Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sue decided that her wife Jen, and I, F/FF, rl

Something I posted at SIN about four years ago, and yes, it did happen. For those that don't know that back story, Sue is the Head of House (HOH) in their relationship, like Jack is in ours. She is a lesbian, Jen is bi, like me. While they still lived here, I would get play, and punishment spankings from Sue.
...have been developing too much the potty mouth lately; she also insists that we have become sassy, argumentative, and backtalkish.

I disagree.

But she doesn't seem to care. She says she has something different for us this time. She leads us to the guest bedroom, the one at the end of the hall, the one we never really use or play in, actually saving it for guests. This bit of the unknown is unnerving.

Once there, we are each put in separate corners, and my shorts are pulled down, along with my panties, and my hands are placed behind my back above my fanny. I can then hear her walk over to Jen, and I can hear her skirt being rolled up, and the sound of a sharp slap, with an accompaning girlish squeak, and then the rustle of nylon panties descending.

The voyeur in me wants to know which pair she has on, but the coward in me remains facing the corner, silent.

Sue leaves, but returns shortly, purposeful steps, like everything she does, announcing her arrival. I feel her fingers on my ear just after I sense her behind me; this means not only that I'm going first, but that she is more irritated with Jen than myself, going second is always more horrid, neither of us is terribly brave, and a coward dies a thousand deaths.

She sits on a chair, next to a nightstand with a bowl on it, and pulls me, sitting, on to her lap. Then she reaches into the bowl, and says open. I do, closing my eyes as I see what looked like a soapstick in her hand, and then it is in my mouth!

I start to fuss and sputter and cry, and she stands me back up, holding my hands, while I dance in distress. She has me in the corner again,facing her now, so she can see I'm keeping the soap in, and the LAST thing I'm worried about now is being bare to her eyes from the waist down.

I see Jen marched over to the chair, and later I realize that the panties I was interested in are palest blue, sheer little nylon bikinis. She sputters with the soap treatment, as did I, and then back in her corner, and the scolding starts, about our language, our attititude, she covers everything.

She comes over to me, and takes out the soap, but doesn't let me run to the bathroom to rinse or spit, and I stand there quietly crying and feeling more sorry for myself than sorry for my actions.

Sue then tucks me under her left arm, my fanny to her front,and I brace for the expected maternal style spanking, but instead, fingers spread my cheeks wide, and that soap stick is reintroduced to my body!

I squeal, squeak, fuss and cry and beg, but she ignores me, tells me to stand still, to be a good girl, and to behave. I'm listening Much better already, I assure you.

Jen makes even more of a fuss, having seen already what is in store. Now her fingers are at my ear, and I'm back over her lap, and she picks up her brush. I tell her I'm sorry, and she says that she doubts that, that the only thing I or my 'sister' is sorry about at this moment is getting taken to task.... And she assures us both that we both will be Very sincerely sorry when she is finished.

And my last semi coherent thought before the spanking begins is realizing that the closest bathroom is down the hall....


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