Wednesday, June 24, 2009

question of the day, for spankers and spankees of all types...

Okay, going to word this from my point of view, as the spankee, but spankers just look at it from your side, okay?

After a chat, got to thinking, what Do I really like better, after a spanking (and doesn't matter if good girl or punishment....) and any adult style 'aftercare'?

Do you like spooning with them? Your hot bottom pressed back into their belly, and thighs, as they hold you all nice and safe?

Or, do you prefer facing them, your head in their shoulder, their hand now free to easily roam up and down your side, over your waist, back up to the swell of your hip, rubbing and patting your bottom?

My problem is I'm greedy, I want it all, and at the same time, and right now...

However, if I had to pick, I'm going with facing him, as I love his hand sliding over me....

So, how about you guys?

don't be shy. And, my other question about birth order is still open as well.



  1. I like to face the girl personally. Feeling the heat of just spanked bottom is one the best things !! Chance though would be a fine thing. These days my spanking experiences tend to be of the 'Commercial' variety still enjoyable but often lacking in intimate aftercare !

  2. Spooning, I like feel his arms and shoulders around mine. It's just a really nice 'safe' feeling :)

  3. I'm with Rebecca on this one (unusually). I like spooning, partly became that's how I like to sleep..

  4. Oh, yes, please. Spooning for me too!

  5. I prefer the girl sitting on my knee so I can kiss away the tears, hold her head on my shoulder and let my hands roam

  6. I pprefer the naughty spanked girl sitting on my lap head on my shoulders, so I can kiss away her tears and let my hands caress her.