Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lilly's freshman year part 4, F/f

Lilly's brown eyes were open Wide now, her mouth a little circle, and for once, she didn't have anything to say.

"Lilly, that wasn't a suggestion, I Told you to come up here, now!"

Lilly wasn't sure when she stood up or how she started walking forward, all she noticed was the paddle that Mrs. Stevens had laid on her desk.

While not as scary as some of the teachers paddles, it was still Plenty scary! It was 18 inches long, including the handle, and about 3 1/2 inches wide, and 3/8 ths of an inch thick, made of plywood, and, it had holes!

The walk to her desk seemed to take forever, but it was over far to soon as well.

"Now then, I know that all of you recieved a copy of the school rules. I also know you all heard the rules during freshman orientation, since most of you couldn't be bothered to read them."

That to the class, as much as to Lilly. Lilly was standing very quietly, red faced, in front of her classmates, and was seriously regretting the pants she had on today. Her bottom seemed to throb, and it was all she could think about, and she had to fight to keep her hands from cupping it, like she did at home.

And because Lilly was now so bottom concious, she felt, correctly, that her classmates were all very aware of her bottom as well. In those very tight new pants.

"Lilly, this is only the second week of the new school year, and yet, I've already had to warn you twice about how to behave in class. It seems that every year, new students wonder if the stories are true, well, congratulations, you get to be the object lesson for your classmates. I hope I won't have to repeat this the rest of term, Lilly. Now, come around to the side of my desk, and lean over, please."

"Y-yes Ma'am." And then she moved where Mrs. Stevens pointed, hesitated, and bent over, even though she desperately didn't want to.

"Lilly. I said Bend over, young lady, not to hunch. Tummy flat on the desk, head on your hands. Now."

Lilly whimpered at the very no nonsense voice, but did as she was told, looking away from her classmates, her long hair pooled over her face.

"No, turn your face, so you can see your classmates, and they can see you, and move your hair, please."

Red to the tips of her ears, she did as she told, she knew from previous experience that arguing only made things worse at times like this. So, she leaned up, turned her head the other way, swept her hair back, and layed her face back on her hands, thinking dark thoughts about the plump bitch Mrs. Stevens.

"Very good. Now then, legs straight, I expect you to hold your position, until I tell you that you may get up. You are getting five swats...."

That brought a collective gasp from not only Lilly, but her classmates as well, both those who liked her and those of the girls who didn't. Six was the maximum a teacher could give, most class offenses got from 2-4 swats. Five was serious. Five often got tears even from the guys who were Jocks and all macho.

Lilly could see her classmates, and their expressions. The worried looks from her girlfriends, the eager bitchy looks from the girls in the other cliques, and well, different sorts of looks from all the boys.

"....because I'm don't plan on putting up with a bunch of nonsense from you all term long, is that understood, Lilly?"

"Yes Mrs. Stevens, it is, it won't ever happen again, really!"

Lilly felt like she was All bottom now, with her legs straight, and her tummy flat, her back was arched down and her fanny was high, and in those tight slacks, it made quite the target. Lilly would have died if she had known the sight she was actually presenting to Mrs. Stevens, because bent like that her pants had snugged even tighter, had ridden up even farther then then already had been, and her little bikini panties were Clearly outlined through her lightweight slacks, as well as how her plump little bottom plumped out above and below those panties. Oh yes, Lilly was putting on quite the show.

Mrs. Stevens picked up the paddle, Lilly suppressed a whimper, felt the paddle tap, tap, tap, and closed her eyes tight.


Eyes Wide open now! Mouth a cute little 'O'. That had been right in the middle of her plump little bottom. Lilly didn't know it, but she was using the panty lines as a means to plan where to aim.

Tap tap, over the same place the last one had been, and the first one had Hurt, and now, as she waited, the Hurt kept growing, sinking in deep, and the burn kept getting worse, and...



That had been in the exact same spot as the first!

Eyes moist with tears now, she'd been paddled at school before this, never in high school, but this was So much harder then she'd ever gotten it in school before! She'd heard from her sister and her sisters friends how the teachers laid them on hard, but had thought they'd just been trying to scare her, and oh it burned, and she sucked in a breath and


Oh! Oh! That time, the lick hand been about one paddle width lower, so that her tender sit spot had been covered!

"O-oh please, I'm sorry, please!? I'll be good I won't act up!" She strained to try to turn and look at her teacher. There was no concern over pride now, or who was looking, she still had two more swats to go!

"I suggest you get back in position right now, unless you want extras. Now. I won't tell you again."

