Friday, August 14, 2009

Anne Taintor part 2

Okay, here is Anne's website, great page.

And here is are some of my fave sayings of hers, you'll have to go there to see the drawings.

why yes, I am that kind of girl

inner beauty is for amateurs

what part of "I'm hung over, go home" don't you understand?

whoever said "less is more" had probably never had quite enough "more"

I believe we have and opportunity to make some extremely poor choices

martinis... they're not just for breakfast anymore

all the baking soda in the world could not mask the scent of her despair

now that he had bought the cow, the milk was going to be extraordinarily expensive

what muffled screams, officer?

whatever had she done? and with whom?

if by "happy" you mean trapped with no means of escape...? then yes, I'm happy

remember sweetheart... mommy loves you, but she doesn't have to like you

she was one cocktail away from proving his mother right

there was nothingpassive about her aggression

I love not camping

maybe I want to look cheap

domestically disabled

you'll eat'll eat it and like it

high maintenance doesn't begin to cover it

she kind of enjoyed working for an idiot

she thought of him fondly as "Plan B"

old enough to know better... too young to give a rat's ass

the secret ingredient was resentment

nothing says "hello sailor" quite like ruby red lipstick

an attitude is a terrible thing to waste

she had no intention of suffering alone

stop me before I volunteer again

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