Saturday, July 11, 2009

site alert!

Just found a new blog (to me, anyway) today, and if you love MF/f family stories, is she ever for you! I have read lots of her work on a different site, and So nice to see all of her Great stories in one place! Although her 'The Letters' series really pull at my heartstrings, just want to give that poor girl a hug!

And her Leah stories is hands down, one of my all time fave F/f series, ever! Everything is so true to life. Fantastic writing. Although the Lily series is a close second, could really use another installment.

So, check out:

Spanking Stories by Kate

So be sure to drop by there, read, and leave a comment or two or three. See, lurkers, here's a little hint. If you Like to read spanking stories, and Like the stories that you are reading, compliment the dang author or authoress! That is positive feedback and they respond to that by writing more stories, see how that works?

Contrary to popular belief, most writers are not doing this for themselves, we are really pretty much exhibitionists, and not only want people to look, but to comment as well.

ps Kate, some stories of mine you might like are under the 'family' label. All F/f situations, and most were not posted at the site you and I shared.

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  1. Thanks for the tip. I'll check her out. Maybe her stories will help me get that Afternoon Delight song out of my head so I can go to bed. ;)