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Sergeant Bess and I F/F domestic,sexual

Part 1
I remembered the first time I had met Bess, I was the new Company Commander, and she was a Staff Sergeant, one of my my squad leaders, no less.

She stood out even at that first inspection; oh everything was within regs, but there are uniforms, and then, uniforms. She had obviously opted for the high end of quality whenever available, and she looked scrumptious as hell in her skirt, obviously tailored, snug without being too tight, her jacket and pumps. What my grandmother would have called a good farm girl figure, generous bust, with sexy if nowadays unfasionable curves down below.

She was single, lived in the barracks, and generally was a model soldier. If she dated, it wasn't within the unit, a smart move on her part, and the other women, especially the young 18 year old Privates, looked up to her and respected her, as did her male counterparts.

And then I got the call. It was from a friend of mine, a civilian who worked on base that I had come to know. And she had been around the company, to meet me for a quick lunch or run, and had run into Bess a couple of times, so she knew who she was.

What she told me in the call was that she had seen Bess downtown the other night at a local bar, Lipstick. One of our local lesbian bars. And Terry should know, being gay herself. And she said, right after she left, she had noticed a couple of Army investigator types, coming in and trying to blend, at least until the women who had spotted them and knew what they were up to freaked them out by snuggling up and fondling and kissing them... espcially when little Vicki, all 200 lbs of muscle in her flannel shirt and Doc Martens whispered sweet nothings about how much she wanted to take the one's pussy and ass with her thick strap on, after she let her new bitch suck it nicely for her, of course. Apparently they had left so fast they almost broke the door down getting out. And while I found the retelling of the story as funny as it must have been for the audience, I now had a problem.

SSGT Bess Jenson. I sighed, and contacted her platoon leader, and told him I needed to see her after work, in my office. Good young Lt that he was, he asked if everything was okay, and if he and the Platoon Sergeant should come also. I told him no, she wasn't in trouble, just something that had come up.

Bess appeared right on time, the work day was finishing, and my clerk announced her. I told my clerk she could leave, and that I would lock up when we were done. She yes ma'amed me, and went on her way.

In the semi office enviroment in which we worked, there was a bit of lattitude in day to day wear. Basic BDU's were acceptable, and other than days when duties forced me to wear something dressier, that was what I wore. Bess now, unless she was forced to, always wore her class Bs, the only difference between that and her dress uniform being that she didn't wear the jacket. But the blouse, and skirt or pants, (and Bess normally wore the skirt), and pumps with as high as heel as she could get by with and still be in regs. Regulation pearl studs to go with it. Hair in a cute and sexy little french braid. She looked like what the recruiters wanted to send to the High Schools, to reassure the parents there that being in the Army wouldn't make their daughters any less feminine.

Bess, never presuming, knocked on the door. "Sergeant Jensen, ma'am, reporting as ordered."

"Please, come in, I'll only be a moment, I want to lock the outer door so we won't be disturbed."

And THAT threw her. She may not have known why she was here, but anything that required a locked door and no clerk couldn't have been good. By the time I reentered my inner office, and shut it's door, she looked like my sister and I when we had been summoned after a misdeed to stand in front of mom... And like mom, I decided not to prolong it, but cut right to the chase, the girl deserved that much. So, I told her to sit, and I told her about the phone call.

Bess's face crumbled as soon as I mentioned the name of the bar, lower lip trembling, eyes misty, face pale.... "P-puhleassseeeee Ma'ammmmm, you can't kick me out! Pleassssseeeeee!"

Well, that was certainly to the point as well. Although a bit premature.

"And why would I kick you out of the service?"

"Because , because, you know, I was in a gay bar..."

"Which, in and of itself, is not an offense. However, for a normally bright young woman, what you did was certainly quite stupid. Now, I don't want you to say a word, young lady, I just want you to sit there and listen, nod if you understand."

And her face had the same look on it mine used to as an older teen, when my mother or aunts had used the term 'young lady' on me. She looked delicously kissable at that moment.

