Friday, June 12, 2009

I saw Ms. Jones today, F/f, F/F, school, domestic

This has always been one of my faves that I've done, and no, not real life, sorry folks. Hope you like anyways.
Someone wrote me, and asked if I had this yet, so posting this again, all three parts in one now...

I was in the market, taking care of the weeks grocery shopping, when I ran into her. Ms. Jones, my teacher just a few short years ago. At the time I had first met her, when I was but 16, I had thought she was elegant, but older. I realize with hindsight, that she was only in her late 20's at the time. But she was elegant. And she still was today.

I loved Ms. Jones back in High School. No, I mean I loved her. It wasn't just some silly school girl crush. Not that I ever thought she felt that way about me. But every time I saw her walk down the hall,her hips swaying so gently under her proper but fashionable skirts,or any time she smiled at me, my insides would melt.

But my fantasies went beyond her taking me into her arms and kissing me. No, at night, I used to think about us together, not making out or doing other stuff (and I know this sounds foolish, but even though I wanted more, I really had no idea at the time just what 'more' was with another woman) but doing things like going to the theater, orthe opera or ballet, going home together, Our home, nice yard, nice house, I just wanted so badly to be hers.

And then, there were the times I had my naughtier, more shameful fantasies. Where I, as her naughty little wife (because that was how I saw myself in my dreams, as her wife...) would be turned over her knee, my skirt would be lifted high, she would pull my panties down,and then she would Spank me! Hard and long, but it was done because she loved and cared about me, and it would go on despite my tear still she was satisfied. At times like this, I would wake up, flushed and confused and sweating, damp, my fingers sometimes straying.

The closest that my fantasies ever came to be was one day when I was18, in my senior year, when a terrible week came to a head. To this day, I don't know if my subconscious set this up for me, or if fate just conspired in my favor.

But I had failed yet again to turn in an assignment for her, my favorite teacher. Actually, this was the third time this week. The first time, good student that I was, she merely accepted my excuse.But the next day, when it happened again, and my attitude was less than respectful, something along the lines of "look, you KNOW I'll get it done, so why don't you just leave me alone?"

That had earned me a hard look at the time, and an invitation to stay after the class was let out. Whereupon she blistered my ears, with a much deserved scolding. Which ended with her saying that just because I was an excellent student (sigh! She thought I was excellent!) AND one of her favorites, (happy inner sigh again!) that she wasn't about to let me get by with continued breaking of the rules, as well as disrespecting her. After all, she told me, the key to effective and fair discipline was to ensure that all were treated fairly, and in my case, that meant the NEXT time I pulled this little stunt like I had today, I was going to get spanked, just like any other girl in her class!

I blushed furiously, my inner dreams now so close to reality, and a big part of me was simply appalled and sorry that I had made my secret love cross with me, but a part, a not small part, wanted me to dare her to do it right then and there. The coward in me won out. I yes ma'amed her, and got my work done the next two days. Until Friday.

I had problems earlier in the day with a couple of other girls, the more popular ones, and I was already on edge. And then when it came time to turn in my work, it wasn't there. I was looking frantically through my bag, through my desk, through my purse even, when she called on me. Asking me where my homework was.

My head now in my desk, I snapped back that I didn't freaking know where my stupid homework was, and that was what I was looking for right now, or was she blind?

At the sudden gasp from my classmates, my mood and thinking were suddenly clear, and it was as if I had suddenly taken possesion of my body once more, while the imp that had caused this mess was off someplace else laughing her head off at me.

Ms. Jones was NOT amused when I looked up from my desk, and I saw her standing there.

"Angie, stand up and come with me."

I meekly did as she told me to, and followed her with my head down,to the front of the room, and I stood there, tears already welling up in my eyes.

She went behind it, and got her paddle, just like the ones that every other teacher had in their desks, and then she positioned me at the side of her desk, and had me bend over, till I was on tip toe, face towards my classmates. Some (the most, actually) sympathetic, others looking eagerly to what was about to come.

