Saturday, August 8, 2009

More World of Warcraft and gaming humor....

Here you go, since I had someone who apreciated the last set. You either get it, or you don't. The game I've been playing for some time on xbox is Oblivion. I've got a very nice Dark Elf maid, and I'm a master sneak, master archer, and master in most magics, and have good invisiblity charms as well. Though I think it's not fair that the game won't let me enchant a bikini.

Oh, and btw, these are all from he's got Tons of stuff there, from the WoW stuff, look for that in the Bootybay tab, to his archives and gallery.

And another oh. Oh, if you click on the pics? They get bigger. It's magic.



  1. It's always nice to see someone come out and support gaming. Kudos Angie.

  2. And once again, I'm cracking up. Over several of them, though especially the cheeseburger one. Though, in regards to the one about polymorphing a Dungeons and Dragons, red dragons are so happened in a game once that a character was up in a tree and was throwing anything he could to help in a fight and ended up grabbing a nearby squirrel and throwing it too...turns out the squirrel was the dragon the group was looking for. He was not a terribly happy dragon. Though none of the rest of the group let that particular gamer ever live down that incident.

    Thanks for posting these! I do so love a good laugh! :-)