Friday, June 12, 2009

You'd been sassy the night before, F/F, domestic

You'd been sassy, the night before. Not bad, just sassy, playful, bratty, but in the good way.
Which of course, immediately got my attention, as you knew it would.

As did your pouting, and 'sulking', and comments about how mean I was, and how you didn't have to listen to me and you were tired of all the rules.

Although you did seem a trifle nervous when I didn't say anything, but simply let you talk.
I could tell by the look on your face, that you wanted to keep going, but, weren't sure if your mouth was writing a check your bottom couldn't cash.

As I silently walked from the room, up the stairs, I could still hear you fussing. I could also tell you had walked to the bottom of the stairs, as you fussed at me.

My panties went from damp, to wet, when I heard your gasp when I reappeared, and you saw the paddle in my hand as I came back down.

The nice, plywood one. Not overly big, but like those Board of Education tourist ones, just made for use, not show.

And of course, with holes. Beveled on one side. And not, on the other.

Amazing how your fussing is gone now.

"H-honey! Y-you Know I was just joking, right? That I was just teasing you, Anj? I mean, we're just playing, right? Ma'am? Ohhhhhh!"

The last, as I take her wrist, and bring her after me into the front room.
And So nervous and wide eyed now.
So, I gather her in my arms, kiss her deep, hard, wet, long.
When she could stand on her own again, I let her go, and finally speak.

"Quite a mouth you had on you earlier, little wife. You don't sound quite as sure of yourself now..."

"I'm sorry! Really! I, I was just joking! You don't need to spank me, honest!"

I put a finger on her lips, silencing her.

"You sounded like a know it all little teen, young lady."

I Love how words like 'young lady' bring such a delicious blush to your face...sigh.

"So I think it only appropriate that you get a paddling like one."

Big eyes, big gasp, hands to that pretty fanny.

"Face the wall, bend over, and put your hands on it. You Should know the position by now. Back straight, missy, walk your legs farther back, there."

She Hated that position, at least for punishment. For times like this, found it well, confusing. And, stretched like she was, no easy way for her to rise up, or reach back, without loosing her balance.

I ran my hand over her thin jean covered fanny, tracing the tiny panty lines below. Even where they ran between her legs.

"Stay still, young lady!"

I take the waistband of those tight little jeans, and snug them farther up her bottom, her squeal girlish, indignant, intoxicating.

She reminded me of one of those fantastic drawings by Endart, each cheek clearly separated, outlined....sigh.

So, I stepped back, SMACK!
Right on the fullest, plumpest part of her fanny!
The squeal Very real now!
As was the knee buckling, and fanny waggling around...

"Position, young lady, unless you want extras...."

Big eyes turned, looking at me. Inside, she knew that this was still play, but, at the same time, strict play it was going to be, and her body decided for her to be as good as she could be...
Pats this time...building the anticipation, letting her know Exactly where the next lick was going to be.

Halfway down from the first lick.
pat pat pat, Smack!

squeal, and "Oh oh h-honnneeeyyyyy!"

pat pat pat...

"It Hurtttttttsssss!" Such a surprised, accusing tone. So cute.
"I'm sure it does, baby." SMACK!

Lower still.

"Owwwwwwww! Ow ow ow!!!!"
"Get that bottom back up, now!"
sniffle sniffle sniffle...
and a "Yes'm".....

I set the paddle down, and unbutton, then unzip your jeans, and wriggle them down sexy hips and ripe bottom, your position making it take a while, which of course was the point. The blush on your face is slightly darker than the blush that I can now see on your bottom...I Love how your bottom plumps out when you are bent like that.

How your panties are still partly between your cheeks, partly pulled down from above, appearing not to cover much at all....

Pat. Pat. Pat.

"AH! Oh Please OH OH OWIEEEE!"

Louder now, you and the lick, amazing how much protection, and muffling, those jeans provided. And, really those little panties are more for modesty now than protection from the paddle...and a lot of the last lick fell on sweat dampened rump....

I step close, playing with your panties as you softly sniffle, whimper, I ignore it all. and play. And play with your inner thighs, your soft Hot cheeks, and between them as well....

And then tug your little blue panties down, as far as they will go down your spread legs...
and touch some more.

Then, pat, pat pat, pat,

I take you crying, into my arms then, kissing your tears away, both our hands on your poor little fanny, then I take you to bed...

And now, early this morning, I wake up before you, both still bare under the covers, you in my arms like always, this time spooning into me, your still warm bottom tucked sweetly into my tummy and pussy, your head on my arm.

I run my hand, my free hand, over your waist, to the soft swell of your hip. And over, from your reaction and little whimper, your still tender bottom.

Leaning over you, gentle breath in your ear, kissing the nape of your neck, then your lips, as you turn towards me, and my fingers delve between your cheeks, to the soft warm wetness...

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