In all my times at school, I had never been spanked. Part in because I was a good girl and a good student, and in part, because I was good, I got by with more than the more adventuresome girls did.

Before I had a chance to fall completely to pieces, my paddling started. Of course, my inner imp had chosen to have me dress in thin, lightweight slacks, and thin nylon panties under them. And OH!how that paddle burned!

I know my eyes got huge and I would have cried out, except I was too busy trying to suck air in to do so! It wasn't until the third paddle stroke that I let out a pathetic strangled cry, and then I just lay there and quietly cried, till all ten, the most she could give, had been delivered.

Sitting was an ordeal, and I only vaguely remember that she had walked me back to my seat, and I remember nothing about the rest of the class at all, only that I sat there with flaming face and bottom,and the rest of the girls were SO quiet, the way it always got after one of us was spanked.

She had me stay after class again, and when she asked if I was okay,I nodded, but then started weeping and she sighed and suddenly I was in her arms, and I was tearily telling her how sorry I was and how I hadn't meant it, and it just felt so right to be there. She held me,and rocked me, and shhhed me, telling me it was okay,and I was her good girl again, and my tummy went all warm inside.

I got a note to take home, no way around that, and when momma saw it,that meant the hairbrush, just like it had for my older less studious sister when she had frequently brought home the dreaded red 'someone got a spanking in school' today note. And the fact that my bottom was still terribly tender didn't stop momma from attending to her duties.

But that night, all I thought about was Ms. Jones, my true love.But the scene was never repeated, except in my mind at night, I was too scared of not being her good girl, to provoke any more trips over her desk.

But then I saw her today. I had just picked something up, and I turned, and there she was! And just as suddenly, all those old feelings were back! I felt like I was a teen again, instead of a recent college graduate! I felt tongue tied and flushed and confused and I was now able to identify those feelings in my tummy for what they were, and that only served to flush my face further!

"M-Ms. Jones, how nice to see you again!"

"Why Angie, what a pleasant surprise! How nice to see you again as well! And please, you aren't my student anymore, it's Tara, not Ms.Jones, I'm not that old..." and that was said with an offhand laugh,and no, she wasn't. She didn't look old at all, she looked, well,delicious. Pale blue silk blouse, opened just enough but not too much, hint of pearls, and pearl studs in her ears, hair swept back and up in a chic coil, and in a skirt like always, a nice gray that clung to her curves so perfectly, and ending just above the knee. I felt faint.

I vaguely and hopefully quickly realized that she was still talking to me, while I was dithering about like a schoolgirl with a crush.With a huge effort of will, I pulled myself back to the present, and tried to focus on what she was saying.

part 2
"...see that you have grown up, cute outfit. And what are you doing these days?"

I blushed, as I had on an outfit, that while not terribly trashy,wasn't what I would have picked out if I had known I was going to run into Ms. Jo-, I mean Tara. I had on the modern uniform of teens and young women, low rider blue jeans, faded to white in the front and back and looking thin across my bottom, and, peeking out daringly(for me anyways!) from under the low waistband, was a contrasting red thong. On top, I had a hippy girl blouse, with a subtle tie died butterfly on it. And while I had been happy with it when I had left the house, now, well now it seemed far too young and immature to impress my lady love.

But when I looked at her face, there was a genuine smile there, no tone of mockery. But there never had been with her.

So I gathered up my confidence, and what little maturity I still had left , and answered her.

"Thank you Tara, I like your outfit as well. But then again, I always thought you dressed so well. I've been trying a few different looks in college and since I've been in college, momma wasn't Quite as strict as she was in High School."

"Anyways, I just graduated from college, with degrees in physics and biology. I'll be entering my PhD program in bio-engineering this fall. I'll be attending university right here in town, and I'm staying at home. By myself for now, momma is staying at her new condo down in Florida for a while,and I have the house to myself."

