Monday, June 15, 2009

She got the Visa bill today F/F, domestic discipline

And called me at work.Telling me I was in Big trouble, this time. And that I would be punished when I got home.

The conversation was short and one sided, and she hung up, and I about wet my panties I was so scared and embarrassed.

Now, for the rest of the day, I thought about what was going to happen, and Iwould grow flustered, flush, would fidget and squirm, and come close to tears...

At work, I might have been in charge, and I might be the bread winner in our relationship, but she wore the pants in our little family, and more often than not, I ended up not only pantless, but pantyless as well....

The work day ended, but I didn't leave. I couldn't, not yet. I knew she was mad, and I knew I was going to get it sooner or later, but with the party tonight, perhaps if I were late enough, she would wait till tomorrow. After a night in bed, with me doing my absolute best to be good to her, perhaps tomorrow might not be as bad.

And I remembered what she had said she would do the next time I overcharged, and didn't pay the bill on time, and I got weepy again...

I timidly crept in the front door, and called out a meek "hi honey,I'm home..."

Seconds later, I was squeaking in distress as she led me to the guest bathroom off the main hallway, by my ear, scolding me as we went.

Like always, it was short, not so sweet, and to the point.

"Angela Lynn! I can't believe you sometimes! I swear, you act like you are in High School! You know you are in trouble, so you think if you don't come home, you won't get punished? That I would forget, or at least delay it until after the party? So you wait till the last minute to come home, leave me with all the party prep, AND don't even bother to call to say hi, I'm going to be late, boo, or anything else!? Missy, you are in So much trouble! And, Little girl, what didI tell you when I called you today?!"

A sharp smack to my skirt covered fanny was accompanied by a yelp when I didn't answer quickly enough...

"Y-you said that I was getting punished as s-soon as I got home,ma'am...."

And then I saw the open door to the bathroom, and what was waiting there for me, and I tried to hold back and drag my feet as much as the fingers on my ear would allow, while a low moaning "Noooooooo!"came from my mouth.

For there on the sink was a large bowl of steamy soapy water. And beside it, the hated bulb syringe, guaranteeing many reinsertions,and prolonging this whole ordeal. And beside that, her Heavy punishment brush; the one used for only the most serious offenses, or for repeat offenses.

And last but not least, two other items, the small narrow bowled wooden spoon, all to suited to getting in betweena naughty girls chubby cheeks, and igniting hell fire all around there, to include on delicate puckered anal roses, and last but not least was the pink silicone anal plug...

I was openly crying now, no sense in waiting to get started, when I heard the doorbell ring.

And heard my lover call out for them to come in, she had some chores to finish up with. And I heard the door open, and heard as they came down the hall, the one the bathroom was in, the bathroom with the still open door, as she pulled me over her lap, and flipped up my skirt and lowered my panties....


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  1. That was a great story. I can imagine what happens next.

    What on earth did you buy on the Visa card?