Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lilly's freshman year part 3, F/f

Lunch was lunch, nothing to special, but at least a time to hang out with her friends, and gossip about other girls, as well as decide which guy was cutest, if they thought the new Vampire Diary tv series was going to be as good as the movie Twilight, and did you See Tammy get paddled this morning?!

After lunch, it was Global Studies, which had to be one of the most Boring classes ever. Geography, history, and current events all wrapped up into one. And Mrs. Stevens didn't seem to fond of Lilly either. So far she'd been lucky, and had just got by with some warnings, and one face reddening scolding.

So, with between last nights spanking, and seeing Tammy's paddling, Lilly promised herself to be on her best behavior today, and got to class not just on time, but even a few minutes early.

Things went remarkably well, Lilly stayed awake, paid attention, and followed the Mrs. Stevens lecture.

That lasted for perhaps 10 minute.



But, really, global studies? When you really don't care so much even what's going on in your own country, it's like why should I be interested in what happens elsewhere. And not like they ever talked about anything fun, like where the best beaches were, or like Mrs. Stevens ever showed 'international flavor' by showing the different non US editions of Next Top Model. Lilly smiled to herself, rather proud of that one, when she had suggested it that day, as both the girls and the guys in class had all supported her.

Mrs. Stevens also thought she'd been making fun of her when Lilly had proposed using Vogue magazine's international edition as a study source, which was totally unfair, since as she'd explained to Mrs. Stevens, there were like 18 countries that it was published in. Mrs. Stevens had realized though, that she was serious and not mocking her, so while her suggestion for new library material, and a class project was firmly not allowed, at least she wasn't in trouble.

Which was really to bad, and sorta unfair, Lilly thought. After all, wasn't it Mrs. Stevens who was always saying that the class was about showing how other cultures lived? And how all different sorts of things all tied together? So what was wrong with seeing what other places thought were cute?

And another thing, she thought, but then that thought was interrupted by a buzzing against her leg.

Having wisely set her phone to vibrate, she looked around, saw Mrs. Stevens pointing something out on the screen, so she quickly and quietly retrieved it, to see she had a text waiting for her from one of her bff's (best friends forever), who she hadn't run into yet today because of different schedules.

'hey. you 'k? Beca said u got licks in gym?'

OMG great! Now people were gossiping about her and that she had gotten spanked?! And while she liked, well, liked a lot, the thought of the boys thinking of her bottom, she didn't want them thinking of it in That way, or worse, knowing that her Mom still spanked her like a little girl!

A quick glance, check where Mrs. Stevens was at, and a quick response, her phone 'hidden' in her textbook.

'NO! I didn't!'



'Then ?'

Lilly understood the shorthand to from her friend for what it was really asking, okay, if you didn't get paddled in gym, why is everyone saying you did, okay? And stop being a bitch.

Another quick look, another quick text.

'Mom, last night, 'k?'

'oh. sorries. hugz. u 'k?'

And Lilly knew that she was, and knew also that she knew what had happened, someone had seen Lilly's spanked bottom, and in typical high school fashion, her red bottom had turned into the victim of the paddling that had been handed out by the Coach.

'yeah, but can't believe people are talking about this!'

'i know, who do u think told?'

'i don't know but maybe....'


As if having Mrs. Stevens yell out her name like that, which was so rude, really, wasn't bad enough, she had also slammed her book down on her desk, making Lilly and the majority of the class that was dozing off or daydreaming jump!

And then Mrs. Stevens was moving towards her, and while Lilly had thought that her teacher had been upset with her before, this was a whole new level!

"And just what do you have here, young lady?!"

Well, Lilly thought that was pretty obvious, but knew from painful parental experience that this was Not the best time to give a smartass answer, no matter how funny it was.

"M-my cell phone, Ma'am?"

Wow she thought, I must be worried if I called her Ma'am.

Several of her classmates must have thought the same thing, as Lilly heard snickers. Which went away just as fast under Mrs. Stevens glare.

"Are you allowed to have your phone out in class, Lilly?"

"No Mrs. Stevens!"

Oh gawd oh gawd oh gawd! Please please don't send a note home! My Mom will kill me! And then she'll take my phone besides! And...

"No, you certainly aren't! And just what were you doing? Playing games? Texting? Sending pics?"

"Texting, Ma'am." Lilly could feel the beads of perspiration under her shirt, as she noticed that Everyone was now awake and paying full attention.

"I see. Give it to me. Now." And holding her hand out, waiting for Lilly to obey.

oh gawd, please, no note, pleaseeeeeee!

"Yes'm, Mrs. Stevens." Very meek, as she handed it to her, and damn, why hadn't she deleted the texts first!?

"You girls and your cell phones. When I was growing up...."

In the dark ages, Lilly thought crossly...

"....girls often got in trouble for passing notes. I see the only thing that has changed has been the technology. Which now lets you pass notes, as it were, with friends who aren't even in the same room. Because I didn't see Anyone else here with their phone out. It used to be that when girls were caught passing notes....."

Pllllleasseee no note home, please!

"that our teachers would read them aloud in class."

THAT got a collective gasp from the class, and Lilly squeaked and her face turned even redder.

"I always thought that especially mean though."

Lilly felt like she could breath a bit, now, knowing that the fact that her Mom still spanked her, her, a freshman, would not be read aloud in class!

"You may pick your phone up after school, at the office, understood?"

"Yes Ma'am, yes Mrs. Stevens, I understand, thank you!"

Oh my gawd, maybe she was going to survive this, she hadn't embarrassed her in front of everybody, she was getting her phone back too, but she didn't understand the funny smile on Mrs. Stevens right now, like Lilly had just said something funny.

"Well, you are most welcome, Lilly. Now, why don't you come up to my desk, so we can finish our talk about having your phone out in class, and not paying attention in class, young lady."

And as she said that, Mrs. Stevens leaned over and opened the lower right drawer, and pulled out her paddle.....


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