She oohed appreaciatively at what I had done,and what I was going to be doing, and that, more than anything I had done so far, made me feel like a real grown up. I mean, I knew I had done well in college, but even graduation hadn't felt that much different from my High School graduation. But this affirmation from Tara, that was different. I wasn't her little student anymore, she was treating meas an adult.

She asked me some more questions, about where I had gone to school,and other small talk, and I noticed that we had somehow paid for our purchases, and were walking down the sidewalk as we talked. I stopped with a start, and apologized for monopolizing the conversation. But I did thank her so much for all the help she had provided me during High School, and the confidence she had given me to try to succeed.

I then asked her if she would like to get a cup of coffee or a sandwich or something while we chatted, if she wanted of course, I didn't mean to presume.

She laughed, and said first, that she would like that very much, and laughed again, and asked if I had still been her favorite teacher after the paddling incident!

My face Blazed with heat, as I stammered out of course she had, that I had been thankful for her guidance, and that she had gotten me back on track.

"Good," she said, "You were always my favorite you know, so smart and so mature for your age. I hated to have to do it, I was worried that you would hate me afterward, but I also knew you needed it."

I saw her look down, and I realized I had had one hand unconciously rubbing my bottom while we had been talking about my past paddling,and I laughed with her at the childish reflexive response.

We entered a nice little non chain coffee shop, still chatting like old pals. I admitted, while the moment was upon me, and the thrill of her presence was enough to squash any fears, that I could have used her kind of helping hand a time or two while I had been in college, and then I blushed as she laughed with me.

I then asked Tara what she had been up to, as I had lost contact with her, after graduation. I was shocked when she said she was no longer at my old High School, I thought she was going to be there forever.And I told her so.

She simply looked at me for a moment, as if deciding something, and said that it hadn't been entirely her decision. That she had been asked to leave. Although she hadn't done anything wrong, or broken any rules, the school had been appraised about her 'alternativel ifestyle choice' and felt that it would be better if she didn't return to teach at the private girls school. And that because she hadn't broken her contract, she had recieved the remainder of her 3year contract, and that she currently worked as a private tutor, aswell as teaching and volunteering with a local lesbian support group....

Well, I may be slow and socially unadept, but I was able to put two and two together here, and I told her how sorry I was and how unfair it was, and again, that I was sorry.

Tara told me that was in the past, and in her opinion, best not to be where she wasn't wanted. And while she was talking to me, a part of me was dancing inside, thrilled with the knowledge that she was gay!

A lull in the conversation, my turn to talk, or at least initiate a question, and I asked her if she was seeing someone. After all, I told myself, it was an innocent (Ha!) question, I would have asked the same if she had been straight. But I was dying to hear her answer...

", not for a while now, my last partner and I didn't seem to get along that well after a while. And what about you, Angie? Some special boy in your life these days?"

And was that a little gleam in her eyes as she asked, or simply wishful thinking on my part? And was her leg bumping mine on purpose,or simply her moving it out of the way of the waitress? I felt flushed.

And then I was shocked as I started revealling WAY more about myself than was appropriate, acting as if she was still my teacher and mentor and confidant, and not as the equal and adult she had been treating me moments before. But I couldn't stop babbling, it all poured out.

How I had been with a couple of boys in college, and how it hadn' tworked out at all, how uncomfortable it had all been, How forced, and unnatural. And how I had buried myself in my studies, not that I didn't like my studies, but that it was easier than dealing with my social life, or lack of one, and then I kinda just stopped, and Tara was looking at me, with a sad smile on her face. And my heart wanted me to go on, to tell her that the reason I didn't want a social life,was because I already knew who my love was. But of course, I didn't.

We chatted about other things for a while, and then she had to go,and my heart was breaking, cause here she was and now she was going,and I was never going to see her again, and then she was asking me if I wanted to meet her that night!

I stammered out a "Yes!" (okay, perhaps a mite too eagerly...) as she reached across me, to take care of the bill with the waitress, and my skin was on fire from her brief contact with me.

