Saturday, June 13, 2009

Jennifer Ann and sly Samantha Johnson! F/ff

Entry for September 15, 2008 Jennifer Ann and sly Samantha Johnson!

I don't know What the heck is going on with you two girls this time, but it Stops Now, is that understood!?

I AM going to get to the bottom of this, even if that means having to paddle Both your little bottoms first!

I am tired of the fussing, the quibbling, the tattling, all of it!

Now, sly, hush!Spank! Mommie's talking now, Not you, young lady!

If this is how you behave for me, I Hate to think how you have been behaving for your sister and Nikki as soon as I'm out the door!

I'm beginning to wonder why it is that I don't come home More often then I do, to find your little bottom stuck in the corner!

And you can just wipe that smile off your face right now, Jennifer Ann! And Nicola Anne, unless Your fanny wants to be a part of this, I Strongly suggest you lose Your smirk as well, and sit there very quietly!

Jenny, if you think for One moment that I think you are all grown up at 16, oh, you are so sadly mistaken my dear!

Let me spell it out for you again, young lady. As Long as you live in my house, you will do as I say. And, even when you leave my house, Jennifer Ann, and do something Stupid, you will still find you will Always be Mommie's little girl! I won't care if you are in college, or out of it!

And that goes for you as well, Nikki!

sly, I would suggest you stick your tongue back in your mouth Now, unless you want it washed with soap, babygirl!

You shouldn't be gloating at all, little miss!

Because the same goes for you! If your sister who is Older than you by six years is still subject to spankings, and Will be for a very long time to come, guess what that means for you?!

Now, I want to hear what is going on, and I want to hear it Now! Am I making myself understood, or do some panties need to come down First?!


but Mommie! That's it! i was trying to tell you what was going on, and i din't do Anything! Jennifer is after me and trying to spank me and corner me and i didn't do Anything! An, Mommie, she said she was gonna put me in the corner for THIRTY minutes, an i din't even DO Anything!i Din't!love,sly

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