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Switching clothes, F/f rl

I am so happy! This is one of the first stories I ever wrote, real life or otherwise, and I thought it was gone! Found it, and so posting it here, hope you all like.

Switching clothes Ff, rl

I was raised in the Midwest in a very small farming community, a population of one thousand. Even though this took place in the mid seventies, for all practical purposes, the lifestyle there was very much like right out of the 50's.

I was spanked (as were my three sisters, 2 older, 1 younger) by my parents, grandmothers, aunts, and by neighbor moms (very much the concept of you were everyone's daughter, and you never complained to mom that you got spanked by your friends mom, because there was always the slim chance she hadn't told your mom, cause if she found out, you'd get it again at home for not behaving as you had been taught to).

All of my friends got spanked too, as did my cousins, it was just a fact of life and more than a few of us (the majority actually, even if they wouldn't admit it, but that is what little sisters are for, to share your secrets with the world) got it all through high school.

Mom was the primary spanker, as she was not one of these wait till your daddy gets home types. Severity of the spanking depended on age, offense, and whether it had been a repeat offense. Most were OTK affairs, on panties or bare bottoms, with hand or brush, but as I got older, a paddle was introduced (actually introduced to my older sisters first) for special talks. It was one of those tourist type paddles (ours said board of education,for best results apply frequently and firmly to her seat of learning!, and had a picture of two girls bent over getting it on their panties), and hung in the hall closet. A strap was also available for real serious lessons, and it was wicked one with a short wooden handle. It didn't leave real welts, but would burn like no ones business. Spankings were also public affairs for the most part, open to view by any female around, but never by guys. This was in part to add to the punishment, and to serve as a reminder to the others.

This story happened in '75 when I was a teen, a late blossomer, and just starting to fill out, FINALLY! This was a major sore spot for me, as both of my older sis's had started developing quite the figures earlier, and in the manner of loving sis's everywhere, never hesitated to remind me of my boyish figure, and that I would probably NEVER develop. So when I finally did, it was a big deal, and I was very, very proud of my new curves.

Still not much on top, but my hips and bottom started to curve out real nice, and I wanted to be noticed. Didn't really want to do anything with my new curves, but I did want them admired. So began the fight between mom and me, as I tried for things that she thought were too tight, or short or low cut, or a combination of the above.

"But sheeeeee gets to wear them" I would whine, refering to my oldest sis, in college. "That's different" would come the reply. "She's older, she paid for them herself, and she still doesn't get to wear all of her stuff when she is here at home." (Which was true, as mom said she could either stop showing off so much in her mini, or she would bare her bottom for her. She changed.)

I also got in some minor trouble for sneaking into my older sister's room and 'borrowing' some of her clothes. She had this miniskirt that I just loved! The miniskirt craze hit a few years after it was so popular out on the coasts here. But I was caught, told not to borrow without permission from the owner, and told that anyway that skirt was way too short. So I pouted and took it off.

In the manner of teenage girls, I moped and complained to my friends. And then Sue had this great idea, why not just sneak the clothes out of the house, and then change at school? What a brilliant plan! I couldn't believe no one had ever thought of this before, it was so simple, what could ever go wrong?

So we started bringing a couple of different things to school, changing in the lockers, and changing again before going home. I never got caught, so I got bolder and bolder with each success. With my new wardrobe, I was getting more attention, which I liked. And then it happened.

One day I decided to wear sis's mini, the one I had been told not to wear, but how was mom ever going to find out? So I 'borrowed' it (after all, she maybe would have said yes if she had been home from college, and had known that it was there and I wanted it - it wasn't my fault that it kinda sorta got put in the laundry as she was getting ready to leave that last weekend), packed it in my bag, and headed my tight (well, as tight as mom would allow) jean covered butt out the door, feeling pretty smug. I changed at school, and did I get the looks, cause it was short.

This guy I really really liked and his friends asked me and my friends to get lunch off campus at the local burger joint (going off campus was permitted for lunch, and when I said the local joint, I meant it, as there was one truck stop, the bowling alley, and this one cafe, that's it). So there I was, letting him buy me a coke, burger and fries, and then I went and played pinball with him. I was leaning over the machine, swaying my ass, hoping he'd look, but not even thinking of just how much of a show I was putting on at the time! (No, really, I didn't know, at least not until I sat down and my girlfriends whispered about how almost all of my panties were on display, and how everyone was looking! I was SO glad they waited until everyone got a look instead of coming up and telling me at the time! When I asked why they didn't tell me, they said they didn't want to interrupt things with me and my crush!)

We went back to school, I changed at the end of the day, and we went home. Mom was waiting for me when I got there, and little sis was there also. Mom started in right away, asking me if there was anything I wanted to tell her in that mom kind of tone that makes your butt clench!