"...eight oclock, at Lipsticks, if that is okay with you? I really prefer jazz and having a volume that we can still talk to each other without having to shout at each other. Or, geez..." and now Tara was blushing! "...I wasn't even thinking, Angie, if you would rather not go to a lesbian club, I understand."

I laughed, and told her it was okay, that I hadn't known it was a lesbian club, but that I was smiling when she said so, because in the town where I had went to college, there had been another lesbian bar there called Lipsticks, and I had been there a couple of times with friends of mine who were gay. Tara laughed, the relief obvious on her face, as she told me it was Lesbian law, there had to be at least one bar or club called Lipstick in every major city....

She told me how to get there, and before we went our separate ways,she told me not to be late, and patted my bottom before she walked away.

I stammered out a "No ma'am, I won't be..." and was that a flush on Her face now? I hurried home,my face and bottom on fire, my insides melting, leaving my groceries on the table, and ran a quick bath, and I lay back in it as I quickly took care of my growing passion,reveling in my fantasies of us....

Next, Angie and Tara, first 'date'.

The series of crashing orgasms I had in the bath were still not enough to calm my mind, and I was in a dither the rest of the suddenly too long day. Way too much time on my hands till this evening.

And, despite the wicked fantasies I had had in the tub, as I had played with myself as in my mind Tara kissed me and touched me and fondled me, and carressed me and fingered me and licked me and spanked me, over her lap, draped over her desk, standing bent over,how ever my love wanted me, when I came down to earth and could breath again, I tried to be stern with myself.

"She simply is being polite and wants to get together, and talk,silly girl. You are much to young for her (I never thought of her as being to old for me), just because you still have a silly school girl crush on her YET doesn't mean she feels anything for you. So, stop setting yourself up for a heartbreak, and be a grownup." That is what my brain said. My heart, and areas lower, had other ideas.

Brain, heart, and other areas, now wet and puffy and swollen areas,reached a compromise. We would go, we wouldn't act all silly, we would simply see where the evening went. Now, what to wear...

Thirty minutes of digging in my closet and drawers convinced me I had nothing to wear. Damn!
So, a hurried trip to the mall. I was short on cash, but did have the credit card which was from my mom, and only supposed to be used in emergencies. If this wasn't an emergency, I don't know what was.

Now, what to get? I took a breath and thought. She had said jazz tonight. An adult type of club then. No jeans, no minis, no dance club wear. Think girl think! What had Stacy back in college said, she of the Beverly Hills background? Less is more! That was it, when in doubt, less is more!
With that as my mantra I went and shopped. And shopped. And shopped,but I finally found it. A knee length, basic black knit dress, one that went with my curves, showing them off without being skin tight.

Now that I had the dress, time to get the rest. No pantyhose tonight, smoke colored thigh highs. And smoke grey satin tap panties, and matching cami, with wide lace borders on both. I askedthe saleswoman her opinion, and told her I was going to buy something, but wanted it to be the right something. She understood,and told me that the first several choices were okay, but.. But this one, she said, suited me.

I looked at my watch, and suddenly time was flying and so was I!

I hurried home, and took a quick shower, then took a quick appraisingl ook in the mirror back in my room. 5'4", about 5 inches shorter than Tara, which was fine by me. I turned sideways and sucked in my tummy as I looked at my figure. 34b-28 (but tight)- 36, 118 lbs. My hips and bottom looked too big, but any dieting only seemed to make my breasts and not my bottom disappear.

I dried off, and then sprayed a Little of my favorite perfume on, to include on my tummy and for some impish reason, my bottom. Then in to my new Victoria's Secrets undies, wriggle into the dress, fix my hair yet again!

Jewelry. She had had on pearls, meant she liked them, so... I found my own pearl studs, but couldn't find a necklace to go with them, so I went into momma's room, and borrowed one of hers. There! Perfect!Or as perfect as I was going to be.