"Now, the bar isn't the problem. The only problem would be if you were openly practicing a gay lifestyle, and the military found out about it. BUT, by GOING there, you little ninny, a KNOWN lesbian bar, you made yourself a target for every CID undercover sex squad looking to make a bust. And if you are gay, you should be aware of how the Army goes out of it's way to persecute lesbians. And a military members being there would be suspicion enough that they might start an investigation."

"Now, I don't know if you had been there before or not," a frantic head shake of denial...."but last night you were safe, the investigators didn't get there till After you had left."

And even though I had told her to be quiet, as I really didn't want to know any more than I needed to know, plausible deniability and all, she blurted out how it had been her first time there, that she was So lonely and that it had been so long since she had been with a woman, and , well, lots more as well.

"Well, since you decided to talk, a question then. No girlfriend I take it?"

Again, the head shake no. "Too bad, perhaps if you had one, she could take you over her lap and spank that bottom of yours till you couldn't sit. Perhaps THAT would get you thinking a little more about the consequences of your actions."

Her mouth made the most delightful little O, and her face flushed, all the way from her neck to the tips of her ears; how absolutely darling... It was readily apparent that my threat had hit a nerve, that this was a girl who had been spanked in the past. And I felt my panties growing moist....

Part 2
Disclaimer- to answer some of the questions I've recieved, no, nothing like this happened, never had a relationship while in the service with another female service member, let alone one in my command! Although in fact, I was never a fan of the sex police laws we still have on the military books. I always figured if they were old enough to join, and it was consensual (as long as they weren't in a superior/subordinate chain of command relationship), then whatever two people did was up to them.

But, (and sorry if I freak out any of the straight girls still here....), I sure did enjoy the showers and locker room at the gym on post.... So many sweet things, so many fantasies, so little time....

Oh yes, this is based on the Army base in Hawaii, the 25th Infantry Division (Light) where I was stationed. If you want an idea what the quads where the troops lived looked like, rent the original version of From Here to Eternity. The outside of the barracks area still looks the same....


I just sat there at my desk, trying to collect my thoughts. First of all, I wasn't being honest with myself. And if you lie to yourself, it's not a very big step towards lying to others. So, it wasn't my panties that were getting moist, I was the one getting damp, and as a result, my panties were getting moist. I was also very thankful that between my bra, tshirt and thick BDU top, my suddenly crinkly hard nipples weren't apparent.

I had found over the past months that I had been noticing Bess more and more, even when she was in a group, she was the one my eyes went to, first and last. And there had been a couple of times, when I was pulling my stint as Officer of the Day (a misnomer, as it was a duty performed at night...) when in the early morning hours, as the troops started to rise, that I had seen Bess come from the hallway where her room was, and cross over to the outside of the lanai, where the bathrooms were located, and lean her arms on the railing, taking in the Hawaiian presunrise, that false dawn she apparently liked as much as I did. And I had noticed that she seemed to favor short little sleep shirts, that didn't quite hide her snug little bikini panties so tightly molded to that plump little rump, when she bent slightly at the rail. And there had been a few times on extended field problems, when we had been in the shower tents at the same time, and I had admired (discretely, I hoped), her ample breasts and round, lush ass, so cute with it's bikini tan lines emphasizing all the fun parts.

But, although My fantasies had taken good Staff Sergeant Bess to my bed on more than one occasion, I never really thought that she was gay. No reason to suspect, my 'gaydar', as so many of my lesbian friends called it, never went off. Oh, I had heard some barracks rumors, about her and some of the other women, about them being gay. Amazingly enough, these were the same young women who didn't instantly fall into bed with the barrack's romeos. I felt sorry for a lot of the enlisted women, if they slept with, or even went out with one of the guys, barrack's rumors had them painted as sluts, if they didn't, well, they must be gay. But apparently, SSGT Bess was...

How very, very interesting, something I had been thinking ever since I had recieved the phone call. And after Bess' little impromptu speech, I KNEW what I wanted. Without a shadow of a doubt, I knew what I wanted. The trick however, was how to get from here to there, the both of us intact.

