Monday, June 15, 2009

Vicky part 4, F/F

I know it's been a long time, so you might have to go back and reread the first parts again. *************************************************************************************
I walked out with Vicky, bags with her new purchases in her hand. Now, again, many men in my place would have forced things, went to fast. But she already had plans, that was why she had gotten her pretty new lingere in the first place.

But I did want her to think of me, so as we hugged before we went our separate ways, when my hand was around her back, I softly slid her dress up slightly, not enough for anything to show, oh no.

But when I did that, I also pressed into her new teddy underneath, that I had told her to wear home. So when I gently tugged her dress up, I tugged her teddy up as well, and from her cute little squeak, it must have slipped nicely between those bouncy little cheeks.

I whispered in her ear before I broke the hug, "Now, Vicky, I don't want you scooching your teddy back down, you naughty girl. Leave it right there, and think of me the rest of the day. Oh, and Vicky, dear? Sometime very soon, you and I are going to be having a talk, young lady. About your language, and other things, an over the lap kind of talk, Vicky dear."

Her blush was adorable, her nipples so hard through her thin teddy and thin dress, but there was no protest, well, not really.

"Oh! Angie! Y-yes Ma'am!" doesn't really count as a protest.

I watched as she crossed the street, hand unconciously rubbing her bottom like a naughty teen in trouble, although the way her dress turned semi sheer in the sun made her look anything but a teen. Delicious.

We talked the next day, and she laughed and said yes, that her teddy and other undies had been a big hit. I could tell she was blushing though, when she told me that she had been worried that she would still have the hand prints from where I had swatted her earlier.

And it is possible she did think that, girls can worry so about such things, even those few spanks weren't going to last for any length of time, but I got such a nice tingle as I thought of her turning and peering over her shoulder to look at her pretty fanny, to see if there was any evidence of her earlier naughtiness.

More small talk, as she told me about her weekend plans, and that was that.

Until Sunday, when she called in the afternoon, pouting that her partner had suddenly been called in on a work emergency. and was going to be gone for the rest of the day, and wouldn't be back until Monday, and she wondered, if I wasn't doing anything, would I maybe sorta want to come over and keep her company?

I said that would be delightful, and that I'd be over shortly, and then packed a bag to put in the car, just in case.

I had a feeling it was going to be a very good visit.


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