I hurried to get there, splurging on a cab instead of the bus I would normally take, I was already going to be late if I didn't hurry. So of course, there was problems with traffic. I arrived at 8:15, and the bouncer looked me over, then asked most politely for my ID, and the look on her face told me she thought I was obviously underage.Looked at my license hard, and even ran it under a black light scanner, than smiled and waved me in.

I stopped when I got in the door, the place was comfortable, but large, and dark, compared to the neon outside, and I had no idea where Tara was. It never even occured to me that she wouldn't be there.

And then I saw her, sitting at a table against the back wall, midway to the stage, and she was facing the door, and she waved when she saw me.

I somehow remembered to walk not run and then she was up, and she gave me the most delicous hug, and oh, did she look heavenly, a cream colored waisted dress that set off her meditteranian complexion and dark hair perfectly. And she told me how pretty I looked, and she moved aside as I blushed out my thank you to her, and I started to scoot past her to sit down first, when I felt her Pat my fanny as she whispered to me that she had warned me not to be late!

I squeaked, I KNOW I did, but I scooted in sat down, and I watched her with big eyes as I stammered out an "I'm sorry but..." but I stopped as I saw the smile on her face, and in her eyes, that didn't match the mock stern tone of her voice.

I could still feel (even though it hadn't been hard) where her hand had landed, mostly on my right cheek, the fingers angling slightly down and to the right, but a little over the central divide as well.

The waitress was there then, and Tara asked me if I wanted anything to drink, and I told her an ammeretto sour. Tara had the same, and the combo started up another set, and then the drinks were there, and there was a sultry singer with the group, and she reminded me of the singer Sade, and Tara and I didn't say anything for a bit, as we sipped our drinks, and then she put her arm around me. And I didn'thesitate, I leaned in and put my head on her shoulder, and that was all there was to it. Later, days later, we would laugh at how we each knew what we wanted, but I loved her so much right then for simply taking the chance....

I had another drink, and then I was out on the dance floor with her,slow dancing, my arms around her neck, hers around my waist,occasionaly lower, and I never moved them higher. Just sighed, and melted against her, my head so comfortable against her chest. I loved the feel of her breath against my hair.

She told me again how much she liked my outfit, not, that she told me, that she hadn't liked what I had on earlier today, but this...

Flushed with pride that she liked the outfit, and fueled with the lubrication of two drinks (which, since I almost never drank, was a lot to me...) I told her the whole shopping story, about the use of the credit card, and momma's necklace.

Tara didn't say anything, just let me talk. Then kissed me, softly,gently, lovingly, on the lips. Then again on the ear, as she whispered, again in that mock stern voice that was at the same time so loving, what a Naughty girl I was, how I had been late for our date (pat pat pat on the bottom! Oh my! She had said I was naughty!And that this was Our date!), how I had been naughty to use the credit card that way, when it wasn't a real emergency (firmer Pat PatPat on my plump little rump! And I whimpered, but it wasn't from fear or pain!), and how very (PAT) very (PAT) very (PAT) naughty I had been to borrow the necklace without permision (PAT PAT PAT! Happy shivers and sighs now!)!

I let my blue eyes open wide, and looked up at her, again thanking Stacy for her makeup tips back at school.

"I-I'm sorry ma'am, I try to behave, really I do, but things just seem to happen!"

And her eyes were SO bright when I said that, and her voice was suddenly husky.

"Oh, my dear? Things just 'seem' to happen? That implies you don'thave any control over things, doesn't it? I believed we had a discussion once upon a time, about personal responsibility, didn't we?"

I nodded in mute agreement.

"It would seem that the lesson has worn off. Perhaps it is time for a little reminder..."

And I whimpered, and pressed closer to her, never looking away from her beautiful smiling face, but I bit my lip in a little pout, even as I nodded, and I felt my love shudder, and quietly, breathlessly gasp!

Her lips and tongue tickled my ear as we danced,and she asked me if Iwas ready to leave, and again, all I could do was nod, but I was able to manage a simple "please" at the end.

