioned off, and inside I scream NO! but if this is what you wish of me, I will be your good girl and make you proud. I am surprised, and I am ashamed to say, prideful in how fast the bidding goes up, and my pusy is getting wetter, and I hope that I am pleasing you. Then suddenly,$5000, and I know that voice, and I understand, and I start to cry,but out of happiness, for I know how you have gifted me here, shown me how special I am to you, and I only wish I could repay you...

You are there then, and you pay her, and the table is on the stage,and you kiss me and bite my lip hard till I moan and my knees buckle and I squeal, and melt against you. I am such a bad girl, I should be pleasing you, and yet I am lost in your touch, you own me, and I can think of nothing else than my own selfish desires as I moan and gasp and coo, and then my panties are off, and I am faced to the front,your hand wrapped in my hair, pulling my head back, kissing my throat, while your fingers trace the "Mine" tattoo on my bare pussy,and the crowd sees and roars it's approval.

You spin me around, ass and welts facing them now, and bend me slightly over your leg, and I feel drunk, with love and desire and lust, and you spread me wide and I blush, even though I am already naked, and have danced for these women, when they can see everything,and again that sharp intake of breath as they see the base of the plug, and you rotate it and pump it in and out, then "POP!" it's out and they laugh at my wide eyes..., and I try to kiss you, but cannot.

You kiss me, totaly in charge, and then I am bent over that low table, ass high, nipples hardening against the chill wood, and when you lick down my back to my ass, I raise it and offer it up to you like I am your cat in heat. My legs are spread, my ass arched, and I moan and beg for relief, and I show you and them how shameless I am,and everything I have, wet and pink and open.

I feel the strap on bang onto my ass, and I think "Yesssss! Baby's gonna fuck meeeeee!" and I feel you against my ass, not square on,but leaning against one hip, like in a porn vid, so everyone can see me, and what you are going to do to me, as you slide that big dildothrough my wet lips, and then to my winking wanting ass.

Ohhh Geezzzz you have the big one on and I stiffen, and you tell me to relax, and submissive slut that I am , my body obeys you ,instantly, and I open wide for you, taking you all the way up me,reaching my ass back for it, and then I hear the music, the same song I stripped to, and from the back of the bar, by the jukebox, thebartender calls out "dance for her" and the crowd softly takes it upand I do, I dance for you my love.

I roll and writhe and shimmy and squirm, rubbing my breast and belly against the table, turning my head and shoulders far to the side, catching you by surprise with a kiss and a nip.

The fingers on my clit bring me close, and then your whisper in my ear and the sharp spanks bring me over the edge, to an explosive climax, and then another, and another, and another, and you are biting and kissing and touching and spanking and fucking and rubbing and spanking and I collapse, utterly spent, utterly loved, utterly owned....

You dress me, sans panties, and carry me out to the bike, and I beg to be allowed to remove the ben wa balls, I don't think I can take anymore and don't want to fall off the bike when I come again...

You laugh, and reach under my skirt as we kiss, and you pull them out as I shudder again.

I hear your words of love as I cuddle lovingly against your back, head tucked close, arms around you, and wonder how I am ever going to show you how much I love you...

::Mouth hits the floor::Day-yum!
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Redd B
WOW!!! Speechless. can't ...find ...enough...words. just WOW!!!
Wednesday February 27, 2008 - 05:02am (PST) Remove Comment

love it you naughty girl good job very well done
Wednesday February 27, 2008 - 09:53am (EST) Remove Comment
LOL Redd. You really are a Charm. I thought the Same thing! Great writing, Angie. And if I didn't mention before, I loved how you wrote from the perspective of each lover. A Great write!Kisses!~Sly
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Offline IM
OMG!!!!!! Hot, oh so very hot!!!!! This is stuff to make blush and want oh so much more and wish it was me. Lovely!!!!
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