Friday, June 19, 2009

An evening surprise F/F, domestic

It had been a fun evening out. I had dressed up, and he had taken me out for dinner, drinks and dancing. He was so very romantic and smelled so good when we slow danced... just thinking about it now gave me little shivers as I happily smiled to myself.

"Wine me, dine me, then 69 me" I heard myself mumble out loud.

"What was that Kathy, I couldn't quite hear" he said as he pulled into OUR driveway (happy shivers again).

"Nothing" I quickly reply, "just talking to myself about how happy I am."

He opens my door, and of course as I am slightly bent over as I get out, he gives me a pat and a pinch, and of course I squeak in mock protest, even as I ensure my bottom stays in contact with his big hand as long as possible. I snuggle in to him as we walk to the door. And all of a sudden, the door pops open and there Angie is standing in the entryway, backlit. And she looks mad for some reason.


I reach out and grab Kathy's wrist, and pull her inside. I notice that she has been drinking, and think that is good, that it will just make everything easier if she is a little off balance.

"It's about time you got home, young lady! Do you have any idea what time it is?" I ask of her in my best mom voice, and the girl inside of her responds,

"I think it's about 1, why..." but I cut her off.

"That's correct, 1am, and I don't seem to recall your father or I changing your curfew past your normal 11 pm school night time, missy. And you," I say, looking right at her flabbergasted husband of 3 months, "what do you have to say for yourself, keeping a High School Senior out till this time, and has she been DRINKING?!!"

The look on his face is priceless, but he doesn't know what to say, so I help him out.

"Oh , I see by the look on your face you really did think she was older. What did my girl do now, say she was a senior when you asked about school, but just happened to forget to mention she's a high school girl,not a college woman yet. Well, she looks much more mature than she acts, so I can understand your confusion. Consider yourself lucky that my husband is away, now good night."

And I push him out their door and then lock him out of their house , but not before passing him a piece of paper...


I feel Angie grab my wrist again, as she starts in scolding me, and I'm getting a little upset here, I don't know what type of game she is playing but I had been looking forward to a good roll in the sheets and now this, this had to stop.

I tried to put the brakes on while I said "now wait a minute Angie..." but we never slowed (man she was strong, must be all those martial arts classes she's always doing) and my verbal protests were equally ineffective.

"NO, now YOU wait a minute missy. I may only be your step mom, but if you don't feel like calling me mom tonight, that is fine, but you can call me ma'am instead" and she accompanied this with a hard spank on my fanny. And all of a sudden I felt 18 again.

"Yes ma'am" I hear myself say, and she drags me past our bedroom to the guest room and pulls me in and proceeds to spank me all the way to a corner, where she tells me to stay.

"You have been out of control for quite a while, Kathy my dear, but 18 or not, this type of behavior stops tonight, do you understand me?" she asks, and for some unknown reason I get those same little shivers I had in the car, but there is the spice of fear to go with.

"but what did I do" I childishly whine, hating the way I sound.

"What did you do,is that the question? Okay then little girl, we have breaking your curfew, not letting us know where you were going to be, lying about where you said you would be going, DRINKING while a minor, dating a boy older than you without introducing him to your father or myself, and look at what you are wearing!"

I am stung by the last comment because I like this outfit!

"No wonder he thought you were older, when you deliberately try to dress up like a successful young business woman out on the town, but that skirt is so tight I can see the outline of your panties, and are those THONG panties you are wearing Kathy? Didn't I tell you you were not allowed to wear thong panties, missy? So lets add inappropriate attire to the list, why don't we? Anything else to say now?"

And I am amazed at how strict my new 'mom' is and I wonder just how strict her mom was with her!) and shuffle in my corner and mumble out a "no ma'am".

"Good, I don't feel like staying up any later, let's get this over with. Lift your skirt above your waist and bend over the pillows at the end of the bed."

I feel myself blush as I do as I'm told, and a tear trickles down my cheek.

"My god Kathy, your panties are wet all the way thru! Did you stop someplace to park on the way home!?"

And I can see my reflection in the mirrored closet doors, and see to my horror that my white satin panties are indeed visibly wet, and I don't know what to say, and I start to cry and sniffle a little as she loses patience and puts me over the stack of pillows, my ass high, my feet off the floor.

I am mortified as she pulls my panties sloowwwly down so they catch and release from my pussy and bottom little by little before she pulls them all the way off. She swats the inside of my thighs and I squeal and spread my legs embarrassingly wide.

"I am so disappointed in you, Kathy. I thought we had raised you better than this," and I feel ashamed at being the bad daughter.

"Well, you can learn the lesson the way I did when I was about your age, now you stay in position" and WHAACK!!! my head shoots up as my ass explodes with fire, that seems to go deep into the muscle and just keeps on burning! I gather myself to scream when WHACK! it is repeated again and my voice comes out as a strangled gasp, then the air finds my lung and I give voice to my discomfort.

I scream, I kick, I plead ,I blubber, I promise, nothing stills or slows her arm and that big sorority paddle I see in the mirror. I see my ass glowing red in the mirror, and she spanks on and on...

I notice that the spanking has stopped, and hear her murmuring to me thru my sobs, and I feel her soothing my ass, playing with my cheeks and between them, fondling my swollen,wet, slick, traitorous lips, and I feel myself open up to her, then she sliiiddes something into my pussy, and I gasp at the intrusion, and buck and that gives me all sorts of new feelings down there, and she leans forward, her hair tickling my neck as she is MY Angie again, whispering "shhhh, it's ben wa balls, relax, you're doing fine," and then her face changes and Momma Angie is back.

I see her leave the room and go into the bathroom and then I hear the water running, she returns and everything clamps down as I see her carrying the bright red enema bag, with an oversized nozzle attached!

"Maybe this will flush a little of that naughtiness out of you" she tells me, then spreads my swollen and sore ass apart, embarrassingly apart, and lubes me up in a decidedly non motherly way, her other hand tugging on the ben wa string and flicking my clit!

Then a "take a big breath Kathy" and no sooner do I than that big nozzle is IN!

She fucks me with it as I moan and cry for mercy and forgiveness, but all I get is the click and then the warm water runs into me, as she continues to fuck my ass with the tube, and play with my clit...

I happen to glance in the mirror, and can see in it's reflection how I look and I can even my ass as she has placed mirrors behind me so I am spared nothing, and then to my horror, even as my pussy throbs and becomes even wetter, I see HIS reflection in the mirror, looking at me from the balcony, peeking at me thru the window, he is witness to my punishment and shame.

The enema stops after only a little while, she tells me it is only half a quart, but then she plugs my ass up with a thick purple plug. My protests are stilled when she warns me that she can always get out the Vicks if i continue to fuss...

I see her pull out the reform school strap, the one like in the Nu West videos we have watched together, the one that is like the one she got it with as a teen, and I remember how the girls cry and yell, and my strapping starts, and goes on and on,bands of fire overlapping onto my ass and thighs, and I howl and blubber and promise the world, just like the girls, just like Angie had...

She helps me to the bathroom, and gets me cleaned up, undresses me and puts me to bed in my spare bedroom, laying bare bottomed on top of the sheets, fanny up of course.

"You sleep tight" she says, "and try to behave yourself."

She kisses me goodnight, and I hear her walk down the hall way into MY bedroom, and turn off the light. And I hear my window open, as he comes into my room, to comfort his punished girlfriend while her mom is asleep down the hall....

Momma Angie

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