Saturday, June 13, 2009

At the beach, F/F domestic

It was one of those hot days so common here, where the trade winds barely blew, and your skin became damp with sweat so quickly.

We were laying out, till we became too warm, and then would run into the waves, gasping, because even though the water was warm, to our sun heated skin, it felt chilled, and I could feel my nipples become hard, and I know some may think I am exagerrating, but my breasts seemed to swell in the ocean water as well.

We would play and touch, and I wrapped my legs around her,my arms around her neck, my eyes dancing, and then I would hug her tight as we kissed, her hands on my fanny below the water, her nipples rubbing against mine...

And all this loving kissing and petting was getting me terribly excited, and then we would stop, and go back to our towels on the sand, bodies bumping against each other, almost touching as we lay there, legs bent, playing footsie with each other.

Teasing her, being a bit of a brat, till she would give me a good playful (but hard!) spank on my wet, bikinied bottom. And I would squeal and fuss, till she kissed me and told me to be good.

And then back in the water again. And this last time, she got especially frisky, hands wandering to the strings of my top, and no sooner did I try to rescue, and try to retie my top, then those same knowlegeable fingers had the ties on my bottoms undone, and I was fighting a loosing battle, and then my bottoms were gone.

Her hands on my bare wet fanny know, legs still around her waist, and I was so in love and aroused, and spread my cheeks apart, and played with me front and back, no long build up here, she knew how I liked it, what I needed and she was going to give it to me, and I melted into her, face against her shoulder and neck, sucking gently on her neck, cooing, and then she stopped!
I gasped, I was SO close, so needy so desperate, and I looked up with pleading eyes, into her laughing ones, and she kissed me Hard before I could whimper out my pleas, taking what little air I had.

And when she pulled back, as she looked down into my face, she told me she would gift me, if I thought it was worth a forfeit. I didnt' even ask what she wanted, but almost crying simpy said yes, please, please pleaseeeeeee

And gift me she did, thumb working my clit, lightly sucking my tongue into her mouth, finger sliding into me, curing slightly, finding the spongy delicious warmth of the gspot, and a finger from her other hand, as I began to peak, teased at the entrance to my anus, and my eyes went wide, and I clamped down on her finger, now fingers, hard, and I felt the finger at my back door press in, firmly, insistently, and claim me there as well, as she kissed me and fingered me and I exploded, squeezing her fingers as she stroked and rubbed and took me....

When I recovered, we were still in the water, and her hands were under my fanny, myhead on her chest, and she gave me a sweet kiss, and let me set my feet down, but she kept my bottoms...

And then we swam back to shore, but she told me to follow her, and we went a short ways away from the towels, to a rocky outcropping, and to the sometimes beach there, which the tides allowed. And she sat on a water smoothed rock bench, and pulled me over her lap, trapping my left leg between hers, which served to further part my fanny cheeks more even than a normal otk position would have.

And she started spanking me right away, hard spanks, made harder by soaked fanny, and wet spankings are always So much more painful, and seawater wet spankings more painful yet! And I had just climaxed several wonderful times, and that decreased my tolerance as well, but no mercy did she take.

I was teary by ten spanks, crying by 20, but I got far more than 20, and she had anwsers for all my tearful pleadings. Such as when I said someone was going to hear or see, she simply said they would have good memories to take back from vacation with them, and hoped they had a vid recorder!

It was a sound spanking, top to bottom, side to middle to side, and in between spread cheeks as well, Oh that's tender there!

And as she spanked, she told me how she was going to let me thank her for my earlier climax, and for taking the time to spank me now, when we got home, how I was going to worship her with lips and tongue and fingers, and even though the tears were falling heavily, I whispered out a heartfelt "I love you, Ma'am..."


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