Thursday, August 13, 2009

Advice for women in domestic discipline relationships....

As many know, I've been in a domestic discipline marriage since the start, actually before we were married.

So, here are some things I'd suggest that any wives or girlfriends whose bottom might be subject to a punishment spanking keep in mind, as things that guys don't seem to appreciate. Hopefully you can learn from my mistakes.

1. They don't find it funny when you are at the beach, about ten miles from your house, and when all the little beach bunnies start flirting for him, and showing off, and you get jealous, and wait until he is in the water, and then you take all his stuff, the towels, his sandals, his id, and drive home.

2. They don't take it well when you have been fighting, didn't clear it up the night before, and you have been stewing all night long (regardless of whether you are right or wrong, guys, never a good thing to let her stay mad over night....). And then when you leave for work before he does, you let the air out of all four tires on his truck. Okay, how was I to know he had an early meeting, he was supposed to have the day off, so it wasn't my fault!

3. Even though they are at fault about something, I would not suggest doing the cold shoulder, 'if you don't know why I'm mad, I'm not going to tell you, if you really loved me you'd Know!' routine. But that So wasn't my fault! I Told him before we were married that was a bad habit of mine and he shouldn't let me get by with it. So just because he hadn't seen it he thought I was exagerating and teasing. So it's really his fault that he let it go on for three days that time. He is the Head of House after all!

4. The Really don't appreciate when you do something that might affect your health or safety. Although they don't seem to be terribly worried about the health or safety of your bottom at such times.

5. If you are put out at him for whatever reason, they don't seem to think it's funny at all when a bunch of his friends are over, and you are calling him sweety, dear, honey, etc, and sharing with all of them all the little cute and sweet things he does for you around the house. For some reason they act like you are trying to embarrass them on purpose or something.

6. They really get irritated when because you failed to fill your car up with gas, you borrow his truck, and then fail to fill that up as well.

7. When attending his work functions, you should act like a sweet and loyal wife, even if his coworkers and boss are a bunch of jackasses and you didn't want to be there in the first place.

8. It is not a good idea to gossip, especially when it can be tracked to you as the one starting it.

I think that's a good enough start for now.

If you want more ideas on avoiding domestic discipline, and you like drawings of spankings, you need to go to then to the gallery section. Once there, check out Cc's gallery, she has a whole gallery just devoted to this topic, and is one of my fave artists.



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  1. hehe, good list... pretty much don't be vindictive it has serious repercussions.