So she led me by the hand out of the club, the bouncer still sitting on her stool, smiling at us, as Tara got us a cab, and we headed uptown to her place.

I cuddled into her, and too soon, and not soon enough, we were there.

Again, she led me by the hand, to the elevator, and to her condo. And once the door was shut, and locked, she had me in her arms, and I simply lost track of space and time as I melted against and into her,melting into a puddle whom she had to support.

I found myself, only partially sitting up on the leather sofa, as she was bending over me, and with hooded eyes, I reached up to pull her face back to mine, and we kissed, and kissed some more. And as we explored each others faces, and necks, and hints of cleavage, her hands were kneading and fondling my bottom. And I felt myself on fire, shamelessly grinding back into her hands, welcoming the touch,the kneading, the pats and swats and tickles and pinches,breathlessly gasping for "more, please!"

Tara, my love, older, experienced, wiser, more adept by far than I,knew what I wanted and needed without me having to say, or her having to ask.

She simply took over, exactly as I had always dreamed about.

"As I told you earlier, my pet, you have been Such a naughty girl today, haven't you?"

I whimpered, wordlessly in agreement. But this time, I got a swat, instead of a pat. I squeaked.

"I'm waiting for an Answer, my dear." And from her tone, loving but firm, it was clear she was.

"Uh, yes ma'am, I have. Been a naughty girl that is, today." And I shivered under her kisses, so close to coming....

"And you know what happens to naughty girls, don't you Angie my love?" Pat pat pat on my fanny.

"Ohhhhh, yes, kiss me there.... Yes'm, I do." I whispered. "They,they get spanked, ma'am."

We were on our sides now, her one arm under me, so both hands were on my bottom, and my arms were around her neck again, and she french kissed me long and deep, seeming to knead my rump even harder when I called her ma'am....

"And how do they get spanked, my sweet?"

"Oh, oh oh! O-on their bottoms ma'am, you spank Me on my bare bottom till I'm crying, and you know I learned my lesson!"

"Oh yes, so very good, that is Exactly what I shall do with you right now!"

And suiting action to words, she sat us up, and gently placed me over her lap, feet and body supported by the couch. Her fingers were electric, as she slowly slid them up my legs, to the hem of my skirt,then it was slowly drug up my over my legs, then my panty covered bottom, till it rested high on my back.

She started spanking me then, slowly, firmly, lovingly, while she told me how she had been drawn to me ever since school, but that it wouldn't have been right at the time. And she spanked me some more,all OVER my happy wriggling little bottom, ever firmer, ever quicker,ever sharper.

She told me how while she regretted having to spank me in class that time, that a part of her had secretly wished that I had given cause to have her spank me again!

I ooched and ouched and my legs started coming up, and now her fingers were in my panties, and down they came, all the way off, she didn't want them to stretch out, and the spanking that came now was sharp and firm and loving and strict andpainful and sensual, and I was crying suddenly, telling her I was sorry and that I loved her and that I was sorry, and that I would be good and that I was sorry and that I loved her....

The spanking slowed, with her fingers lingering on my bottom, as she questioned me about how I felt, and hesitation brought a sharp response, which would get a quick and nonevasive teary response.Prompt answers were treated by questioning and curious fingers, which had me gasping and blushing, and then suddenly I shattered into a million pieces, crying and gasping and loving her with every fiber of my being....



  1. Hi, had a wee bottle of wine so feel a bit brave and decided to comment on this one. It's one of the first stories I read,(only a few months ago)
    but maybe my all time favourite, and I've been quite obsessive, children, husband, house, work, all neglected. But this is such a delicious fantasy and you do it so well. I'm sure I read somewhere that you were going to do another Tara/angie story, is this a possibility? I really hope so, I know I would pay to read it.

  2. Hi Angie,
    Such a very sweet story.I enjoyed a lot and would like to thank you for your writing. Have a nice day.