Bess was looking weepy eyed, shocked and disraught over my apparent knowledge of her double life. So, I grabbed the box of kleenex I kept handy for the young female privates when I chewed them out (amazing how many broke down in tears. Might have worked with mom, Didn't work with me....) and handed it to her.

"Well, Sergeant Jensen, we do seem to have a problem, now, don't we? Just what am I going to do with you?" At the huge eyes, and once again panicked look, I continued on. "Shush now, young lady. I already told you I'm not going to report you. No investigations, no courtmartial, no article 15, nothing. So, relax. Understand me?"

And she nodded her head and "yes ma'amed" me quietly.

"So, no official consequences, no girlfriend to hand out some old fashioned justice at home," and again, that adorable blush....and then I knew what I was going to say next.

I remembered letters I had read from the old men's magazine, Mr. and it always contained spanking letters, and there were several that had puportedly been from women who had been spanked by their female commanding officers around the WWII time frame, and in one case, one of those Captains did what I was going to threaten to do now....

"Perhaps, Sergeant Jensen, what I should do, is write your mother a little letter, and ask her how SHE would recommend I handle this little indiscretion. I wonder what she would say?"

And her face fell, she was crushed, and I felt horribly guilty. I was up and from behind my desk, standing in front of her, as she openly wept now, and I gathered her to me, her head against my stomach, as I petted her hair, and calmed her down, and told her I was sorry, I shouldn't have said it, that I had no intention of outing her to her family, that wasn't what I had meant by it.

And then MY mouth hit the floor, as my sweet little Sergeant finally made herself understood through her hiccuping sobs.

"N-no ma'am, it's not that, momma knows I like girls and all, it's just that, well, she'd be awful upset and all, for me almost messing up like that, after all I've done to get a career going, and, and that was why I was crying, because of how dissappointed she'd be. A-and ma'am? I-I know what momma would have told you. S-she would have told you to take the hairbrush to me till I couldn't sit down, ma'am....", and my little Bess was looking at the floor as she told me that, head still against my belly, as I still petted her hair, and I had time to think that it was a good thing that I had on my BDU's as the cammo pattern would help hide the mascara trails she was leaving.

A couple of questions, and a very short time later, I had found out that Bess was no stranger to a maternal palm or brush, or switch, and had in fact recieved her last hairbrushing on her bare bottom when she was an 18 year old High School senior, who had incorrectly assumed she had full adult status at home, and could address her momma with less than due parental respect.

I don't know if she realized it or not, but her left hand had crept downt to the seat of her skirt during the telling of the story, and she was cupping her bottom. She was smiling sheepishly up at me by stories end, and I smiled back, to let her know that everything was okay, AND I told her I knew what she meant, as I had made the same mistake at 18, and had paid the same price over My mother's lap!

She giggled, but looked down again, when I repeated my earlier question. "But, my dear, that still doesn't tell me what I am going to do with you now, does it?"

And that shy, sexy, inviting little voice that did such wonderous things to my insides softly said, "No ma'am it doesn't."

"Sergeant Jensen, Bess, my mom and my aunts told me on more than one occasion, that a girl is never to old for some old fashioned discipline. And I think they were right, don't you agree?"

And before she had a chance to say yes, no, or boo, I leaned down and kissed her softly on those tear swollen lips; one soft, quick, non maternal kiss, and then I leaned back up again, as she stared up at me with that wide eyed look I was becoming so enamoured with.

"But the problem, as I see it, isn't that you are gay, Sergeant Jensen, but that you are a young, healthy, woman, with a young woman's normal sexual desires. "

She looked as if she was about to interupt, till she caught my eye, and decided to look at the toes of my boots instead.

"Except unlike other healthy young women, you can't openly date, or find someone to fool around with. So that, along with discretion, are the problems WE have to deal with, isn't it?"

And smart, smart woman that my Sergeant Bess is, she immediately caught onto how I had phrased and parsed that last sentence. No more looking at the floor, or at my boots. She was looking right into my eyes now. Biting the edge of her lower lip, and then answering, softly, clearly.

"Yes ma'am, those would seem to be the problems that we have."

