Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sister problems part 2 f/f

I pouted, but I knew she wasn't joking either, so as soon as she got out the door, I finished drying off and got changed. The stupid vest and even dumber panties,then the blouse and jumper.

Dang. I looked in the mirror, turned my head, turned and looked again. Dang! I didn't really look any different in this then I had when I was 12! I could feel how hot my face was, and I felt sort of teary, too.

I wasn't sure how much time I had left, I had sorta lost track, so I got my fanny out and down and found Sly. It was a good thing I had, as even though she was yapping on the phone again (ha, so much for Sly not thinking she was girly), probably with Ellen, she actually had the kitchen timer out on the coffee table! Gosh! I had about 45 seconds left but I'm glad I hadn't dawdled any longer.

"....yeah, sorry, so stuck here for at least today, and probably going to have to be babysitting her for the rest of the week as well..."

I blushed again, I didn't think she really had to say babysitting, she was just showing off and being mean, now.

"..but yeah, they didn't say I couldn't have anyone over, just that she couldn't. So stop on by whenever you want,'k, and keep me company. Hang on a sec, a'right?"

She put the phone down, but didn't bother covering it up.

"Well you just made it, smart. You need to get started on your chores, Mommie left the list for you on kitchen table. "

And that was that, she didn't even say anything else, I was just ignored, dismissed.

"Slllyyy come on, can't I wait a bit and then get started? I've got plenty of time, and ..."

I sorta didn't finish as she just looked at me again.

"Yeah, sorry, hang on again, I have to take care of something real quick. No, no need to hang up this won't take long."

Sly was standing now, and I'm a lot smaller anyway, and in my old clothes, I felt Really small. And young.

"Angie? Come here please, now."

Crud. And she had That look to. I went, not fast but I went.

I got there, and couldn't look her in the eye. So I looked at the floor.

"S-Sly? I'm sorry, I won't backtalk anymore, I'll go do my chores an...."

She just put her finger to my lips then, and very softly tapped them. Pops she called them. I shut up and even my ears felt hot now.

"Angie? I know you are going to do your chores now. Because I told you to. I'm not going to put up with you backtalking, sassing, or arguing with me everytime I tell you to do something, okay? And this is the only warning I'm going to give you. If I have to repeat myself after this, if I have to tell you something twice, if you backtalk me, I'm not going to argue. I'm going to spank you until you are really, really sorry you didn't mind me right off the bat. Angie, do you understand me?"

Her finger was still on my lips, so with big eyes, I rapidly nodded yes that I did!

"Good. Turn."

I squeaked as she actually turned me as she said it, and then I squeaked again but didn't move as she pulled the back of my jumper up and then pinned it up in back so my panties were showing! I almost whined out 'Slyyyy!' again, but stopped myself before it left my lips.

She took my left wrist, and raised my arm up, and I gasped as she said "hold still", then squealed and danced as she swatted me four times, Hard right across my panties!

"Scoot" she said, so I scooted, cringing a bit at the next, "and don't you dare unpin your dress, I'll let it down when I'm ready. Good. Hey, Ellen? yeah,no, it's fine, Angie was just acting out, so had to swat her is all. Sure, come on over now, not a problem."


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  1. *sinister little grin* I Love it, Angie. Great story! So cute...loved how you stopped yourself from whinning out my name again after I popped your lips.

    And I see you've paid close attention over the years with all the little subtle refrences to how you are treated and kept in your place...

    It's always a thrill to read your stories as well as refreshing to my soul! The family stories are my favorite! Can't wait to hear the rest...although I already know where some of this is leading to. LOL...a spanking in front of my friends is a given, young lady!


    Love you!