Saturday, June 13, 2009

I came into the front room, part 1,F/ff, family

I had been doing dishes, drying them, well, Kara was helping, cause I sorta forgot to do them last week, and Mom said since I couldn't remember to use the dishwasher, maybe I'd remember better if I had to wash and dry all the dishes by hand for the rest of the week!

Which was totally unfair, of course, but Mom really didn't seem to appreciate the little 'tch' sound I made as I rolled my eyes, and then said "well, 'k, Fine then!".

I decided as I did the dishes soon after, bare and red bottomed and still crying, that I should maybe learn to watch my mouth.

Anyways, Kara was over, and she was helping me clean up the dishes from the after school snacks we and the brats had had.

I walked into the front room, and saw superbrat, and her equally bratty friend Ellen, kneeling on the love seat, peeking out the window at something, butts sticking out.

I poked Kara, pointed at them, wiggled my towel and she smiled and giggled.

We twisted the wet towels, and with perfection that came from many towel wars at the pool and locker room, we each flicked our towels at the two bottoms!


followed by echoed squeals, then sly's "Juuullllieeeeee Donnnnn'tttt!"

and then, instead of a counterattack, she said "LOOK! Mommy's Really really mad!"

So, Kara and I looked, our heads above the brat's.

Wow, she wasn't lying, Mom Was Really really mad!

Jen's car was in the driveway, Mom's right behind it, and she was almost to the door, AND she had a hold of Jen's ear, and Nikki's ear too and was leading them into the house!

It was sorta funny, Jen being so much taller than Mom, the way she had them both on tiptoe squeaking like that!

She musta made one of them open the door, cause she still had hold of their ears as she pushed Nikki through first, and drug Jen in after.

Mom had quite the attentive audience, as we caught the ongoing lecture, I'm sure all our mouths were open.

"...-any times have I Told you about driving and talking on the phone? DON'T sass me when I'm lecturing to you, young lady!"

Oh man, never good, she was in that Mad Mom stage of asking questions, and then scolding you when you thought you were supposed to answer!

"Don't you Dare lie to me young lady!" CRACK!

Wow Mom is fast!

I mean, she still had hold of poor Nikki's ear, let go of Jen's, whacked her bottom Hard and had her ear again just that fast!

"I Saw you as you went speeding by! And, that wasn't a complete stop, young lady, that was a rolling stop and we have talked about that too!"


And she had her ear again!

And then when I pull up behind you, neither of you have your seatbelts on! Idiots!"


Each got it that time!

"For smart girls, you two seldom act that way! Hold still!"

And then she took hold of Jen's skirt, and lifted it over her fanny, and tucked it in her waist.

Jen's pink bikini's were now on display, and boy did they look tight!

"And Another thing, Jennifer Ann Johnson!" CRACK CRACK CRACK!

"Stop CRACK rolling CRACK your CRACK skirt CRACK up CRACK after CRACK school! CRACK!"

"Oh, stop your crying young lady, I'll Give you something to cry about in a minute, missy! Nikki! Move your hands Now, young lady!" And then Mom undid Nikki's pants and pulled them down and off ! And her black boy cut panties were showing.

I don't know about Kara, but I was blushing. I mean, one thing to watch your sister catch it, but watching as Mom spanked one of your friends was different! Although not as bad as being spanked by one of your friends' moms....

"Corner, now, both of you!"


"No, not the same one, for heaven's sake! You, that one, you that one!"


Looked like it was going to be quite the after school special...


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