So, as I always did when ambushed, I panicked and lied to save my ass! (Although it really wasn't a lie, as I could think of several things she probably would not have been happy with, but nothing I WANTED to tell her though).

"Uhm, no ma'am, it was just a normal day at school, why? (Another hard learned lesson, never admit a crime they don't already mention, as they may not know about it!)

"Angie, are you sure there isn't something we need to talk about?"

"No ma'am (politeness is always good at times like this), well I have homework to do..." but then everything fell apart.

The short version is, one of the ladies from church, a gossip who mom didn't like, had happened to be in the cafe when I was, along with a couple of other women from church, and they had seen everything! Mom had gotten a call from her, the woman saying she was sure that she didn't know what one of her daughters was doing. Mom had thanked her, and then called one of the other women who confirmed the news.

She asked me if this was true, and tearfully I nodded yes, unable to speak. She asked where the skirt was, and I pointed to my bag, and she got it out. And was she ever mad! I was told to bend over the back of the couch, and little sis was sent to get the paddle while mom started the lecture.

My crimes were many.

1. Borrowing without permission, something I had a real problem with.
2. Taking a skirt I had been SPECIFICALLY FORBIDDEN to wear.
3. Lying to mom by omission, in that I had been changing at school, and not letting her know what I was doing.
4. Lying to mom when asked if there was anything I wanted to tell her, knowing what she meant (and I had). Not once, but twice!
5. Behaving in an improper manner, not befitting the manner in which she had brought up her daughters.
6. And worst of all, causing her to lose face in front of all the church ladies, and to cause the family to be the butt of gossip about that wild Angie girl, and her poor family, and if she dressed like that and let all the boys get such a show in public, why what must she be like on a date! etc, etc.

The paddle had been brought somewhere during this lecture, and there was no shouting or screaming or name calling, there never was, it was all very matter of fact. Then with a "I thought I told you those jeans were too tight" the paddling started, and thin nylon panties and tight thin jeans don't offer much protection, but do serve to hold the heat in and lift and separate each cheek for the paddle. I don't know how many I got, but sis told me it was over 20.

Then blubbering mess that I was, my jeans were pulled down and I was sent to the corner. In the meantime, my other sis got home in time to enjoy the show. I was left there for a while, then made to change into the mini I had worn that day, and then I was bent back over couch. At the collective gasps from behind me, I knew that what the girlfriends had told me was not an exaggeration, I must be putting a lot on display!

Older sis was told to get the strap, and she returned, looking sorry for me, and little sis was crying. And then I got a good strapping right over my panties with my mom telling me that since I liked showing my panties off, the strap might as well get a turn too. I was already a mess, but this was awful, and I answered (or tried to) anything I was asked, and begged and pleaded for her to stop. She covered my whole bottom from the top to the top of my thighs, and the whole thing throbbed and throbbed and burned. Then back to the corner, skirt up.

After a while, sis said about 15 minutes, back over mom's lap for a panties down hand and lecture session during which I promised eternal goodness and daughterly virtue. In truth, the hand spanking wasn't that bad, but as we got older, mom always finished with a bare bottom handspanking, thinking the added embarrassment added to the punishment, and she was right.

Then I was sat up, given a kiss and hug, told that I was forgiven , and allowed to go upstairs, where I went as fast as my sore little ass could. I lay on my bed, bare bottom up, crying, and the sis's came in to comfort me, and I didn't even care that I was bare, I let them stay and they got cold cloths and lotion and it helped some.

Then daddy came home (funny, it was always daddy to me, and mom but not mommy, unless I was getting it, then it was mom, momma, mommy, whatever litany or recipe I thought would end my suffering) and little sis went downstairs to hear what was going on. Mom always told him what happened with his girls, and sometimes if you really screwed up (like joyriding in a car that you didn't know the boys had borrowed, for example) you got another lesson from him too, so I was tearfully relieved when she came back up to say that mom had said that she had taken care of everything, which was her way of saying the matter was closed, and it was.

Then it was supper time, and I was called down to join the family. Mom had a pillow on the chair, and I blushed and tears came, but no one teased. In our house, a spanking really did clear the slate, and it was most unusual to get an additional punishment. You were part of the family again, and that was that. And if mom or daddy caught one of us teasing another too much about a punishment, then we got a chance to see if we thought a spanking was funny!

So ended my clothes changing career, and for that matter, tight jeans for the next few days, until things had a chance to heal. Those hard school chairs are a real bitch to sit on with a fresh spanked ass, and gym is no joy either, having to change with everyone else, and try to hide your bruised butt. But I never did that one again. Other stuff yes, that one no.

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