And that slight inflection on the we, enough to form a subtle question, showing again how smart she was. Checking to make sure her initial assumptions were correct. I chuckled, and leaned down to kiss her again, still closed lips to closed lips, but tummy melting non the less. And her eyes were closed this time as I pulled away, and she whimpered a bit as her lips briefly sought to follow mine.

"Smart girl. No wonder you made rank early. Well then, Sergeant Jensen, my proposal to solving our problem is this. I think we should go back to my place, right now, to continue this conversation, at greater depth. If you disagree with this, you are more than welcome to simply leave and go about your business, I won't be telling any one anything. Now, what would You like to do?"

"Ma'am, I'd like to go home with you...."

And I smiled at her, as she smiled back at me.

ps part 3 on the way tonight yet!

Bess had been to my home before, nothing fancy, just a small little home I had found near the beach on the north shore. I had figured that this was probably my only shot at ever living in Hawaii, and after growing up in the midwest, if I was in Hawaii, I was going to be where I could see ocean!

I had had my officers and my NCO's out to my place a time or two, for informal little get togethers, so Bess knew the way. I told her to come as was, and not to keep me waiting.

And then after helping to fix her mascara trails, and pat her eyes dry, I patted her fanny and unlocked the doors, ushering her out in front of me. I somehow managed to find my car, and managed to ignore the little voice that was asking me what in the hell I was doing.

My little voice relaxed when we reached the edge of hills and she could see the endless breakers rolling over the beaches stretching as far as you could see from side to side. Home.

I followed the winding little road to the Waialua side of the shore, with its small homes, guarded by lush vegetation, opening out onto the beach...

Bess arrived about 30 minutes after I did. I had been a bit nervous, worried that she had changed her mind, but there she was.

Local style, (which, in actuality, is the same way I had been raised back home....) she took off her pumps at the door, leaving them by my boots. She knocked, but I was already there, holding the door open for her. She was fidgeting, and biting her lip again, must remind her Never to play poker, and then she was in my arms, her arms around my neck, one of my arms around her upper back, holding her tight to me, the other was lower, a hand almost brushing the top of one soft cheek.

Lips Were parted that time, and we were both a bit breathless as our lips, but not our bodies, parted. So, I leaned foward, and kissed her again, on her eyes, on the tip of her nose, on the lobe of her ear and right below that, on her neck, and I trailed kisses down her neck while she melwed and whimpered and cooed and sighed.

Finally, regretfully, I pulled back again, both arms around her waist now, looking slightly down into her eyes. Part of me hated having to do this next part, and, I must admit, part of me looked forward to it.

"Bess, hon, sugar, there is something we need to take care of, now, before we go any further. The matter of the little indiscretion that brought you into my office today. Bess, honey, you messed up, and you need to KNOW deep inside of you, that you you need to pay for messing up, and to realize that you have to think about what your are doing. So, young lady, tell me what is going to happen now?"

And my darling blushed, but I steeled myself for this next part, I had to carry through.

"Uh, ma'am, you are, well, I'm going to be spanked, ma'am...."

"Yes you are, young lady, and no need to delay it any further. "

And I stood, and went to the armless hardwood chair I had set out into the middle of the living room, and took a seat. Bess was breathing fast and shallow, her face was flushed, some of that pretty hair had escaped from it's braid and the was swirling around her face, caught by the breeze of the ceiling fans, and her eyes had that wide eyed little girl look to them again.

"Take off your skirt please, and come over here."

She whispered a yes ma'am, and complied, her blush reaching from the collar of her blouse to the tips of her ears, again. She unzipped it, and wriggled it down off her hips. I love watching women dress and undress, so sexy. And when it was off, she shyly bent down, to pick it up, and place it over the back of the couch. Her back was to me as she did so, and unlike the stories, she didn't have garters and stockings on; but instead had on what most women wear out of practicality, if nothing else, pantyhose, sheer pantyhose, and the tail of her blouse didn't hide much as she slightly bent.