Tears coming from her eyes, she slowly turned her head, back towards the class.

"Your hair, please."

"Y-yes Ma'am."

"Tummy flat. I said flat, Lilly." Her voice more then firm now, it was slightly cold, and Lilly was sincerely regretting all the times she had acted up in Mrs. Stevens class, all the smart little remarks to make her friends laugh.

"Legs straight. Good."

Oh how her bottom hurt, and burned and that was only three licks! No way she could take two more! Her sister had told her that the teachers used all sorts of tricks, to make the few swats they were allowed, hurt as bad as a long parental spanking, and she was right! Lilly could feel her bottom throbbing and feeling as if it was swelling!

Tap, tap, tap....



"Awwwwww!! Ow ow owwww!!!!!! Oh Please Mrs. Stevens, I'm sorry! "

The fourth swat had been a repeat of the third, again, on the oh so tender sit spot!

Lilly didn' t care what anyone heard, or what they thought. She didn't even think right then,of how they might tease later, right now there was just her bottom and that paddle!

She didn't even realize she'd straightened up, and was cupping her bottom, trying to rub the pain away as she danced in place and cried.

"Lilly! Stop that! Now, bend over, unless you want even more extras!"

Lilly just looked at her in horror.

"M-more extras!? Noooooo! You can't! Please! Please! "

"Oh yes, I can. I'd suggest that you, and your classmates read your rulebook again. Now, back in position. One, two...."

Lilly tried, she really did, but having to bend over, and stick her bottom up and out, while waiting for the paddle, it was so hard, it...

"....three. Fine, that is another lick. Now bend! And legs straight!"

Crying, Lilly did as she was told.





The fifth spank had was halfway between the first two sets, so it overlapped, and the lower edge of the paddle bit nastily into her thigh bottom crease!

Full crying now, her bottom already tender from her bare bottom brushing from her Mommy last night and now this, it was all to much! All she could think of was her bottom and trying to save herself more swats, but concentrating on not moving, she couldn't think of how she looked, who was watching, Anything else, just not moving!

"Well, Lilly, if you had held your postion, you would have been done now. I bet you are sorry now, that you didn't. You have two more swats coming, I'd suggest you worry about doing as I tell you to do. Understood, Lilly? Lilly? Answer me."

Sobbing, Lilly did answer her.

"Yes Ma'am! Yes Mrs. Stevens, I'm very sorry I didn't do what you told me to! I'm so sorry, really, honest Ma'am!"

She didn't look at Mrs. Stevens this time, not wanting to get out of postion for Any reason at all, but she tried to see her from where she was. Lilly didn't notice that several of her friends were teary and on the verge of crying themselves. Several of the bitchy girls were openly smirking, and two of the braver ones, and not a few of the boys, had snuck their own cell phones out, and were taking both pics and vids. Pretty miss Lilly, the tall girl with the long hair and sassy walk, was going to be the topic of teen boy discussion for quite some time after this.

Mrs. Stevens changed her position slightly, putting her left hand on Lilly's low back, holding her down, although because of the way she was over the desk, her classmates still had an unobstucted view of the show.



"AHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Puh-leaseeee!"


The last two penalty swats had both been to her sit spots. And as Lilly knew, a spanking like this would remind her of exactly why that part of her bottom and thighs was called that for some time to come.

Lilly was convinced that she had sat on a stove, her bottom was so hot and burned so bad. Mrs. Stevens kept her hand on her back for a bit more, the told her she could get up now. And when she did she handed her some kleenex and told Lilly to go and take her seat again.

Lilly, crying, stumbled back to her chair, walking hurt, bending to sit, hurt, and sitting Really really hurt!

The rest of class was very quiet, everyones attention on Lilly's sniffling, and on the paddle left out on Mrs. Stevens desk. Finally it was over, and as Lilly made her stiff legged way out of class, she was stopped, and handed a note.

"I need this signed by your parents, and returned tomorrow, Lilly. I hope I don't have to do this again."

And with that, class was over.




  1. Angie, I don't often read spanking stories but this left me wishing I was the teacher !! I'll be back for more !!!

    MarQe x

  2. Holy freaking cow!! All I can say in response to that is "OW!" Dear Lord. I'm glad it's not me. (Not that I'd have been the type to text in class in high school; I reserved that sort of action for when I made it to grad school. Teachers are so much more forgiving about it then.) Of course, with that note to go home, poor Lilly is in for a bad night with her parents. She's not going to be sitting comfortably for quite some time.

  3. She didn't last as long as I thoght she would. Great story :)

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