Then she was in front of me, hands clenched in front of her, unconciously worrying the front bottom of her blouse, while I took the time to scold her, just as my mom used to scold one of us. Her eyes were misting again, as I took her over my lap, no fighting me, but that slight resistance a girl gets when her body finally accepts that the inevevitable is about to happen, and all she has left is slight delaying tactics.

But over she did go, and I positoned her so that her chubby little bottom was squarely over my lap, and then I started her spanking. Bess squeaked with the first hard spank,, then nothing other than muted breathes and little worldless sounds, which ever so gradually became slightly louder. The feel of the spanks, at least to me, was different than if she had had panties on, let alone bare bottom. It was as if it tightened, and compacted her soft cheeks for me, offering them up, a slight pancaking, and then back to their pouty but redder natural state. Apparently, from her cries and the way her ankles crossed,and started scissoring, they didn't offer much if any in the way of protection.

I spanked her till my palm was almost starting to hurt, and my Bess was softly weeping, her feet starting a little toe flutter,her hair starting to come undone from it's confines, strands of it sticking to tear wetted cheeks. I paused only long enough to slide my fingers under the waistband of her pantyhose, and I told her to lift.

She tried to beg off, so I gave her two Resounding spanks, one to each sit spot and she couldn't raise her tummy fast enough for me, while she wailed out little girl style I'm sorries....

I skinned the pantyhose down, all the way down to her knees, and then resumed the spanking, So much better (for me, at least) on the bare, I loved the feel of her hot soft bottom, although my little Sergeant didn't seem to appreciate this at all, her weeping now much more heartfelt, and her pleading much more sincere.

My palm was hurting, and I stopped, rubbing her back, but not her bottom, yet, and when the worst of the crying had stopped, I helped her up, and then to her shock, directed her to the corner I had cleaned out while I had waited for her.

Her eyes told me what she was about to say, the same thing I had tried with my mom on many occasions, and I told her what I had been told, that I could either go there right now, Or, I could take her back over my lap, and spank her till she Begged me to go stand in the corner. She wisely kept silent,and walked as best as her bunched pantyhose would allow her, into the corner.

And there she stood, while I sat, and watched, and sipped at my coke.

My darling Sergeant, drab green dress blouse not covering hardly any of her bottom, skirtless, pantyhose at her knees. I don't think I'd ever seen anything sexier.

While she did her corner time, I went over how things were going to be from now on. What I expected her to do, and not do. And what she could expect of me. And that included no special favorable treatment just because she was my secret girlfriend now. That in fact, it would be like those stories about spanking schools, mess up at work, get spanked at home. I could tell by the way she turned her head that she was going to protest, until I quelled that idea with a look.

I also told her that I loved her, and that she would always have the chance to explain herself first, if she was in trouble. And then I told her it was time to finish her lesson, and that I wanted her to bring me her koa wood brush that I knew she kept in her purse. I purposely chose her own brush, for this way whenever she used it, touched it, saw it, she would remember who her sexy little ass belonged to. And, what would happen to that sexy little ass if she was a naughty girl.

Although she would probably disagree, it wasn't a horrid punishment but it Was a punishment, and I spent my time on a limited area of plump bottom and tender sit spot. Finally, it was done, and I petted her again, then sat her up in my lap, bottom slightly off, one of my hands cupping her bottom as she held onto my neck and cried.

And when her crying had calmed, not stopped but calmed, I moved my gently rubbing and soothing hand to the inner cheeks, and then lower, and farther inbetween, while I Took her mouth with mine, and she was hot and wet and ready, and I fingered her, touching the outside of her lips, between lip and thigh, missing her clitty, then sliding a finger through her swollen lips, parting them, flicking her clit, thumbing her puckered little anus, drinking in her gasps when I kissed her, then with my left hand, the one in front of her, one finger, then a second entered her, curling, finding that softly padded gspot of myth and legend, and my right stroked flaming feminine fanny, and between, and teased lightly at her now confused and winking anus, and I made little circles across her clit with my left thumb, and I told her I loved her, had loved her from the first time I had seen her, and my darling little Sergeant Bess came in my arms for her very first time.....


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